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You're not allowed to be lazy on your vacation
  • I don't know what hotels you go to but my experience has been pretty mid across most of Europe. Bog-standard continental breakfast buffets. Croissants, orange juice, cereal, toast, all of mediocre quality.

    Not terrible as it is, but you can likely get infinitely better breakfast by hopping over to any cafe across the street.

  • Scientifically proven by Dr. Lamar Davis
  • That 2% includes forgetting to use one, running out and being too horny to abstain, and various other excuses for why you're not wearing one when you've agreed beforehand that you would.

    Not so. The 98% figure assumes correct use of the condom every time. In the real world where people are imperfect, condoms are only about 87% effective.

  • Holy voting choices!
  • Maybe. On the other hand, changing out your candidate after one debate doesn't inspire much confidence. And you lose the advantage a sitting president usually has in elections.

    A new candidate might indeed do better, but the DNC is risk averse as hell. I don't see them having the balls to make a move like this.

  • Great.
  • It kinda sounds like you're standing ready to assassinate the democratic candidate and you're just waiting for my approval to pull the trigger. What exactly is your point?

  • Great.
  • I mean yeah, most of the people that hang out here didn't want him to be the candidate to begin with. But that has little to do with who you'd vote for given these options.

  • Flying cars they said
  • Yeah I agree I hate this kind of obstructive customer service

    I work as a software engineer on automated customer service systems like these, and boy let me tell you, obstruction is the name of the game. For example: don't make the phone number too easy to find on the website because it will lead to too many calls. We nudge people toward the FAQ and such first so they can hopefully find their answer there. Then, we have chatbots like this which contain exactly the same information as the FAQ again. And only then might we offer you contact with a human.

    The essential problem is that support is a cost center, so cost savings is the name of the game. We optimize for metrics like:

    • "deflection" (number of calls averted because we pushed the user into automated tools instead)
    • "first call resolution" (percentage of issues resolved in one contact. How do we know if your issue is resolved? Simple, if you don't contact us again we assume the issue is fixed)
    • "Average contact time" (pretty obvious, get the customer off the phone ASAP)

    If you manage to get on text chat with a human, typically they are handling two other conversations at the same time, that's why they seem so absent all the time (and why companies love chat. Much cheaper than calling).

    I'm not saying we're all diabolical here. There is a general agreement among everyone in the industry that we should help the customer as well as we possibly can. Indeed every CS manager will tell you how important we are to our brand image and NPS, how we strive to be the most customer-friendly company etc. etc.

    But the numbers don't lie. If you look at the metrics that everyone actually optimizes for, it's cost cost cost.

  • Steam Deck Users Account for 10% Of All Players Using Steam Input
  • So weird that only 15% of Steam sessions are using controllers. I thought everyone had a controller. Most games are just better with a gamepad.

    Even if that was true, not all games have the same number of players. Counterstrike and dota 2 regularly top the most played list on steam, and are terrible with a controller. It shouldn't be surprising that most sessions have a kb/m if that's what people are mostly playing.

  • Only €14,95!!!!
  • I found the restaurant, it's a tourist trap type place catering to British tourists in Málaga, Spain.

    Looking at some of the [pictures] ( you basically get a starter, main course and dessert, plus bread and butter and a half bottle of wine for that price which is actually quite incredible value. The food looks pretty shit, but gammon steak with pineapple, egg and fries is like a British pub staple so it's expected to look shit.

  • Analysis: The fertility crisis is here and it will permanently alter the economy | CNN Business
  • I commend your optimism, but personally I'm not sure automation is actually going to carry us through this in the time frames that we need. This population problem is going to hit really hard in the next twenty to thirty years. I don't think we're going to fully automate the world economy in that time.

  • Analysis: The fertility crisis is here and it will permanently alter the economy | CNN Business
  • The problems listed in the article are real. we've built a system:

    1. Where a lot of economic growth stems from an increasing supply of (cheap) labour
    2. That relies on people of working age being able to financially support a retiree class.

    Both of these are going to fall apart if the population stops growing. The smaller group of working age people won't be enough to support the amount of retirees, and without population growth there's no economic growth.

    It's sad that economists correctly see all this coming but then conclude that the only solution is "make more babies." It's short term thinking almost by definition, because in the limit it's rather obvious that at some point we will not have the resources to support any more people. And the closer we get to that limit the less each individual person will have (even worse when wealth is not equally distributed).

    Unfortunately I don't see any economist putting forth a plan that accepts population decline and alters the system to account for it. It wouldn't be easy but it seems no one is even trying.

  • VW will invest up to $5 billion in Rivian as part of new EV joint venture
  • VW is good at making cars, but bad at software. They've had to delay the introduction of new models (Golf, ID.3) because of software issues. Rivian has sort of the opposite problem: their production lines sit still often because of problems in the supply chain.

    Volkswagen has the expertise to solve Rivian's production and supplier problems, and the cash they will need to survive and develop some cheaper models (the EV market is stagnating right now for a lack of budget options, and Rivian only sells trucks and SUVs). And they're hoping Rivian software engineers can help them fix their software woes.

  • How the automobile industry turned us into SUV drivers
  • Pretty much the perfect form factor in my opinion. Put the back seat down when you need to transport cargo, up for people. Really practical. If you want to do camping trips or road trips where you need to move four people with cargo, you can get one with a towing hook.

    The one thing it's not great at in my experience is transporting babies around. There's just not quite enough space for the car seat, stroller, two parents and assorted diapers and stuff. We can make it work, but it's quite uncomfortable.