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what's the best python libraries for beginners to download and learn with?
  • If you want to do web requests/ use API's, use 'requests'

    graphs/reporting, I've used 'bokeh' before, it was nice.

    I've never used PyDroid, so I'm not sure how you'd install things, but these are both available via pypi, python's package repository.

  • John Deere Sells Out America, Nukes Jobs After Making $10 Billion Profit
  • In sum, a constitutional republic requires “moral and religious” business leaders like those of the World War II Era. Business leaders motivated by greed will destroy the country and its people.

    It's funny, the only president to ever serve three terms and actually win a fourth, the one who presided over the entirety of WW2 save for the last month due to his death, who saw the country out of the great depression, was a Democrat and often called a socialist and a communist by conservatives.

    It's almost like conservatives want everything to go to shit so that they can personally profit from the chaos, everyone else be damned. Oh wait, yeah that's exactly it.

  • 1 ep per week goes brrrrrrrrrr!
  • My kids started getting into one piece, an Anime I admittedly never watched, so I watch it with them. I get the hype now, there have been several times we've torn through 8+ episodes in one sitting. Skip Intro makes it fly by.