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Death Valley heat melts skin off a man's feet after he lost his flip-flops in the dunes
  • Though they wanted a helicopter to fly him out, helicopters can't generate enough lift to fly in the heat-thinned air over the hottest parts of Death Valley, officials said. So park rangers summoned an ambulance that took him to higher ground, where it was a cooler 109 degrees and he could then be flown out.


  • JD Vance is the least liked VP nominee in decades, according to polls
  • It's hilarious actually.

    Left leaning people hate him for his current alignment to Trump. Right leaning people hate him because he said he was a never trumper back in 2016 and they won't forgive that.

    And dude has the personality of a wet rag, so he can't get anyone interested in him.

    This is another classic Trump deal turned to shit.

  • How I See The State Of Our Union
  • All I am saying is that if I posted AOC to a right wing forum, even though they don't like her, she would not be downvoted just because her face appeared.

    This is bull shit and very wrong.

  • Elon Musk's X pushes Trump tags on all US users
  • Oh no, what ever would we do without the tweets from game developers? How How will clickbait articles survive? On the plus side, they'd get a lot less death threats for updates to their games. And we wouldn't have a new news article for every fucking tweet that gets made.

  • Ghost Stories (English Dub) is currently free in the US to watch on Youtube

    If you aren't aware, the Ghost Stories English Dub is one of the most insane dubs ever made. It's incredibly offensive and racist and bat shit insane at times and it's probably one of the funniest things I've ever watched. Scamboli Reviews has a great summary video about it. If you have time, it's worth watching this anime at least once in your life.


    what are you most looking forward to see?

    The Gold Saucer is sure to be fantastic, and I'm excited to see the date scene. But I'm particularly interested in how they do Barret and Dyne's encounter. I hope they expand on that whole moment.


    Act 2 - Last Light Inn | Discussion

    Can we discuss the start of act 2?

    I made it a point not to roll back my saves for any decision I make. So far, I've managed to save the tiefling's at the druid camp. Being a tiefling myself, I want to see them make it!

    This made me all the more excited to see all the tiefling's that I'd saved make it this far. And boy were there a lot of them. So many people I recognized from previous conversations or quests. I was thrilled! And they of course remembered me.

    I say all this to emphasize how hard it hit me when I wasn't able to protect Isabel. That whole interaction blindsided me so bad. And my initiative roll was horrible for all my characters, I ended up being paralyzed and they just slaughtered her in 2 turns.

    It was a freaking gut punch, the likes I haven't felt in a game in years. All those innocent people, turned to monsters, then forcing me to put them down.

    My main character was always so optimistic before this. This interaction is gonna make me change the way I play and the decisions I make going forward, just to really add to the impact of him losing all those people he cared about, thinking the decisions he made led to their death.

    Is there anyone living the good life with their tiefling friends in the Last Light Inn? Anyone who saved Isabel? Because my character just lost his people and is a broken person now because of it.