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Restaurant in NYC offshores cashier job to Philippines so they can pay below minimum wage ($3/hr in Philippines)
  • No, that is just a pre-recorded message. I once went through a mcdonald's drive thru that had just closed. They asked me for my order and after I gave it, I realized no one was in the restaurant. I pulled around and they asked me again every time I stopped at the order point, but there was no cars in the lot.

  • A mother of three says her family can't secure a $1,600 home loan, yet they must manage a $2,100 rent.
  • What are the laws around renters eviction vs. housing eviction? Might be that it could cost a bank years of lawyers to get the money back on a house, but your junk can be all on the street and a new tenet in your apartment with a quick call to the cops about back due rent.

  • It’s vitally important that Democrats now ask one question and one question only: Does Biden have the best chance of beating Trump, or is there someone else readily available who has a better chance?
  • The sad part is that the answer is: Is there a young straight white male that is beloved by the electorate? That is why you see Newsom's name thrown around, as the people democrats like more don't play well to the racisit-sexist-bigoted but not fascist demographic that you need to win an election in the us.

  • Russia lacks troops, ammunition for major offensive in Ukraine, NATO official tells Reuters
  • As long as Ukraine is supplied weapons, the rule of thumb is that Russia looses as many troops as the pre-war population of the city/place they are trying to take over. So they would need 38 million troops to take over Ukraine.

  • Trump's Project 2025 is now being searched in Google more than Taylor Swift and the NFL
  • Why they want the Catholic 10 commandments, instead of combining "I am your god" and "have no other gods besides me", the Catholic version splits those into two commandments, and take the last two and merges them: "Thou shall not covet thy neighbors wife ... or any of his other property."

  • Republicans want to kill the Dept. of Ed and privatize education. Billionaires are helping them.
  • Milwaukee had private Catholic schools that blew the competition out of the water. Republicans came in and made magnet chater schools that only let in the best of the best. They, too, blew the public schools out of the water.

    The black parents said it was unfair, and opened up charter schools populated by students that won a "school lottery", but used the same techniques and curriculum that the magnet and catholic schools used. Those student did worse then public school students.

    As it turns out, the selection bias of putting rich catholic students or the best of the best in one school over-powered the fact that the private curriculum and techniques were a hinderence to learning. Once the students that have parents that value education (and pay large sums for it) and the students that have high aptitude are removed, more private schools won't help the remaining students.

  • Trump lied and Biden got tongue tied at the first debate. So why is the world only focusing on one?
  • Because the people surrounding Biden are good at their jobs. Each has a weakness: Trump is a liar and Biden is old and forgetful. Trump's people made no effort to hide Trump's weakness, but Biden's people did a good job of hiding it up to the debate. That people are surprised is a good sign that Biden surrounded himself with competent people - but also this is what debates are suppose to do, reveal the true candidates to the nation.

  • D&D Co-Creator Gary Gygax was Sexist. Talking about it is Key to Preserving His Legacy.
  • I read until they started to equate "Chaotic" with "Evil". The thesis might be correct, but if your very first example you don't understand the two axis alignment system (Lawful evil and chaotic good exist) I am just going to stop reading.

  • 3D Turn Test

    Gave up on ICON/PaMir/PiFu/Eva3D ever working on my computer and tried to make it work on my own.

    Workflow: Stable diffusion, Automatic1111. -Text2Img something that your model know the back and front of with a prompt. -Take image, feed into Depth map script, output Left/Right stereogram -Cut Stereogram into two pieces, feed either left or right into img2img with same prompt, low but non-zero de-noising, and depth map script again. Repeat on same side.

    Still need to play with the settings (de-noising and depth shift), up the resolution, change the prompt a bit while rotating. Hope someone else has better luck than I did. Anyone have a better workflow?