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PayPal plans an ad network built off your purchase history
  • There really isn't going to be, besides giving them your card directly (or paying crypto🤢). PayPal is less about the software and more about the service, which isn't something FOSS can really replace. An alternative would have to have a company behind it that works with major financial institutes and whatnot.

  • Autism rule
  • I can give you bit of an interesting perspective. I'm a sales/relations manager, and I also have a few autistic employees. When they call for my help over the radio, just like everyone else, they can say the same things word-for-word but it can still come across as much more annoying then others. It'll be loud, bad timing, not aware of what else is going on or what I'm doing, etc. Now I'm fully aware they're not trying to do anything wrong, and they have no idea why the small little things they do are annoying, and I don't fault them or anything, but the small mannerisms can be annoying lol.

    I've also been on the other side as well, where everything gets interpreted the worst way (and often this still happens to me). When I got promoted into my position, I came in with 0 experience and so I have to ask the people who I'm their boss of, and who they lost their promotion to, basically how do I do their job. Of course that does not garner a lot of respect, so they basically hated me instantly and so a lot of what I did was interpreted as very negatively. Several months in now, I have mostly new staff that has only known me as a manager and I'm much more competent. I still speak the same way, since I wasn't really incorrect before, but because these people hated me initially, it's like their perception was immediately poisoned and everything I said was taken to be much worse.

    It's basically a non stop struggle for everyone, but obviously to various degrees. That's why it's good to be charitable to people and assume the best intentions, since miscommunication like this is inherently an unavoidable issue. Autism is just like that but with a exp gain debuff. I guess try not to fault the people who "code" and flower their language too much, as they try to do that to fix miscommunication and those help avoid those small unbiases that poison our language. Which ironically, them doing that here is creating the poison for you lol.

  • CEO of Google Says It Has No Solution for Its AI Providing Wildly Incorrect Information
  • If its job is to write a fan fic on what may or may not be true on what you asked for, then it does a great job. But typically people search for information, and getting what is essentially a glorified auto complete isn't useful. It's like big tech has learned nothing about the massive issue of disinformation and just added fuel to the fire to an unsolved problem we're still very much trying to figure out.

  • Autism rule
  • I know but regular people have more of a similar perspective than autistic people do. That's why they'll get teased like in this meme example, since there's likely a social cue they're not picking up on so they're getting mocked. Everyone has different perspectives, but autism is definitely a big factor in creating these situations.

  • Autism rule
  • This means that neurotypicals can communicate well together. Autistic people can communicate well together. But communication between autists and NTs will be poor because of that difference.

    I'm just curious as to wonder why you say that? I am a sales/relations manager, I'm NT, and there's a few autistic people I have work for me. Now I don't have difficulties understanding them, if anything I run circles around them social-skills-wise as I know what they're attempting to say easily. The other NTs that I know of also do pretty well at the social skills part of the job. The autistic people definitely struggle.

    I'm definitely still learning how to train them more effectively, since I know they like things to be explained literally, but social stuff is so complex that they miss the bigger picture that is involved. I have never felt like I struggle to figure out what they're thinking or saying though, mainly because I know them personally. But as for the customers understanding them, probably not.

  • Autism rule
  • I mean it kind of is, in the sense that interactions are determined by your perception of things, and autistic people have a very different social perspective. So by that, they are in different interactions that others would have or that others could easily get out of.

  • Mozilla is adding tab grouping, vertical tabs, profile management, and local AI features to Firefox
  • That's not what that means. That means out of all the battery drain you've had since the last charge, Firefox was only 18% of that. For example if your phone was fully charged 3 hours ago and you dropped 20% then it would've been only 18% of that 20% battery drop. It's really confusing the way Android shows battery usage now.

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