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  • As others replies have said, it seems that her expertise was welcomed in the community.

    Having spent my fair share of time in grad school, my experience with the arrogant scholar trope is...not exactly what this meme suggests. Academics certainly can have strongly held beliefs, but often are very good at gauging their own certainty. If a professor is lamenting that data taken around 3:17pm always looks bad, and the janitor says "well the electric tram goes by around then" --- well, I have never met a professor or postdoc who wouldn't take that very seriously.

  • To bad we never did give electoral reform a try before The Fall
  • I always thought "so," when used to roughly mean "thus," should be spelled with one "o," but when used to mean "very," should use two. It would sort of be analogous to to/too.

    And so I went to the park, but it was too hot and soo humid.

  • Why should you support proportional representation?
  • Missed opportunity for chart to go all meta and have a slightly larger piece say, "some people don't like it and it might upset them so you shouldn't want it, which shouldn't matter because a plurality of this chart wants it..."

    Or something meta that's more clever.

  • Intel accused of selling ‘defective’ Raptor Lake CPUs
  • "Over the last 3–4 months, we have observed that CPUs initially working well deteriorate over time, eventually failing," he claims. "The failure rate we have observed from our own testing is nearly 100%, indicating it's only a matter of time before affected CPUs fail."

    Not used to seeing significant age-related degradation in silicon used under normal conditions. Sounds like Intel dun goofed...

  • DemoLinux 1.1 for Mandrake 6.1, 1999
  • Also X often supported a different size viewport and desktop so the view would scroll.

    I remember encountering that the first time I used Linux! Can't recall personally finding a good use for it but...neat I guess?

  • Just kind of makes sense no?
  • Certain crops can benefit think from some shade throughout the day:

    The study aggregates the effect of agrivoltaics on crop yields at different sites. Tomatoes saw up to double yield with agrivoltaics, while wheat, cucumbers, potatoes and lettuce showed significant negative impacts and corn and grapes showed minimal impact.

    I assume that maximal crop output would happen if you just grow things in their optimal climate, but then you rely more heavily on transportation.

  • DemoLinux 1.1 for Mandrake 6.1, 1999
  • Multiple desktops, 1999. What an amazing feature.

    A quick web search suggests that macOS (then OS X) got this in 2007 ("Spaces"), and Windows not until 2015.

    This alone makes this GUI more functional IMHO.

  • Food safety scandal rocks China as report claims cooking oil carried in same trucks as fuel
  • So 84,000 for a glass assuming 100% of the fluid is benzene (unless I misunderstood your calculation). Benzene concentration is about 1% of gasoline, and a tanker is about 20,000L, or ~40,000x more than a cup. Cube root of 40,000 is about 34 (cube root for the surface to volume factor). 34*100 is 3400, which is about 25x off from the 84,000 reduction required to be "safe." So it's roughly 25x worse than the Oregon cutoff (but seemingly within EPA limits, which appears to be ~1000x less stringent [!!!]). Unless I made some errors or misunderstood.

    In any event I'll try to source my cooking oil from uncontaminated trucks!

    (As an aside, thanks for taking my question seriously and putting thought into an answer, unlike some of the other more "colorful" responses!)

  • Reject reality
  • When I first heard Foghat's "Slow Ride" I thought they were saying "Snow White / take it easy!" Which made a lot of sense to college me --- this Snow White vixen is really getting down to business...

  • We here at lemmy love the antichrist
  • I dunno, seems reasonable to me in the same way that Spanish using "¿" at the beginning of a question makes sense.

    That it's inconsistent with other units is certainly annoying, but if anything I think it's the more sensible way.

  • San Francisco qjkxbmwvz

    Sutro Tower lights changed color?

    Noticed a few days ago that Sutro Tower's red blinking lights are now white. Just asked them on their website form, but wondered if anyone else knows the story with this.

    Personally, I miss the red ones!


    Recommendations for first HF rig?


    I got my Technician in early 2000s, and last year finally upgraded to Extra. Looking to set up a very basic shack.

    I'm looking for an HF setup, with most of my use probably using digital modes, but would like the ability to use voice.

    Current transceiver is on loan from girlfriend's dad, a Ten-Tec Scout 555 --- 50W HF unit with separate modules for each band. One limitation of this is that the modules set the mode, so it's LSB on 40m, making e.g. FT8 not possible (without some hacking of code or perhaps hacking the module).

    Antenna is end-fed with an off-the-shelf 49:1. Currently only have 20m half-wave, but have just enough room for a 40m half-wave in the attic, which is the ultimate goal.

    For digital modes, it looks like there are sort of 3 classes of radio:

    • "full digital" where the radio has e.g. a USB port and handles audio, transmit, and frequency set.
    • Some computer-control with RS232, but uses computer audio+adapter to transmit.
    • No digital, use adapter to transmit. This is what the current setup uses (and it works great!)

    I'm leaning towards a conventional transceiver, e.g., something from ICOM, Kenwood, Yaesu, (or others) rather than an SDR unit. I'd like the ability to go up to 50-100W if possible.

    I don't have a hard-and-fast budget; would like to keep it <$1000 if possible; mostly just looking at used transceivers. Something like a Kenwood TS-590 looks pretty amazing and very "plug-and-play" (but pushing up against price). Something like a Yaesu FT-920 looks pretty feature-rich too; and even something more affordable like an ICOM 706 or even a 725 is probably more radio than I need. Or just grab a new 7300 and call it a day!

    Anyway...clearly, I don't know exactly what I want, but figured I'd ask folks with more experience if they have any wisdom. Thanks!