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Trista Mateer, "live photo".
  • i can’t help but read the last verse as a jealous reflection that turns the whole poem sour. it was beautiful up until that point. now i just read the thought of a jealous person rejecting sharing in the warmth and happiness of the grandma.

  • There’s No Liberty Under Fascism and No Alternative In Trump
  • Both Trump and the Libertarian Party try and brand themselves as an alternative to the status-quo, in the hopes of attracting dissatisfied voters angry at the growing cost of living, the current war, and the immiseration of everyday life for working-class people.

    my hot take on the booing is that it was staged to splash the libertarian brand across all major media sites to scoop up these very votes the article is talking about; at such a crucial time before the election, we’re seeing Biden fail to inspire the masses—and, frankly, his age—and Trump continuously failing as a the successful, antiestablishment businessman he convinced many he was in 2016. isn’t the alt-right’s strategy for this election to sway votes away from Biden; no consideration for where they land, left or right, just as long as Biden doesn’t land them?

  • Excluding China from 6G standard development risks fragmentation
  • what a dumb comment. Volt Typhoon have been discovered in critical infrastructure—not universities—across the world using lotl techniques. they are a group not hacking for espionage but hacking to directly sabotage their targets… i.e. shutting down electricity grids, telecommunications, water, etc.

    also, they are not “PRC-sponsored”, they are the PRC, more specifically the PLA.

  • i don't care so much for the frodo, sam and gollum scenes in the two towers

    i mean, in comparison to like rohan, and the frantic adventures of aragorn, legolas, gimli… fucking helms deep.


    Does anyone know of a reference to view all assets?

    Some CS2 wiki that lists all assets per zone type, per zone size?

    Curious to view all of the new assets.