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President Biden tested positive for COVID-19.
  • And just earlier he said he could drop out if a medical issue came up. Maybe this is it.

    Here's a tweet from after the notorious debate where he messed up, and claimed afterwards that he had a cold:

    I mostly don't want him to drop out, but after that debate performance, covid was the first thing I thought of.

  • "Privacy-Preserving" Attribution: Mozilla Disappoints Us Yet Again
  • The difficulty is in spinning it to sound non invasive. And of course takes a level of self corruption to even want to do that, since PPA is invasive and you have to delude yourself into thinking otherwise.

  • Lemmy (etc.): allow sorting preference for search

    It's a pain that search results on lemmy show by default ordered by some useless relevance ranking. I can't think of a single time I didn't want newest first. I couldn't find a preference to request that. It would be great if there was one.

    The suggestion on c/support on was to make this kind of request on github, but it seems anti-FOSS to me to require a Microsoft account for a fediverse request, so I'm posting here and hoping for the best.

    Thanks for any consideration!


    automatically clean up tracking and other tags in posted urls

    Example (spam post containing an amazon affiliate link, post hopefully deleted by now but I assume mods/admins can see it):

    Also there are tons of links people post legitimately but have tracking parameters, gclid=this, fbclid=that, etc. Those can be cleaned up too.

    By editing out these parameters automatically when the link is posted, people's privacy can be protected and the incentive to post affiliate spam can be decreased.

    It could be a server config parameter and/or put into the posting UI: "your post contains [link] with flagged parameters, choose between a) post cleaned up version (shown), or b) post link without changes (may go into moderation queue depending on community settings)."


    Unhide read posts (bug)

    Voyager 2.3.1 on Android. I visit a community and select "hide read posts" and those posts disappear a they should. But there is no apparent way to undo this. The pulldown still has "hide read posts" instead of "unhide" them.


    LT1 Mini discontinued

    Sofirn confirmed by email that it is discontinued. No idea about other LT1 series models. A shame. I like the Mini and kind of wanted another one. Oh well.


    Total eclipse of the cat

    0 Keeping your data from Apple is harder than expected | Aalto University

    New study shows that the default apps collect data even when supposedly disabled, and this is hard to switch off

    Keeping your data from Apple is harder than expected | Aalto University

    New study shows that the default apps collect data even when supposedly disabled, and this is hard to switch off


    f-droid just requested permission to update other apps?

    Any idea why? I've been using it for months. I probably had to grant permission when I first installed it, but haven't had to again since then, until just now.

    Also, some of the time, when F-droid updates an app, the update just goes through. But other times I get a dialogue asking "do you want to update this app?". It seems random. Any idea?

    Phone is a Moto G5 Stylus 2023 and it recently got a security update from Motorola, but I think I've done some F-droid updates since then. However, this may be related.

    The other possibility is that something might have happened to F-droid's code signing credentials, e.g. someone messed with them? That thought is basically why I'm asking here.


    Vernor Vinge 1944-2024 Vernor Vinge (1944-2024) - File 770

    Vernor Vinge, author of many influential hard science fiction works, died March 20 at the age of 79. Vinge sold his first science-fiction story in 1964, "Apartness", which appeared in the June 1965 issue of New Worlds. In 1971, he received a PhD (Math) from UCSD, and the next year began teaching at ...

    He passed on March 20. One of the greatest "hard" science fiction writers, author of True Names, A Fire Upon The Deep, and other cyberspace classics. Link is to his death notice in the old school fanzine File 770. Moment of silence please. RIP.


    Sofirn LT1 Mini, are these reflash pads?

    And, any idea how to use them? 3 pins is perplexing.


    Moto jacks up G series prices, drops SD card in G Play 2024

    G Stylus 2023 - went from $119 to $199, no longer attractive since 5G stylus is still $249

    5G Power went from $179(?) to $299, lolwut? The 5G Stylus is a higher model and still $249

    G Play 2023 is still $99 and a good deal but quite limited with 32GB flash and Mediatek CPU

    G Play 2024 introduced at $149, a nice incremental upgrade to the 2023 model, has 64GB flash, but get this, they have dropped the SD slot.

    The last bit is disturbing since no other 2024 models are yet announced. I wonder if they will drop the SD slot in all of them. Not good.

    I got a 5G Stylus a couple months ago and still like it a lot. I had been thinking of getting one of the lower models for my brother since he doesn't care about 5G. The 2023 non-5G Stylus looked great at $119 but lame at $199. The 2023 and 2024 G Plays are both still of interest.


    trouble with google photos app and should I switch to something else?

    Phone is Moto G Stylus with Android 13. Whenever I launch the built in photos app, it now gives me a nag screen to download a version upgrade. When I click "upgrade", nothing happens. It's conceivable that I have network permission disabled for the app. I better check.

    1. Is this a familiar thing? How do I make it stop, either by installing the upgrade or by shutting off the nag screen?

    2. Is there a FOSS photo viewer that anyone recommends instead, that I can install from F-droid? I'm reasonably satisfied with the UI of the Google one. It allows sharing photos, moving them into subfolders, seeing the metadata, and some minor editing, all of which are useful. I don't care in the slightest about cloud sync or google drive so it's ok if the replacement app doesn't have those.



    Just got Moto update for November 1 2023 patches (Moto Stylus 5G 2023)

    Thanks Moto, just 2.5 months behind. I think they will do a major version update sometime, then 1 more security patch and that's it? That's what they did with my previous phone. It wasn't ideal but tbh it didn't bother me that much.

    All this is pure FYI.


    How to move contacts to new phone without Google account?

    I don't have a google account and don't want one and really prefer to not upload my contacts to someone else's server as a matter of principle. I have a personal nextcloud server so could use that if it helps, but it's not clear that it does.

    I tried exporting the old contacts as a .vcf file and importing the .vcf to the new phone, and that MOSTLY worked, but it seems to have lost the labels on the phone numbers. E.g. my entry for XYZ Bank had separate phone numbers for payments, credit card, and so on. Those got transferred to the new phone as home, mobile, work. I.e. .vcf doesn't seem to handle custom labels.

    Is there some kind of workaround? The vcf scheme seems like about the best, except for the issue of losing the contact labels.

    To complicate matters a bit, I've been using the new phone for a couple weeks now, so I have added or edited some contacts on it. That means if I do another transfer, I'd prefer to not wipe out the contacts database on the new phone, though if that is unavoidable I guess I can survive.

    Old phone is Android 7 and new phone is Android 13 if that matters. I haven't examined the .vcf file in an editor but I guess I should try that.

    Thanks for any advice.


    Opinions about Moto G play? Full HD display mobile | moto g play | motorola US - Motorola

    Enjoy a full HD display with moto g play, giving you the best Android camera and the best battery life.

    Full HD display mobile | moto g play | motorola US - Motorola

    It's cheap and it's the only one of the G family that supports Boost Mobile (don't know why the other ones don't). It would be for a family member who may need to replace an Android 8 phone. For stupid reason I have a couple of prepaid Boost cards, so being able to use them is a plus, but the phone's low up front price is also a big attraction. I have the G Stylus 5g and like it a lot, so am imagining the Play as a less fancy version. Is that reasonable? Thanks.


    Why are all phones smaller than 7"?

    Is it a rule imposed by the phone carriers, who want you to buy a different plan with no voice service if you have a tablet? It can't be the phone makers since the are so many. It can't be Android software licenses since Apple seems affected too. I'd be pretty interested in a tablet sized phone. But they seem to have maxed out in the current tall skinny format that is not really big enough for some things. Just wondering.

    Edit: aha, I managed to get rid of the stupid photo. Thanks for the help.


    Is the Android 13 screen keyboard a lot worse than Android 7's?

    I mean the functionality where it guesses what word you are trying to type, after seeing a few letters, or when you type by sliding your finger over the keyboard instead of pecking individual keys. I have all the custom dictionary and self-training stuff shut off on my old Android 7 phone (didn't want to upload data to Google) and it still worked pretty well. Is it my imagination or is Android 13 a lot worse?

    Amusingly, Android 13 seems more willing to use NSFW words. I tried to type "furosemide" (a prescription drug that a family member uses) and the phone sas "fu" and suggested "fucking". Android 7 also had those words but wouldn't use them until it was out of alternatives. I'm not offended but I think that change is funny.


    I like big phones and I cannot lie (22000mah Tank) Tank - 22000mAh Largest Battery 4G Rugged Smartphone

    Unihertz Tank is the cutting-edge IP68 rated rugged smartphone with a 22000mAh largest battery that can withstand harsh environments while still retaining the incredible powerful features. Featuring a 6.81" display screen, 66W fast charging, 108MP AI triple cameras, night version 4K video recording,...

    Tank - 22000mAh Largest Battery 4G Rugged Smartphone

    Ok it's 4G and Android 12, so a little bit behind the times, and weighs over a pound, but it has 65 watt fast charging and a built in 1200 lumen flashlight (I wonder if that doubles as a video light). I found out about it a few days ago and have been fascinated by it since then. The weight isn't so bad if you consider that it gets rid of the need to bring a power bank.

    Not gonna buy real soon but wow. Maybe they will do a 5G version sometime. I posted in another community that I want to be able to pull it out and say "that's not a phone, THIS is a phone".

    Any thoughts?


    Request: show the linked site name in the entry for a linked post

    and it would also be nice to make the link symbol bigger. Also, at least on Android, the "share" icon should be the traditional 3-node graph thing rather than a download symbol. I don't know whether ios has different conventions. Thanks ;)

    Ham Radio solrize


    Wondering if anyone is here. I have a question about software decoding of Morse code. I keep being told that is harder than it sounds, so I'm wondering what the issues are. I have a use for it right now. Thanks.


    60.4g and unironically ultralight 560g Android phones from the same company

    The 60.4g one is here. It has a 2.45 inch screen, 1100mah removable battery, has been around for a while, and runs Android 8.1. By its dimensions it MIGHT fit into an Altoids tin (which would of course block RF signals from reaching it, good or bad depending). I emailed the company and they replied there are no plans to update it, unfortunately. They have a newer "Jelly Star" version that runs Android 13 and has more features, but is 2x as heavy. I suspect the lighter one didn't catch on because the battery was too small, but it might be ok if you don't actually use the phone much.

    The 560g version is here. It is that heavy because it has a 22000mah(!) non-removable battery. It also has a built-in 1200 lumen flashlight, 6.81" screen, accepts 65 watts USB PD fast charge, and generally looks like a capable modern (8gb ram, Android 12) phone, though it is 4g only. They do have some 5g models that are smaller.

    Why is a 560g phone ultralight? Well on Reddit r/ultralight they always talk about power banks, and the lightest 20000mah power bank is around 300g and it is popular there. This thing combines the power bank and a phone, so saves the weight of a separate phone. They also like to spend days on the trail and then duck into a restaurant for a recharge, so they like fast charging. Most phones and power banks recharge at 15 watts so you don't get that much in an hour, even with separate chargers for your phone and PB (i.e. 30 watts using both at once). This thing supposedly takes an almost full charge in under 2 hours. Finally, it is good to get rid of the cable between the power bank and the phone. Not for weight (you still need to bring a cable) but because USB connectors are way too fiddly and they break all the time. So the less often you plug and unplug a phone, the better. Huge batteries from that perspective are good.

    I should also mention, the above is supposedly a ruggedized phone. If that means you don't need an add-on protective case, that saves some more weight.

    I have never used or seen either of these phones (just heard about them last night) and don't feel likely to buy one (especially the Tank), but both are interesting enough that I thought I'd post here.

    Update: there is an even bigger (666g, 31mm thick) follow-on with Android 13, 5G radio, 16GB ram, and 120 watt charging: