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Animal homosexual behaviour under-reported by scientists, survey shows
  • Huh, wasn't aware of that. Well, after a bit more research, excluding that one species in that one study, there are no exclusively homosexual animals.

  • Animal homosexual behaviour under-reported by scientists, survey shows
  • The issue with finding homosexual behaviour in animals is that it's never exclusive. Homosexual animals tend to be bisexual at best, and can often be chalked up to erroneous mating.

    A lot of these studies are used to validate human homosexuality and harm the "it's unnatural!" argument touted by conservatives. However using a Call to Nature is fallacious, and could be used to validate all number of animal behaviour.

  • They're Usually Shredded Alive Rule :(
  • Couldn't that logic be used against literally any good action? Like giving $100,000 to a malaria charity isn't going to stop malaria. If everyone thought like vegans, the world would be vegan, the climate crisis would almost entirely be averted, rivers swimmable, billions of animal lives saved each year.

    If during your supermarket shop, you use vegan recipes instead, you'll be one of those dominos. You could be the systemic change!

  • Climate protesters arrested after spraying Stonehenge with orange powder paint
  • vegans annoy restaurant owner

    "Oh no! These criminals must be prosecuted!"

    companies set up animal slaughter machines, destroy the planet to satisfy nothing but the taste buds of consumers

    "Yummy meat mmmm"

  • The parsnip will rule
  • Added a parsnip to my vege soup this week, absolutely added a whole bunch of flavour, can recommend.

  • Shifted my Superannuation to Future Super
  • A public offer retail fund, yep.

  • Effective Altruists: look, we *tried* to invite nice people as well as the huge racists we knew were huge racists when we invited them. What? Exclude the racists? But they're so *interesting!*
  • Ok I've been giving $25 a month to for about 5 years now, and my understanding was they predominantly buy mosquito nets and give cash directly. Should I swap to a different charity?

  • lemmy user(ule)s: "this sign won't stop me because i can't read"
  • Good on you for moral consistency. If someone said that eating meat was hurtful to animals (not to mention destroying the planet), you'd have a little empathy and stop, right?

  • Shifted my Superannuation to Future Super

    After watching a lot of Some More News and Climate Town, I made the shift from Hesta (which has $2,000,000,000 invested in fossil fuels, and most recently in the new Woodside gas plant) to Future Super.

    Yes, the fees are significantly worse, but if I'm putting my own financial gain ahead of the planet, I'm no better than all the banks investing in fossil fuels.

    What demos are you playing for this edition of Steam Next Fest?
  • My games on Next Fest! It's called Game Over, it's a rhythm-combat RPG and the demo is basically a stand alone free game with its own story. Please try it!

  • What makes you stand out?
  • Are you vegan?

  • New trick for getting my picky kiddo to eat her veggies:
  • I'm not a parent, but wouldn't you just wait your kid's hunger out? Like, they'll get hungry enough to eat vegetables eventually, they're not going to starve themselves to death. Once they've had a serving of vegetables, it's back to the regular diet.

  • eSafety drops case against Elon Musk's X over church stabbing videos
  • Good news in my opinion, Australia was overreaching with this. Would have set a stupid precedent.

  • Dinosaurs rule
  • MechaGameZilla did an excellent video on the topic.

  • What's your favourite fruit(s) ?
  • Tamarillos! They're pretty rare now, tart and sweet, looks a feijoa and a tomato crossed. Love em!

  • What's the most popular activity you could never get into?
  • I don't understand how you pick a team if you werent born in an area with a team. Like, as a New Zealander, how can I get excited for a premiere league team that I essentially pick at random?

  • What's the most popular activity you could never get into?
  • It really was excellent in its infancy, once you'd honed your algorithm. Some of the funniest, sharpest content on the internet at the time, with a really tight knit in-joke machine - reminiscent of early internet communities. It boomered up and burnt out, but there was certainly a spark there.

  • I complained about an Australian website asking for tips, so they removed the tip function.

    I pre-ordered a pair of Jennen shoes (elevator shoes, so I can be a big boy) from their online site (they no longer have the shopfront on Johnstone street) and got asked for a tip at the end. For basically changing a stock allocation assignment. I had a whinge on their contact forms, and they replied "the tip function is optional".

    2 years later I emailed again, saying "I haven't bought a replacement pair of shoes, all because of the audacity to ask for a tip. I get that it's optional, but so is a cashier going 'hey give me that twenty from your wallet', and when the customer goes 'wtf??' the cashier replies 'oh lol it's optional'. You may have thought 'you know, a tip screen could give us free money! What's the harm?', and I guess this follow up email is proof of that harm. Don't bring tipping culture here please!"

    I get this reply a day later, and can confirm the tip function is now gone. Loverly! Whinging may be one thing, but persistent whinging made the difference.


    Game Over - PC trailer

    "Lemmy at em!" says some wisecracking character in my video game maybe, in a referential nod to a relatively niche community in an attempt to appeal.

    For the past six years I've been working on Game Over, a Comedy Rhythm RPG, and maybe you'll like it?

    There's a little demo on Steam and also one on which you can play free of charge! What a deal! What a sweet treat for yourself and friends!

    Also I don't have a complaints form, so if you have any, please comment below and I will angrily defend myself and take potshots at you.

    Call now!