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PAC behind 'dictator' billboard comparing Trump to Fidel Castro says more is coming
  • Number 4 is slightly inaccurate. The Dominicans elected a social-democrat who then got overthrown by a US-backed coup a couple of months after the election. Then there was a revolt against the Junta a couple of months after that and it was only then when the marines were then sent to shoot at the Constitutionalists.

  • They're everywhere!!!
  • Antonie van Leeuwenhoek was the first person to observe microbes. Semmelweis deserves immense credit for trying to convince people to wash their hands, but he didn't observe microbes and believed in corpse particles. (⌐■_■)

  • Why do non-psychologists talk so much about Freud?

    Most psychologists don't care about Freud's work outside of a historical sense and kinda hate him as a person. His work was quite literally used as an example of pseudoscience by Karl Popper.

    And yet for some reason philosophers have an obsession with integrating his views into their work and artists keep using his views as inspiration and analyze existing works via the lens of psychoanalysis.



    Laymen's Distros That Still Use X11

    Hello, comrades. I come to you seeking help. Recently, my young sister decides she would like to install Linux. Good brother that I am, I want to help her.

    Here's the kicker. Her PC has a GTX 770. The newest driver for such a card is #470 according to Ubuntu-derived systems. Alas, almost every "normal person" distro uses Wayland now, and Wayland doesn't support such an old driver. I am not going to install Arch on a 10-year-old's PC, btw.

    What are some good distros I can install on her PC so that neither I nor her have to have a headache getting Wayland out and X11 in?

    Thank you, friends.



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