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Automate Backup of Factorio Saves
  • Same. Dozens, maybe hundreds of files most of them 250-300MiB.

    The nice thing about automation is I have no idea, it just works!*

    • (As long as your save files are in one parent directory.. and not in a place with other "zip" files)
  • Automate Backup of Factorio Saves
  • Ah yeah, I did that for a while until my save files started going over 200MiB, and I timestamp my base 4-5x per session, so I'm usually generating about 1-2GiB worth of save data per session (depending on the base). Steam cloud was no longer an option, so I had to fallback to some sort of manual solution.

    Maybe Steam cloud is improved now? In that case I could re-enable it and have a double backup :)

  • Factorio stembolts

    Automate Backup of Factorio Saves

    I found this Python script a few years ago, it is simple enough that a non-programmer could understand 90% of it. I just remembered it had been running as a scheduled task all this time when I thought I had lost some saves.

    Thought I'd post it here in case anyone can use it. Minor things are hard coded but they are few and easy to edit.

    Trans teacher files human rights complaint after Libs of TikTok doxxes them
  • Hey, you could be trans. Please submit a photo of your genitals for identification as well as your address and workplace.

    Because that is reasonable, right? It is my right to know about your genitals.

    ^what my response would be if I thought like you.

    You are gross.

  • Today every Jew has a choice. Do you hide now because you are afraid, or do you speak up when the whole world tries to silence you?
  • What a stupid article.

    Here is what I did.

    1. Looked up the definition of genocide.
    2. Followed the actions of Israel.
    3. Compared the actions of Israel to genocide.
    4. Realized, whoa, Israel is committing a genocide.

    I never bothered to ask myself if I am a Jew though, I never tried to convince someone else to believe me. I just made up my own mind based on my understanding of definition and situation.

    We are not your target market, you need someone who thinks less.

  • Gaza: Palestinian with Down syndrome ‘left to die’ by Israeli soldiers after combat dog attack
  • This man was attacked by a dog, bit and bled profusely, then left to bleed to death while his family asked to see him. Which they would, seven days later as a corpse with worms eating his face. He lay unmoved from the area where the soldiers promised he was being "treated" (killed).

    His crime? Not Jewish. Thus eliminated.

    Israel is a genocidal holocaust state.

    The United States is funding genocide.

  • Drivers' Qualifying Performance - Round 12, Great Britain
  • It always irked me because I dislike Russell and like Hamilton, but Hamilton always seems to take Russell in the race whether it be strategy, luck, or chance, idk. Now I just feel satisfied seeing Russell throw away his qualifying gains during the race..

  • Cannot Get Points in Sprints..

    Edit : I appreciate all the PoVs and I will reply to everyone. This is important to me. Just going to go rest a bit and I'll be back.

    Edit : Leaving the self-insulting language in, but yeah.. Point taken, I should stop being so mean to myself. And to add another FYI, I've been on this codebase for about 3 months, which I probably should have mentioned.

    I have no idea what is wrong with me. I get tasks, I work on them, they NEVER seem to close. Meanwhile everyone around me is left and right solving their issues. I reach out for a second opinion because I must just be stupid, and every time I reach out the person is never able to assist in any meaningful way.

    It's like my tasks always have blockers that everyone around me seems perplexed by, I get a lot of, "Wow, that's crazy," or, "Yeah your job does seem to have a lot of unusual blockers."

    I'm at the point where I'm in a daily meeting where I explain what I'm working on to a senior dev because obviously they noticed I'm a person on the team with sometimes zero points in a whole month. It's so discouraging to have to go to a daily meeting because apparently I'm stupid? The thing is, when I explain what I'm blocked by, every person has said, "Oh weird, this seems like a really confusing task." Or, "Damn I've never seen anything like that."

    So obviously I look at other peoples' tasks.. what are they working on? And their tasks are SO simple and straightforward, yet I've NEVER had a task like that, all my tasks were opened years ago, remained open for months or years, then were assigned to me. And they're all fucky. Wth.

    Tbh I'm running out of things to write because I don't want to justify it, because I feel like I should be doing better. What the hell is wrong with me?

    I have wanted to change jobs for close to two years now.. but you've all interacted with recruiters.. they never help, and job search is impossible as a person with anxiety and possibly autism?

    I love coding, I hate my coding environment.. Anyone else ever have this type of issue in programming?