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Hiding read posts stopped working
  • I switched the account in the app, so it should use it and fetch content from LW.

  • Simple mail server
  • I agree with everyone here that self-hosting email is never easy, but if you still decide to go down this route then here are two tips that I personally found very helpful, especially when you decide to host it at home:

    The first is to get an SMTP relay server. That's just another mail server that yours can log into to actually send its mail, just like an email client would. That way you don't have to worry about your IP's sending reputation, because everyone will only see the relay's reputable IP.

    Second is to configure a Backup MX. That's an additional MX DNS entry with lower priority than the primary, and it points to a special mail server that accepts any mail for you and tries to deliver it to the primary server forever (or something like an entire week). So when your primary server is unreachable other sending servers will deliver mail to the backup, and it delivers the mail to the primary as soon as that's back online.

    You can get these as separate services, but some DNS providers (like Strato for example) offer both with the base domain package. It makes self-hosting an email server much simpler and more reliable in my experience.

  • Hiding read posts stopped working
  • That was my first thought as well! But I also tried LW which is still on 0.19.3, same problem.

    Edit: My bad! I had "show read posts" enabled on my LW account, and read posts are correctly hidden when I disable it. So it really seems to be a problem with the new version.

  • Hiding read posts stopped working

    I have "Show read posts" disabled in the settings, but it just stopped working all of a sudden. Since yesterday I'm seeing read posts again.

    I tried toggling the setting, clearing cache and switching instances, but no luck so far.

    Anybody else who has this problem? Any idea how to fix it?

    Edit: Looks like it's a problem with the new Lemmy version!

    Arch Linux, made immutable, declarative and atomic: blendOS v4 released
  • Welcome to the Linux community. :)

    You will probably never understand everything about Linux and all of its included and associated systems. That's completely fine, no one does! That's why we are many, and it's what asking for advice or help is for. You can just learn whatever interests you at your own pace, and know that there will always be interesting things you haven't seen yet.

  • Election: Poll results for small parties?

    In this election there won't be any % barrier in some countries, but I still haven't seen any poll numbers for small parties here in Germany for example. Everything below 2-3% gets lumped in with "Others" as usual, even though about 0.5% would already get them a seat in parliament this time. This makes voting strategically very difficult, because we have no idea whether any small party could even get in.

    I get that there are limits to what you can show in a graphic, but even the source links I checked didn't provide more details. Why is that, and has anyone seen poll numbers for small parties, particularly for Germany?

    How do you guys feel about Session?
  • I really like the idea of creating a decentralized network that has a fair monetization model built right in, instead of relying on donations like the Fediverse. Crypto got a very bad rep, but this kind of stuff is exactly what it's good for imo.

    It also has some core features that are missing from other similar messengers, like multi-device sync. And lastly, the devs seem pretty capable and open as well. They are very transparent with their work and seem to have the right ideas about where things should go and which trade-offs to make. E.g. their reasoning for not using the Signal protocol seems solid to me.

    So I'm hopeful, but time will tell if it all works out.

  • How many of you use Usenet VS torrents
  • Good to know I guess, but yea that's a bit too speculative for my taste.

  • How many of you use Usenet VS torrents
  • Looks ok to me, what in particular do you take issue with?

  • How many of you use Usenet VS torrents
  • This UsenetServer discount link gives you 1 trial month for $1, then $50/year after that, and includes a 1TB TweakNews block and a paid PrivadoVPN account.

  • Best Audio Format for Storage?
  • I'm transcoding everything to 320kbps MP3s. It's much much smaller than flac, and I can't hear the difference even if I try.

  • when you upgrade an OS, do you clean install or upgrade?
  • Fedora, I usually wait 1-2 weeks for the last bugs to be found+fixed and extensions to catch up, and then just upgrade in-place. Haven't had a major upgrade problem for years now, it's mostly as smooth as any other offline update. And I don't feel like I have to reinstall the OS every few years on Linux either.

  • What do you think of these 17 political policies?
  • united, indivisible republic

    So no federalism anymore, just one centralized state power.

    All baronial and other feudal estates, all mines, pits etc. shall be converted into state property

    The mortgages on peasant farms shall be declared state property

    All private banks will be replaced by a state bank

    All means of transport: railways, canals, steamships, roads, posts etc. shall be taken in hand by the state

    So the state owns and manages all land, all finances, all infrastructure, and all means of mass transportation, on top of all the things the state controls already.

    Idk what you think centralization of power looks like, but imo this is it.

  • What do you think of these 17 political policies?
  • Because that's what creating an all-powerful government leads to. Imo the key is splitting up and balancing the power, not concentrating it in one easily corruptable entity.

  • Mint is up and running!
  • One of us One of us One of us! :)

  • Alternatives to Google Docs/sheets?
  • Synology can do all of this too but isn’t as expandable

    That's only partially true. On many (most?) units you can add more RAM, add SSD caches, and there are expansion cases to add more drives. And ofc you can couple them with other devices e.g. for transcoding, which imo is good practice anyway. But if you really want one device for everything and have specific needs then yea, building a custom NAS is probably be a better option.

  • Alternatives to Google Docs/sheets?
  • Idk when you checked, but they work pretty well now. Not quite on par with Google Docs, but the closest thing I know.

  • How do you make Linux more popular?
  • No! I prefer ______, and you are WRONG for thinking otherwise!

  • Alternatives to Google Docs/sheets?
  • I can't recommend Synology enough! They make it as easy and painless as possible to own your data again.

  • If one conjoined twin commits a murder without the consent of their twin, will both have to go to prison or nobody?
  • Completely disagree!

    Afaik most of them hate being treated differently like that, and others tiptoeing around them in fear of saying the wrong thing. If I know someone is sensitive about it or tells me that they don't like a certain phrase then sure. But imo a good general rule is to treat them like the regular people they are, not delicate flowers not to be disturbed.

  • Guide: Setup authentication for the default Synology reverse proxy synology-reverse-proxy-authentication

    Setup reverse proxy authentication for Synology DiskStations.


    Hey everyone,

    My personal server of choice is a DiskStation right now, and I'm using the default reverse proxy for all my subdomains. I went through a few stages to secure them, and now that I'm finally finished (famous last words heh?!) I thought I'd document my approach and provide some configs and code. I've seen a few unanswered questions here and there about how to do this on Synology, so hopefully this helps a few people.

    The guide covers limiting access to local IPs, as well as adding Basic or SSO authentication. The main goal is to integrate well with the GUI and access control profiles, and to leave all existing and autogenerated files untouched, so updates and changes via the GUI still work as expected.

    Here is the basic idea:

    > The nginx server config is located in /etc/nginx/, and the reverse proxies are defined in the sites-available/server.ReverseProxy.conf file inside that folder. There's one server directive for every proxied site, and the DSM config adds a include .acl.<random string>.conf* directive if you set up an access control profile for a site. That * at the end there is crucial, because it means we can manually add more configuration files with the same prefix, and they will automatically be included and applied to all sites using this access control profile. > > There are also include directives for the main and http scopes, as well as for the default DSM server directives. This means we can inject configurations in these places, just by adding correctly named files to the conf.d folder. > > For Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication we run a Vouch-Proxy instance to handle the communication between nginx and the OIDC server. We also need to spin up another nginx reverse proxy and forward requests to it, because the built-in one doesn't support the required auth_request directive. Its container script just copies the default reverse proxy configuration with some modifications, and it is set up to reload whenenver the original file changes.



    Touch navigation gestures on desktop Touch Navigation – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox Android (en-US)

    Download Touch Navigation for Firefox. Add touch navigation gestures to go back/forward and reload the page.

    Touch Navigation – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox Android (en-US)

    Hey everyone,

    I created an addon to bring touchscreen navigation gestures to the desktop version of Firefox, so mainly for 2-in-1 laptops and Linux/Windows tablets. It adds back/forward navigation and pull-to-refresh gestures, shows the same icons as existing touchpad gestures, and will check beforehand if you can still scroll in a given direction.

    Here is the link: Touch Navigation