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Vote out the career politicians who don't really give a shit about you
  • Then by all means pick another candidate lmao

    Democrats: according to polls, hilarious clinton will win with a landslide victory never heard of in the history of the world.

    Also democrats: according to polls, we stand a better chance if we change candidates close to the election.

    By all means, keep it up, do the dumbest things, it's what Americans are known for anyway. Can't wait for the easiest Trump victory ever since y'all seem keen on shooting yourselves in the foot. It'll be hilarious.

  • "She’s a woman, she's colored": Ex-Trump official Seb Gorka calls Kamala Harris a "DEI hire"
  • Bigots will use it, sure. Other people too.

    Simply put DEI is racism and nothing good ever comes out of racism. It's a piss poor solution. A band aid on a cancer tumor.

    Equality begins at birth. Education, healthcare, welfare, etc. should all be free and available to everyone. This is how you beat discrimination.

    When you're a diversity hire, your talents and work will always be scrutinized harder than anyone else's. Are you here because of your skills, or because you have the proper skin color and gender to fill the quota? It's a struggle you will always deal with whether you like it or not.

  • Is it better to rent a cheap/shitty place, or rent something suitable that you struggle to afford?
  • "you seem confused and lost", says the guy who thinks spending half his income into funding someone else's property is a good idea and a great retirement solution.

    Also, no, I don't live in Idaho, not everyone is a lazy ass American who thinks improving their life is paying for someone to do the laundry.