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The only way we lose is if we stand divided.
  • If biden wins you get none of those things and another „last chance” election in 4 years. Nobody wants to fix anything anymore. There are only people who want to destroy what remains for even more power.

  • Yellowing of leaves
  • I think any fertilizer is nitrogen rich. Besides, nitrogen deficiency shows up as yellowing of leaves without turning purple I think. Even if it’s deficient in something it might be because overwatering too as u/Thorny_Insight suggested.

    Make sure you let the roots breathe from tome to time

  • Yellowing of leaves
  • If they are unable to pull nitrogen from the roots during flowering and use up leaves how comes leaves stay healthy way, way into flowering? Or better yet why do people see success in lollipopping?

  • Anyone in the EU wanting a leatherman?
  • Nice! Im happy I could help, their stuff is rather expensive and 20% is pretty generous. Hope you’re gonna love your Arc!

    I think the code is valid for one purchase up to two items, because otherwise people would just buy half the store and flip it elsewhere. But if someone is buying something anyway let us know!

  • Anyone in the EU wanting a leatherman?

    If you use the code, please let us know :)


    This community needs more 90's cars.

    It’s a convertible Opel Astra from 1996.


    She's not going anywhare anymore.


    Best place for a label.


    Excuse me, can you stop gawking?


    He chillin'


    My first time without the instructor on board.

    Weather was very nice but the wind could’ve been more constant. Regardless, this is freaking great.


    All rolled up


    I don’t need no boat


    polish pope rule


    Saved myself 200 bucks there.

    The grill is made from ASA so acetone could be used to weld the little section in place. You need to know it’s there to see it from a meter away. ! ! !