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Democrats Now Openly Admit They Pushed Biden to Block Bernie
  • We have a first past the post-voting system and two major parties. You never vote FOR anyone. You only vote AGAINST who you hate more.

    Voting third party or not voting is exactly equivalent to voting for whoever you hate most of the top two candidates.

    The things I just said are facts. Logically proven. Look up CPG Grey's FPTP video if you want an easy primer.

    So then the question just remains, do you think both candidates are equally horrible? If the answer is yes, then your strategy is correct. But if you think one of the two is slightly more horrible, that's the one you should be voting against.

  • An Algorithm Told Police She Was Safe. Then Her Husband Killed Her.
  • Decisions should be made by whomever or whatever is most effective. That's not even a debate. If the tarot cards were right more often than the judge, fire the judge and get me a deck. Because the judge is clearly ineffective.

    You can't privilege an approach just because it sounds more reasonable. It also has to BE more reasonable. It's crazy to say "I'm happy being wrong because I'm more comfortable with the process"

    The trick of course is to find fair ways to measure effectiveness accurately and make sure it's repeatable. That's a rabbit hole of challenges.

  • Restaurant group in Massachusetts is trying to reject a public vote on paying tipped workers
  • Ok. So what.

    If they can fill the positions at that rate then they should be happy. They can increase prices since consumers don't tip anymore and pocket the difference.

    If you are correct, then the owners wouldn't be fighting this.

  • IRS collects milestone $1 billion in back taxes from high-wealth taxpayers
  • You sound like my management. Hey, we gave you some money yesterday, why isn't the 10-year-long project done today?

    These things ramp up. Modernization takes time. We won't see the true benefits until 80% of the way through the process.

    To be honest, I bet they targeted this one billion just to show some progress. It's probably not even related to the actual modernization efforts they're going through. But if they didn't show some progress, idiots would cut their funding because, like my management and old man dick, political funding has no staying power.

  • Housing Crisis
  • There are 126M homes in the US. The average American moves 11 times per life, or maybe once every 8 years. That means 1/8 of homes, or 15.75M homes, might be "vacant" just to support people shuffling around. That's not real vacancy.

    I realize I pulled these numbers from my butt, but so did the original image. Either way, it hopefully shows that we need way more houses built in areas people can live, and it's not as simple as sticking homeless in existing housing.

  • Label maker for home use

    I'm looking for an inexpensive label maker that can print small labels. I need to label various things around my house for my sanity (outlet/breaker mapping, coax endpoint mapping, etc).

    I was going to buy a NIIMBOT D110, but then I saw in their FAQ that they put an IC (chip) into their labels and the printer won't print if it can't sense it. I really don't want to support a company that DRMs their consumables, if I can help it.

    Can anyone recommend a good, small, inexpensive label maker? Preferably one that doesn't have sketchy DRM embedded.

    Lawncare surewhynotlem

    Un-wired Robotic lawn mower

    I've got about 1/4 acre with some odd shapes and walkways. I'm looking to invest in a robotic mower, but the boundary wire ones don't seem to work with my layout. It doesn't need to have clean mow lines or anything, I just want my grass to be shorter.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a non-wired robot mower? Preferably one that integrates with HA, but that's not required.

    If you do, what are the pros/cons of the unit?


    Are avid 2A supporters angry because of the lead from bullets?

    I was reading about how the EU is thinking of reducing the lead used in ammunition because it's polluting the environment. I wonder if regular lead exposure at the firing range is addling people's brains.


    I'm fine, you?


    Don't dwell on the past. Look forward.


    corporate wants you to find the idiots in this picture


    that'll fix it Ben Zaehringer on Instagram: "Hang in there 😿"

    4,414 likes, 11 comments - berkeleymews on January 17, 2024: "Hang in there 😿"

    Ben Zaehringer on Instagram: "Hang in there 😿"

    Q-TIP DELEGATION: False Advice


    You're being Archimedes' screwed


    exercise for us?

    Exercise is hitting. My brain gives up way before my body does. Even when I try and listen to music or watch shows while exercising, I just can't keep at it.

    Has anyone found an ADHD friendly way to exercise?


    a fine specimen

    A fine specimen indeed


    Meme or reality?

    I know it was a thing on reddit, but how does everyone feel about peeing on your compost? Apparently it really helps, but I've never brought myself to do it.


    lemmy and jerboa source

    Has anyone created their own instance and modified it? How about the same for the Android client? There are some features I'm desperately missing and I'm not against DIY.