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I didn't know where else to ask rule
  • In case you arent- never use an electric razor on your balls without a guard. And even then, I don't try to get it too close to the skin, just to shorten the hairs a lot.

    Then if I want to go further, shaving cream and a safety razor is the way to go. Just try to smooth out the scrotum with your other hand to make it as flat a surface as possible.

  • Need help deciding how to stream movies
  • However I would prefer if there was a way to route the traffic through VPN.

    It would almost certainly depend on what VPN and what TV you have, but I believe I've heard of native VPN apps that can be installed on Android TVs.

  • NAS, Home Servers, and where do I even start?
  • I think the first decision to make is pre built vs DIY. The most common pre built solution would be something like Synology. You may start researching there and see if that would fit your needs, or what people do as alternatives.

    I personally built one with a similar use case and use Unraid for my OS. The other normal option is TrueNAS.

    With that budget you'll be able to get a good result.

  • The last time you had a panic/anxiety attack, why?
  • Yikes yeah that does kind of sound like it. I'm sorry you had to experience that. It's a shitty disease.

    I developed a pretty bad ulcer on the inside of my cheek. It was super inflamed and my upper teeth rubbed it whenever they moved, causing quite a bit of discomfort. In retrospect it was probably just a bad apthuous ulcer (canker sore) but it didn't have the typical look of one, nor do I typically get them.

    The kicker was that I was taking a course of Meloxicam, which is an anti inflammatory medication which is very much linked to SJS, so I panicked.

    I work in critical care and have seen a lot of bad SJS/TEN (toxic epidermal necrolysis) cases and my mind immediately jumped to those. I've seen every inch of skin fall off of people.

    Medical people are the worst hypochondriacs lol.

  • Pop!_OS Wake from Bluetooth

    Just switched over my windows 10 gaming rig to PopOS, and have gotten it to work pretty well, with some minor bug squashing.

    However, one bit of functionality from Windows that I haven't been able to reproduce is the ability to wake the computer from sleep when I turn on my Bluetooth PS5 controller.

    My Bluetooth card is PCI, and I've located the hardware address using "bluetoothctl list" but from there don't really know what to do.

    Some topics online have suggested going into the sys/bus/PCI/devices directory and finding a /power/wakeup setting, but I can't figure out which of the "0000:00:whatever's" correlate to my Bluetooth card, if I'm even in the right place at all.

    Another thing I'm not sure I understand is pop's sleep settings. It seems to be either monitor off or suspend. I feel like what I want may not be possible from full suspend and there is often an intermediate sleep setting on other OSs?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you.

    How does it feel being in a relationship?
  • You've certainly managed to get a lot of nice people to waste a lot of time trying to be positive and give good advice here. I'm betting a decent amount that you're a troll pretending to be an incel.

    If not- you've spent so much time explaining why you're a miserable sack of shit that I'm just going to believe you. No one can help you but you. If you don't want help, fine, just stop spreading your misery around.

  • Is there a good way to prevent apps/programs from accessing the internet, or restrict it to VPNs only?
  • To prevent it using Internet at all, you can turn off individual apps access to WiFi and mobile data easily

    To bind to a VPN, I use protonVPN, and I'm pretty sure the Android app has the split tunnelling feature to allow this as well. Not sure if that protects against leaks, but you could just have the VPN on all the time and use androids VPN settings to prevent any data usage outside the VPN

  • Is it possible to use Linux without the command line?
  • Yeah my daily driver for awhile has been Debian stable. All the normal day to day tasks can very easily be accomplished with only gui tools. My CLI stuff is more or less limited to ssh access to other machines and some light docker tinkering.

  • Security Audit Help

    Hi all,

    I've recently built a unRAID based NAS / Media acquisition (*Arr suite) machine that I'm really happy with, but I need help filling my knowledge gaps in networking and security.

    I have all the relevant containers ran with docker. The only container behind a VPN is qbittorrent. The only containers which are accessible remotely are Jellyfin, and jellyseerr, which are accessed via cloud flare tunnel. I use strong UN/password combinations for access to those services, within the apps themselves. No ports are open through my router.

    I've seen a lot of talk of reverse proxies and ssl certificates but don't really understand their function, or if the cloud flare tunnel replaces those functions.

    I've heard of tailscale as a solution but I'm not able to install anything on computers which I'll be accessing the content.

    Would appreciate advice or resources to learn from. Thanks!