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Editorial: Sydney’s gay community is rightly hurt and angry. Police should not march in this year’s Mardi Gras
  • It's wrong and harmful to lock any group out of Pride celebrations. Police are not the enemy of gay people and by and large have done a lot to help protect LGBTQ andr respond to helping persecute people that commit hate crimes.

    Pride is supposed to be about inclusion and acceptance. If we gay people want acceptance from society we need to be big enough to allow acceptance to all other groups also. Pride isn't just a "gay" thing. It's about all people everywhere being proud of their adulthood and their ability to rise above conflict and get along.

  • Helldivers 2’s Politics Appear To Be Flying Over The Heads Of Some
  • I wouldn't play this game because of my very "woke" anti gun and anti-war sentiments. I think whenever I see a game ad with someone holding a gun, what a sad thing that the video game industry has evolved into - everyone has to use a gun to solve their problems or get "points" in life. Pretty disturbing when you see how young males are groomed to be gun lovers. And really, it's the worst possible sort of image to be feeding them.

  • Just 5 more minutes
  • Ugh not me. I've been through the SLC temple and it's one horrifyingly bland white cold interior throughout. If that's what mormons see as their 'destiny' in the afterlife, I'm kinda glad I'll be roasting in hell instead. To me that kind of austerity doesn't smack of godliness, it smacks of sterility and coldhearted lifelessness.

  • But he's a good Christian!
  • Apparently he's not just a good Christian, but a great one - he sucks AND swallows. A true Christian, a truly valuable person, is one who gives and enjoys physical sexual pleasure. Not someone who disdains human sexuality and disavows any human desires. It's all just sex - no labels are needed, it doesn't matter who is giving a blowjob to whom, as long as people are doing it and enjoying it. That's the only thing that matters.

  • The Vatican says surrogacy and gender theory are 'grave threats' to human dignity
  • The only true grave threats to human dignity are the sickness of religious nutjobbery and instituionalized bigotry, which is what the Vatican (a shitty place if ever there was one) is espousing with this horrid document. The right to abortion, the right to surrogacy and to have access to whatever gender one wishes, these are moral imperatives that drive our species forward toward dignity - only a total shithead idiot would ever think otherwise under any circumstances.

  • Lemmings, why do you think Lemmy is better than Reddit?
  • No. I didn't much like Reddit but I have never had so many problems with a social media site as I have with Lemmy. Right now there's 17 comments in my notifications page, but no way to access them because it just says "404 - page not found." And there's no way to view or erase them.

    Lemmy has tons of connectivity problems also. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd have to rate it minus 100. I've left Kbin and actually am no longer even using Lemmy but once in a grand while. I'm looking for other sites that will work better.

  • Residents Beg Michigan Mayor to Stop Solar Eclipse - He Scientifically Can't
  • Having seen a solar eclipse back in 2017, I can say it was truly an spectacle. But I don't see traveling anywhere just to see another one - I mean it's interesting, but it lasts maybe two minutes and then it's over and back to normal. And I don't see spending all that money when you can get the best view of it watching news coverage on TV.

  • xkcd #2915: Eclipse Clouds
  • Every time there's a solar eclipse, a blood moon, a super moon, or any other astronomical phenomenon, we never can see it here in Utah, it's always far too cloudy and too overcast to see anything. Same with this Monday's eclipse, though even if we could, we only would see a portion of it anyway.

  • I love animals and we should eat them
  • Hmm. Not sure how to feel because honestly, I feel this way also. I do love animals (ummm not in the physical way) and I believe all life is sacred. After all humans are animals also. But at the same time, I love the carnivorous side of being an omnivore - I couldn't imagine not being able to eat steaks, ribs, chicken wings and other meat with bones and veins in it.

    But that doesn't mean I think animals deserve to die - just that I have to live with the un-resovable contradiction of being both an animal lover and a meat lover. It is yummy and there's nothing the first bite of a juicy steak or crispy chicken wing. Thank you for your sacrifice, clucky, bessie, and porky.

  • April Fools Day is the dumbest holiday in existence
  • I did a spongebob thing and poured myself 400 glasses of lemonade with little umbrellas for breakfast. April Fools on me, I'm not even thirsty!! AH HA HA HA HA oh man, I'm going away with the nice men in white coats now.....

  • Just 5 more minutes
  • With the same reasoning it's never logical to assume that things we can't always identify or put a label on are strange or foreign or from other planets.

    The most logical, and most mentally healthy mind, would first try to explore the most plausible explanations and first assume there is no miraculous visitation involved.

    If a mountain springs up in the middle of the Pacific and a comic sans message pops up saying LDS is the true religion," I can guarantee it's because the multi-billion dollar corporation called the LDS Church has put money into a new kind of marketing campaign.

    And if you're stupid enough to give that corporation 10 percent of your income, maybe you're too stupid to be trying to solve UFO mysteries in the first place.

  • Palestinian teen shot dead during Israeli West Bank raid, Wafa news agency reports
  • Well I'm sure it wasn't Israel's fault, he probably got in the way of their bullets. Of course killing humans at Easter is what the Jewish state is best at, so we should shove our easter eggs up our butt and thank jesus for this wonderful world of bloodshed and murder that israel helps make happen.

  • A Filipino villager is nailed to a cross for the 35th time on Good Friday to pray for world peace
  • Well it's sort of like Mohammed - I'm sure that a person with that name DID exist around that time at some point. And maybe they were a teacher and a self-proclaimed "speaker for god." But so was Charles Manson and David Koresh and Jim Jones and Joseph Smith and many other horrible cult leaders.

    There never has been any "god" in the way we mean it, so there could never actually be such a thing as the son of God, nor any need for one. If we were smart as a species, we'd see why it's more important to support human beings than go around believing in religious nut jobbery.

  • Florida's 'Pregnancy Crisis Centers’ Blatantly Mix Church and State -
  • Here they want to force all schools to have the Ten Commandments posted on every wall. Because god knows, kids aren't already feeling puny and guilty enough, we need to show them just how much they don't measure up to god's standards at every turn.

    If there is a human alive who has never broken a commandment I've yet to meet them. And I don't live my life by a fictitious set of rules anyway - let alone a list that no one, not even Jesus, could actually succesfully live up to. (and to my mind, no one with any intellect would want to anyway).

  • I can't believe these things are still being published
  • I don't think people think much about the actuality of what Darwin said or the truth of their own animalness and being part of the animal kingdom.

    It always irks me to see an anti-evolutionist pointing to or making fun of a picture of an ape because, to them, being compared to great animals is some sort of smutty filth. I hate to think what kind of brutality they enact on cats and dogs around them, or even kids.

    The idea that we're part of the Animal kingdom, to me, is such a fascinating and great concept. I just do not get people who are insulted or "turned off" by that idea at all.

  • Church attendance is dropping all across America. It's long overdue.
  • I appreciate that. I've had a lot of scorn heaped on my head for being a "Boomer," as if it was sacriligious of me to pick being born in the 50s - surprisingly, I had very little say in it.

    And I personally don't see that I did anything to make the world worse, beyond just living my life the way every one else did. Did I support oil and gas extraction? Well I drove a car - as a kid I never even thought about such things.

    Did I help pollute the earth? I came from a family of human consumers so I'm sure I did. I'm not saying we don't deserve our share of blame.

    Yes I'm an older person but I worked hard and did my best in life, I don't know more I could do. I never engaged in fighting or war with other people or hurt anyone, if I could help it.

    I have a spotless driving record, not even a citation. But no one says, "thank you for being a safe driver," all i get are scornful comments like, "whaddya want, a metal?" "Who cares."

    You can be a good and contributing tax payer your whole life, and someone who has always treated others with respect and acted carefully, and yet still be the target of total scorn and unreasonable hate just because of the generation you came from.