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A cool guide to Epicurean Paradox
  • Objectivity can by your own logic be subjective as it is a judgment about a concept made by the condition of general consensus. Have fun word smithing your way out of any conceptual discomfort or useful conveyance of thought related to the human condition.

  • Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone Can’t Let Go Of Stardew Valley
  • He seems very happy to keep working on it and he's bringing on help as he needs. He's even taking breaks from other project to prevent burnout. Seems like he's practicing good balance. Why does someone need to move on from a passion project they're approaching with a level head and have invested their career in?

  • Coming to terms with no longer having privacy and control over my technology
  • Yes, 100%. If company is awful enough to the creator then I'd even be ethically in agreement without purchase but just donate direct to creator or whatever. Though risk varies more with legality in the latter case.

  • Coming to terms with no longer having privacy and control over my technology
  • Ofc. Always good to choose the source that treats the consumer well. FOSS alternatives are also becoming competitive for lots of things which is great to see.

    But where you used to be able to purchase physical media it's practically impossible now. Even physical cases of games or audio-visual are usually just packaging for an access key to stream it. It sucks that we have to rely on market force through user-based action (e.g. Helldivers vs sony). These forces simply don't work against market caps like Microsoft or practically any commercial software (cad, sim, business management) or media service (streaming, music, etc...) where companies can leverage nigh infinite debt to overcome the user base action in favor of market growth.

  • Coming to terms with no longer having privacy and control over my technology
  • Like your points and generally agree, but companies deranging their products and adding post-hoc internet reliant licensing is one core message of OP. This has been forced on people on many platforms. Blizzard and WC3 was given as an example by OP. Microsoft is probably the most flagrant example as many people need to use windows for various software, and you need to rip the system apart to kill forced updates or shutdown invasive services.

  • Motherly advice
  • Billy bong pothead is probably also working full time and just as likely to have kids as anyone.

    What's the problem that you're getting at? People dressing different? Expression of counter culture?

  • If you had to give one piece of advice that is pretty much universally applicable, what would it be?
  • Learn to recognize when you're responding defensively to a statement made by those around you.

    -There wrong about me, they're the problem
    - I'm fine i don't bed to listen to that
    - etc...

    Think about it for a few days, once you're over the initial emotional reaction. Be critical of your own response and contemplate the motivation for the statement

    - is it out of care for you or manipulation
    - Is it honest or malicious? 
    - Are they expressing a need?

    That's when you have the greatest opportunity to grow as a person and build deeper relationships. It's also when you have an opportunity to break your mindset and get out of malicious ones.

  • If you had to give one piece of advice that is pretty much universally applicable, what would it be?
  • I actually agree! Mutual trust relies on clear, full communication to the extent of one's abilities.

    I think the problem with the original statement is the absolute "never" which i defaulted to taking as a generality when interacting with impersonal third parties. This was an unreasonable assumption in my part.

    Fir example, I'm going to lie to Facebook and Google. Period. But never to friends and SOs, and rarely to individual humans outside of survival in threatening circumstances.

  • If you had to give one piece of advice that is pretty much universally applicable, what would it be?
  • Even in court you have to use some judgment to determine what the whole truth is, under what context, and to the extend of your memory or a reasonable expectation of enforcement of the idea.

    There's also limitation with self incrimination/5th.

    But as a generality, omitting information on socials, whatever registration form, etc... In everyday life is a reasonable practice for preserving privacy.

    Being dishonest with friends & family is messed up tho.

  • Israelis rally to demand ceasefire and Netanyahu's resignation
  • For the poll to drop after a genocide starts, one would need to imagine that most of the drop is anti genocide. "Critical support", when taken in a serious context, usually means one would still vote in an electoral system for that leader who did the thing versus an alternative.

    It's hard to imagine what a hardliner would want more at a point where the track is basically kettle and bomb, malnourish to death, is short of enslave and malnourish to death. Like nukes don't work because then you can't use the land for a couple decades.

  • Israelis rally to demand ceasefire and Netanyahu's resignation
  • Article specifically quotes about the people being hostages of respective political leadership. Albeit a somewhat moderate take in context, still rather antiauthoritarian which tends to be anti war/genocide.

  • CAD Software Suggestion
  • I use SW and Fusion daily for work and i think FreeCAD is at last comparable. Definitely as stable if not more reliable. Simulation is well featured. The interface is slightly clunkier but it's being improved rapidly. Even few years ago it wasn't usable for me but now i can comfortable make parts in it.

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