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Rainbow results rule
  • o7 I will remember that.

  • DevToys - Announcing DevToys v2.0 Preview
  • Yeah Baby! That's What I've Been Waiting For

  • How many alts do you have on lemmy
  • 6 don't ask why.

  • Rainbow results rule
  • Nope, his/her username is TheBat.

  • Localthunk be like
  • Learn some basic first or It will make you cry LOL.

  • [News] "SPY x FAMILY" Season 3 Announced
  • Watched Season 1 & 2 with my cousins last week(I were rewatching) can't wait for S3.

  • What games have you played that have a "perfect fit" soundtrack?
  • Really make you feel that you are a unstopabble force.

  • Pair is better
  • [[stuntman]]

    We didn't have bot yet. Sorry.

  • "Mr Bird" by PoorlyDrawnLines
  • erectile dysfunction ????

  • Happy cakeday,!
  • Thank You so much for your work.

  • "Mr Bird" by PoorlyDrawnLines
  • Yea Already Fixed it. You can't see change in Title? Probably Federation bug.

  • "Mr Bird" by PoorlyDrawnLines
  • I forgot sorry.

  • Non-Euclidean Doom: what happens to a game when pi is not 3.14159… 2022 - Non-Euclidean Doom: what happens to a game when pi is not 3.14159… all know that the value of pi is a constant with a par...

    2022 -  Non-Euclidean Doom: what happens to a game when pi is not 3.14159…

    You get paid for that?

    I am feeling that I posted really something offensive. But I just reposted a meme from Reddit that had 12k upvotes. I know I shouldn’t have done that. I don't know if I break any rules or not. If I really break any rules then Mod remove this post.


    [GUIDE] Important Balatro features you might not know yet.

    1. You can sort the cards in your played hand. If you want your Glass cards to trigger last, just drag them to the right on your played hand. The same thing applies to Jokers, so better put your X-Mult-Jokers at the end. (10+10)×2 will score higher than (10×2)+10
    2. You can check the next Boss Blind under "Run Info" before you get to the boss, allowing you to sell/buy jokers.
    3. You gain 1$ interest for each 5$ (capped at 25$) you have at the end of each round. This snowballs hard over a run and it is the main feature that will improve your gameplay. Many people that struggle to beat their first run don't do this.
    4. Pay attention to the descriptions in this game. If a joker triggers "if your hand contains a two pair" it will also trigger on a Full House because it technically contains a two pair. The campfire joker that gives mult for each card sold works for planet cards and tarot cards, not just for selling jokers etc.
    5. You can change the game speed in the settings. Once you figure this out you'll never play on the lowest speed again. (It is genuinely insufferable once you get used to higher speeds)
    6. A debuffed hand can still score tons of points. If your cards dont contain seals, are no wildcards and don't some of your jokers then the debuff does not really matter that much. Having a Level 30 Pair will still score a lot, because the cards might be debuffed, but the base chips and base mult remain the same.
    7. You can discard multiple cards at once. Yes I am just as shocked as you are, but there are people out there that for some reason didnt know this yet.
    8. If you’re out of discards, you can still use your played hands to get rid of cards you don’t want. For instance, say you play a pair. You can add three cards you don’t want to that pair, and they’ll effectively be discarded, and you’ll draw five new cards. by @[email protected]
    9. If you have opened a Tarot Pack and use a Judgment or Wheel of Fortune card and don’t get the result you want, you can quit to the main menu (before the window closes) and continue the game to go back to when you opened the pack.The RNG is fixed when you open the pack, but you can still pick a different tarot. by @[email protected]
    10. Also, if the cards in your hand are face down, just play them; they will be revealed. Then, before the hand finishes scoring, you can quit to the main menu and continue from before you played the hand. The same goes for face-down Jokers; play a hand, see what triggers, then quit to the main menu before the hand finishes scoring so you can go back in and rearrange them. by @[email protected]
    11. Long-press on R to restart the game. This is useful if you get bad tags at the first ante or just in general when you feel like the game is doomed. by @[email protected]

    Also share your tips and trick for Balatro.