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TIL sailing ships commonly moved around without wind by warping
  • Pipe lay (etc) anchor barges do this today.
    There are usually six to 8 anchor winches on the vessel. A tug comes to the barge, picks up the anchor and moves it out to some point while the winch unreels. Repeat for other anchors. Winch in to move the vessel.
    This is used for precision movement/placement of the barge.
    Many vessels use azipods and Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) these days.
    But before DPS much of offshore infrastructure was placed by anchor barges.

  • Nice to see us all agreeing for once
  • OR, imagine in your "Democratic" work environment, sentiment eventually split into 50/50 over which manager to vote for and one manager had been bought and paid for by a rival business to undermine your co-op business in the same space, but but his followers were racist and anti-abortion and anti lgbt and cult like and threatened violence to the other side?
    All roads lead to some percentage of authoritarianism. Sorry, but there is no way socialism works. Or really any single system yet devised by man.
    Humans gonna human.
    No matter the system, there will always be born some greedy psychopath with the intelligence to attempt to get power, and the type of people that would follow. People need to learn to live with a balance of each ideology mixed.