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Techno-utopianism and the path into darkness
  • fair warning that this is tracey woodbeanz level long

  • Techno-utopianism and the path into darkness

    This is an essay about 'village' vs 'control' techno-optimism I wrote for a class final in 2016. I was in undergrad etc etc but for 2016 I feel it had a lot of foresight, and there's still some bits here and there I haven't seen anyone else explicate. Thought some of you might be interested

    I will Luddite AI
  • literally a perfect example of some UX accessibility theory. insert "drunk as hell" in the appropriate place

    chart with examples of permanent vs temporary vs situational disabilities

  • That tracing woodgrains peice on David Gerard is out
  • unironically, their culture has a better use case for it than the rest of earth does. they're not even losing informational value in the compression and nonsense-izing since there isn't any to start with

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 14 July 2024
  • more generally I suspect that as soon as you are trying to compare some notion of a 'true' position eval function to eval functions you can actually generate you're going to have a very difficult time making correct and clear predictions. the reason I say this is that treating such a 'true' function is essentially the domain of combinatorial game theory (not the same as "game theory"), and there are few if any bridges people have managed to build between cgt and practical Go etc playing engines. so it's probably pretty hard to do

    (I know there's a theory of 'temperature' of combinatorial games that I think was developed for purposes of analyzing Go, but I don't think it has any known relationship to reinforcement learning based Go engines)

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 14 July 2024
  • i don't think that can be quite right, as illustrated by an extreme example: consider a game where the first move has player 1 choose "win" or "hypergo." if player 1 chooses win, they win. if player 1 chooses hypergo, begin a game of Go on a 1,000,000,000 x 1,000,000,000 board, and whoever wins that subgame wins. for player 1, the 'true' position eval function must be in some sense incredibly complicated, because it includes hypergo nonsense. but player 1 strategy can be compressed to "choose win" without opening up any counterattacks

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 14 July 2024
  • this is simple. we just need to train a new model for every move. that way the adversarial bot won't know what weaknesses to exploit

  • That tracing woodgrains peice on David Gerard is out
  • we're all looking for the guy who dredged up a historical feud

  • That tracing woodgrains peice on David Gerard is out
  • I've never actually looked at themotte before and jesus. the only difference between this site and the absolute nastiest Nazi communities I've seen is that these guys aren't shoehorning slurs and mentions of the day of the rope into every post

  • That tracing woodgrains peice on David Gerard is out
  • I think they're actually being pretty clear, it's just hard to accept they're being this baldfaced about it: they hate that he's gay, they hate that he's a furry, but above all they hate hate hate hate that he's not quite as fashy as they are

  • That tracing woodgrains peice on David Gerard is out
  • that's depressing. escaping an oppressive, reactionary social sphere and landing in the TERFosphere

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 14 July 2024
  • petition to use the term "pyramid sucking" to refer to the activity of defending the Incredible Potential of AI, crypto, the metaverse, whatever the next thing is, etc

  • rationalists discuss: does testosterone make you stupid?
  • it's risk reward. you can pull bigger claims out but you have to pull harder. very interesting from an evolutionary perspective... can recommend ssc, colin wright, etc articles about this (and ofc ask chatgpt)

  • The CIA is using generative AI as a search engine
  • I would say the reality of generative AI is that you don't need any cloud computing for it at all, because you don't need generative ai

  • rationalists discuss: does testosterone make you stupid?
  • it's the opposite, he says his ass being big indicates he is stupid. zero points to you for scientific rigor my friend

  • rationalists discuss: does testosterone make you stupid?
  • honestly I just couldn't bring myself to copy paste that. easily the worst part

    EDIT: have they considered offering a huge cash prize to anyone who proves them wrong

  • rationalists discuss: does testosterone make you stupid? Is being a trans woman (or just low-T) +20 IQ? — LessWrong

    Warning: This post might be depressing to read for everyone except trans women. Gender identity and suicide is discussed. This is all highly speculat…

    Is being a trans woman (or just low-T) +20 IQ? — LessWrong

    saw this posted by @sailor_sega_saturn at

    op has a simple question:

    > Why are trans women so intellectually successful? They seem to be overrepresented 5-100x in eg cybersecurity twitter, mathy AI alignment, non-scam crypto twitter, math PhD programs, etc.

    and a skull shaped answer:

    > My theory is that too much testosterone makes you dumber, particularly during adolescence. You need a little for your cells & organs to work, but past a certain point it does more harm than good (for intelligence specifically — motivation & happiness etc aside). Apparently this is not a new theory and people have posited a U-shaped curve for how testosterone affects IQ. The key (sad) claim is that the vast majority of men are on the too-much-T side of the curve. Maybe trans women get the best of both worlds intellectually — a male skull with female chemistry.

    our researcher sets about fending off possible objections:

    > Why didn't evolution give females big heads if it would make them all geniuses? Another anecdote. My sister has a big head. She was valedictorian in high school I think. She hit her head one day in middle school during gym class by running into a wall. She also fell off a bike and hit her head in high school. I have never hit my head and I think the main reason is that my arms are strong enough to catch myself. So maybe the big headed women would-be-ancestors fell and hit their heads.

    cites chatgpt for this:

    > Do trans men get the worst of both worlds intellectually — female skulls and male chemistry? Yes.

    demonstrates the exceptional explanatory power of his hypothesis:

    > Why are really good tech founders so rare? You have to have very high power-seeking/initiative (T) and very high IQ. This is an incredibly rare combination because the testosterone murders your IQ. You have to be a genius before puberty hits. Helps if your brain/head is giant. Look at eg Elon Musk & Jeff Bezos.

    describes the potential impact of his research:

    > I suspect that some simple electrical stimulation in the womb could make infant females' skulls bigger and result in lots of genius women. If they don't fall off their bikes and hit their heads.

    all time great footnotes:

    > Thought of some more potential evidence. The smartest cis women I've known almost all had lack of butt (women's most visible muscle -- so low testosterone?)

    > Later that day: i asked my sister. She said all her smart friends (men and women) lack butts too! She and I both have the butt, so we are speaking against our own kind here.

    a commenter has an epistemically rigorous counterpoint:

    > I don't understand why you need to invoke testosterone. Transgender brain is special, for example, transgender women have immunity to visual illusions.

    another commenter objects to that, based on a deep dive into the literature:

    > Can you source this claim? I've never heard it and GPT-4 says it has no scientific basis.

    "well admittedly I made it up, but it seems plausible"

    > Whoops, it's really looks like I imagined this claim to be backed more than by one SSC post. In my defense I say that this poll covered really existing thing like abnormal illusions processing in schizophrenics (see "Systematic review of visual illusions schizophrenia" Costa et al., 2023) and I think it's overall plausible.


    50 New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC

    Recall uses AI features "to take images of your active screen every few seconds."

    New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC

    somehow I managed to miss this until now

    archive link

    31 Here Is What Axon’s Bodycam Report Writing AI Looks Like

    Axon has been inviting police departments to webinars about the new AI-based product, which will automatically generate police reports based on bodycam audio, according to emails obtained by 404 Media.

    Here Is What Axon’s Bodycam Report Writing AI Looks Like

    tl;dr ai will write up officer reports used to help convict people, based on bodycam audio. of course we can expect it to display the usual features of fictionalizing, bias and diffusion of accountability

    special highlight: end of the article includes a comment from the EFF, imploring municipalities not to purchase this tech. company responds with a statement pitching the product to prosecutors. make your own inference about who has control over this decision


    the most crypto thing I've ever seen that doesn't actually involve crypto

    I've been reading through the top all time /r/hobbydrama posts and I keep coming back to this one. In a way, it's the best summary of the promises crypto makes I've seen. People buying fiefdoms in a game that doesn't exist because they so desperately want the experience of being kings, because they so desperately want to be the boot that grinds... it's beautiful to see this presented without the nonsense about supposed democratization or freedom.

    the time capsule aspect is fascinating too. the layperson's innocence is now tainted by NFTs. you will never again see people struggle with the concept of this grift as purely as these posters did in 2017.


    worst tech/crypto songs of all time?

    inspired by

    from the link, we obtain HODL gang and versace bedouin (which might be the worst song I've ever heard period).

    I would also like to add predatory capitalist feminism anthem WAGMI.

    on an ideological level I would nominate the technofascist propaganda piece we appreciate power. banger tho


    I'm imagining you right now

    I'm doing it so skillfully. I'm totally basilisking you. isn't that scary


    Law firm hired by Cruise says Cruise didn't mislead regulators, they just had trouble using the internet. Verge proceeds to repeat the claim uncritically

    Actual framing:

    > Cruise wasn’t hiding the pedestrian-dragging video from regulators — it just had bad internet / An independent review of an incident in which a driverless Cruise vehicle dragged a pedestrian over 20 feet concludes the company has connectivity issues.

    My expectations for journalists are low but goddamn

    archive link:


    rationalist reaches the libertarian conclusion about child marriage What I thought about child marriage as a cause area, and how I've changed my mind — EA Forum

    Summary: I have been working on a research project into the scale, tractability and neglectedness of child marriage. After 80 hours of research, I th…

    What I thought about child marriage as a cause area, and how I've changed my mind — EA Forum

    saw this pointed out here and felt it deserved it's own post

    let me mention that this is exactly the sort of argument I've seen pedophilia enthusiasts break out many times:

    > hmm, we thoughtful inquirers should look at this incredibly tenous evidence I've curated. it raises questions about whether we should be superrrrr chill about sex with children. questions with answers that, I'm sold on!