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  • It's not the total number of clicks that matters. It's the fact that several options (sleep, reboot, shut down) are the same final click and often a pixel or two away from each other.

  • Does anyone else feel like fireworks are a complete waste of money and a ridiculous amount of unnecessary Pollution?
  • claimed an objective opinion, and that supposed to have data and a study to back it

    Not "someone". Me. And I linked to the paper, which itself had many links to other studies backing up my claim. You essentially said "nuh uh, more sources" without providing any of your own. Your bad faith arguments don't work here, go back to Xitter.

  • Does anyone else feel like fireworks are a complete waste of money and a ridiculous amount of unnecessary Pollution?
  • My brother in christ, drones are all over that paper. Have you read an academic paper before? Do you know how to follow sources in papers? Tell you what, you go find some sources of your own and we can compare. Sitting back and saying "nuh uh" ain't gonna do it. Put up or shut up.

  • McDonald’s Gives Up On ‘AI’ After Comedy Of Errors, Including Putting Bacon On Ice Cream
  • That's the joke. Nearly every proposed implementation of AI isn't actually solving a real business or tech problem. It's just the next snake oil, like block chain, quantum computing, etc. There are real, valid use cases for all of those things. But most companies have no idea what they really are, how they might help, and even if they could help, what it would take to implement to see real results.

  • This house in between two runways at Narita International Airport in Tokyo
  • It's not just the lead you'd have to worry about. Commercial jets spew all kinds of nasty shit, and there's also the significant amount of particulates in the air from the tires. It's just not safe nor healthy to live that close to an airport, lead or no lead.

    Also, I would absolutely not eat the produce from those farms, which according to TFA, they're still producing and selling locally.

  • NASA finds humanity would totally fumble asteroid defense
  • It reminds me of how tech companies are all scrambling to use AI. There was a funny article recently where the author pointed out that these companies are struggling to do very basic things, so the idea that they could somehow tackle AI in a way that's useful and profitable is silly.

    Here's the article, very entertaining and worth the read.

  • Disney told L.A. residents to move to Florida for a planned campus. They did, it was canceled and now they're suing
  • It's crazy when you think about it. They picked up their lives, sold their homes in southern california, and moved to fucking central florida of all places. It's such a massive, massive downgrade in every conceivable category to move from socal to central florida. Then to have the company that mandated this (probably under threat of termination) pull a bait-and-switch once the employees and their families had moved, I'd be lawyering up and suing too. I'd sue them to make me whole -- put me back in the same neighborhood I left, in a same or better house (with the same or better loan amount and terms), and offset any losses (with interest) related to moving, my spouse's loss of job and income, provide equivalent income and job placement for my spouse until they find an equal or better job, and guarantee my employment at current job and comp for the next 10 years (with a sparkling golden parachute if they terminate me earlier).

  • California achieves incredible new milestone with its power supply: 'It is the new reality'
  • Cool. Now can the local power companies (in cahoots with CPUC) stop changing the rules that make it less and less economically viable for people to have solar on our roofs? Every year they add bigger fees and pay tinier amounts for power generation. The ROI on solar is now measured in decades. And they're doing it on purpose.

  • Thoughts on a case and active cooling for a Raspberry Pi 5 with an M2 HAT (or any HAT, really)

    I'm just wondering if anyone has any insight into a good case design with heat sinks and a fan that also accommodates a HAT, such as the new M2 HAT. I'd love to run a Pi 5 with M2 SSD inside a case with a fan plugged into the PWM port. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Ideally it would look something like this, but be large enough for the HAT and somehow incorporate good fan placement for airflow.

    This looks like an interesting solution to my question. It mounts underneath the pi, which means things like heat sinks and a PWM-powered fan would work fine. As long as there's a case that fits this type of setup, it looks like it would work great!