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Smokey The Bear "Only You" (1970s) - Forest Fire & Camping PSA
  • Back when a certain amount of airtime had to be dedicated to public service announcements. See also “give a hoot don’t pollute” and the crying Native American.

    Also before the internet, you could write off to an address in Pueblo Colorado for health and how to pamphlets from the US government. They ran PSAs for those constantly.

  • Barrage of hate from far-right Trumpists to Sikh prayer at Republican convention
  • I’d be interested to know what you think of as “vile garbage” in the New Testament.

    I consider people who worship Trump like he’s an antichrist to be fake Christians. Non-believer grifters who wrap themselves in the Bible so they can fleece people of their morals and money I would also label “fake Christians”.

  • China is the West’s corporate R&D lab. Can it remain so?
  • Is it though? Pretty sure the R&D in technology and pharma is done outside of China. Some battery tech maybe. China is mostly cheap labor and manufacturing. A lot of that is moving back out of China as well.

  • Television reddig33

    Halo canceled at Paramount

    Television reddig33

    Netflix revenues up due to ad sales/ad supported plans

    Evidently screwing customers twice by making them watch ads for the same price they used to get ad-free has been profitable. Let the enshitification continue!

    In other news, their ad sales VP left this week for some reason.

    Federal appeals court blocks remainder of Biden's student debt relief plan
  • How so? Doesn’t the government (not banks) own the loans that they are currently forgiving? What would be different than owning them and zeroing out the remaining interest? The feds would get a small payoff instead of losing 100% of the remainder through forgiveness.

  • Apple News teaming up with Taboola ads

    Sounds pathetic. I wonder how many product managers have been in charge of Apple News since it started?

    Television reddig33

    WBD down 67% yoy, layoffs incoming, BankOfA wants sell off of assets

    Not since AOL Time Warner has there been such a boondoggle of media mergers. Way to go Zaslav!


    Guide to voting in Austin

    Good guide from KUT and Austin Common.


    Austin Water proposing rate increase


    For anyone using Ghostery on their devices

    Their Safari extension just stopped working. They reposted it under a new App Store entry. 🤷‍♂️🙄


    Weren’t people joking about bringing gondalas to Austin?

    Looks like Dallas is actually considering it. Of course this is one of those mythical startups, so it will probably go nowhere.

    Home Improvement reddig33

    Should I insulate my garage attic?

    So it’s currently 100 degrees F in my garage today. I’m sure it will only get worse as the summer goes on. I added some of those insulated garage door panels, but I don’t think they did anything.

    Now I’m wondering if I should add fiberglass insulation to the attic space above the garage. Would this help, or just lock in the heat? Would using a radiant barrier up there work better?

    Television reddig33

    Jared Padalecki Fires A Parting Shot At The CW

    Good article about Nexstar’s race to the bottom. Maybe they can hire David Zaslav to help them run the CW further into the ground.


    Ascension will stop offering health insurance plans in Texas


    Ascension will stop offering health insurance plans in Texas


    Plex freebies - too many commercials

    I swear I’d watch more of the ad-supported content on Plex if it didn’t stop every ten minutes to show four minutes of commercials. I hope they are making some money from this deal, but I doubt it. Most of this content is available from other ad supported streamers with about 1/4 of the commercials. So why would anyone watch this?


    Vanguard votes “yes” on Elon’s pay package

    Just in case any of you own this ETF.


    Democrat calls only 7 EV-charging stations deployed under US program 'pathetic'

    “Just seven electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations have begun operating with funding from a $5-billion U.S. government program created in 2021, marking "pathetic" progress, a Democratic senator said on Wednesday.”

    Television reddig33

    Out of order stories

    I will be so glad when the flashback/flash forward/flashback fad of storytelling is over. Trying to watch “Manhunt”, and they can’t even be bothered to show the moments leading up to Lincoln’s assassination in order. It reeks of “the writing is weak — what can we do in the editing to spice things up?!”


    Reel mower sharpening?

    Anyone know of a place around town that does reel mower sharpening? Austin Outdoor Power website says they no longer offer it. I have a kit but I don’t want to deal with doing it myself if I don’t have to. Thanks for any leads.


    ACL fest brings almost a half billion dollars to Austin economy.

    Also $8 mil in park improvements.


    UT wants to throw $13.5 mil at I-35 caps

    This whole project is such a waste of money.

    When your tuition goes up even more, this will be one reason why. Fascinating how the rendering for these “UT caps” show mostly parking lots.

    I still haven’t seen any info on how the exorbitant yearly maintenance costs for these caps are going to be funded.


    T-mobile gets FTC approval to buy Mint mobile