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BOMBSHELL: U.S. Oil Companies Colluded to Raise Gas Prices
  • presidents are mostly figureheads

  • I swear these things are mimics or something
  • scp foundation is on it

  • modern gamer
  • they will be implementing verification cans soon to ensure we don't cheat

  • Trump told donors he will crush pro-Palestinian protests, deport demonstrators
  • you mean exactly like biden is doing right now?

  • Remote desktop for Wayland?
  • running amd atm. the sunshine linux maintainer said he wont maintain the wayland backend.

  • Remote desktop for Wayland?
  • gnomes own remote access solution is the one that works for me rn

  • Remote desktop for Wayland?
  • i havent been able to get it to work on wayland

  • What keeps capitalism together?
  • our willingness to tolerate it

  • China is banning ‘wealth-flaunting’ behavior on social media
  • you and me are probably exposed to extreme luxury from a minority, but revolution aint happening anywhere rn

  • The world we live in. I'm sure we will see someone bragging on the dark web
  • install the archive warrior if you have spare server space and help them out

  • A beginner's guide to nationalism
  • thats very optimistic considering you are now at conservatives vs fascists in the national election.

  • AsahiLina: ✨ We got a bunch of Steam games to run on Asahi Linux!!! ✨
  • is linux already better for gaming on macs than macos?

  • Why People Don’t Catch The Politics In Their Favorite Games
  • the 'good guys' go in murderous rampages all the time in movies. its just usually framed as a good thing. 'oh those they killed were evil!', 'oh the city they destroyed was for the greater good!'

    real life isnt so black and white but they do that same framing irl with varying levels of success.

  • I feel bad for the child of this mother
  • 🐶 not much, u?

  • Lemmy today
  • Why People Don’t Catch The Politics In Their Favorite Games
  • aesthetics. people will perceive the aesthetics more than anything else.

    startship troopers is a good example: it satirizes fascism but has the aesthetics of fascism, so thats what people perceive.

    the boys was the same when conservatives liked homelander. he is the good looking blue eyed aryan with an epic powerful portrayal and those are usually the heroes.

  • Did anyone get pirated Rocksmith to work on Linux with regular P2-P10 cable + good latency?

    Title. If so how? I have tried some of the solutions floating around Proton DB, but can never get around the weird latency issue.

    I'm running Ubuntu 23.04, PipeWire, kernel 6.2 and Lutris Flatpak.

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