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"Humans are just imperfect crabs." - @pH3ra@[email protected]

Trying to be the best crab I can.

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Young people can't remember how much more wildlife there used to be
  • We’re talking really hard times for people, though.

    millions will die. millions more will flee the worst places, putting more pressure on the enormous populations already migrating due to conflicts in Africa, the middle east and now eastern Europe.

    The misery will compound, and the rich will continue to stick their heads in the sands and act like nothing is wrong.

  • For absolutely no discernable reason. None at all.
  • The Bermuda Triangle and Quicksand. Need instant drama, but don't have the time to craft something bespoke? Drop them in either one - quicksand or the triangle - it's like magic, the average TV viewer's brain has been starved for oxygen for so long they'll happily accept either as plausible.

  • Home Insurance Rates in America Are Wildly Distorted. Here’s Why: Climate change is driving rates higher, but not always in areas with the greatest risk.
  • oh it's most definitely going to be a big problem because it won't just be florida, but yeah, it's gonna take time (not as long as they predicted but still half a centuryish) for that to inundate the lowlands. Until then, I suspect hurricanes will scour the place clean.

  • City street network orientation
  • Seattle too has a section that's perfectly n/s. It was built upon infill created by destroying larger hills, flattening the city and filling in the bays. The older city is canted off at a strange angle, you can see the streets change directions at denny way near downtown.

    Outside the downtown corridor everything is aligned NS iirc.

  • The "Don't vote" crowd seems to have an agenda
  • yeeeeuuup. the guy who replied with actual facts during the debate is called unfit while the idiot who spewed lies or just rambled is somehow better. just like the guy who is trying to reign in bibi is genocide but trump somehow would save Gaza.

    It's so fucking stupid.

  • Affinity’s Adobe-rivaling creative suite is now free for six months
  • for whom? as a power user, I'd keep affinity photo or photoshop, maya, max, blender and godot/unity open at the same time. I DO NOT WANT PS EATING UP ALL THE RESOURCES. Affinity so far (only 4 months into it) has been a delight.

  • What's your plan if Trump wins in November?
  • People who support war, support killing/wounding hundreds of thousands of innocent people somehow really think they are the good guys, and call those who oppose war, killings and suffering “sick”…

    It's sick to look at a country invaded by it's neighbor and call for the victim to compromise you twisted shitfuck

  • The conspirators who assassinated Abraham Lincoln being prepared for execution, Washington DC, USA, 1865
  • Yeah, the GOP has been evil for decades. But the fascist shift of the past 9 years wasn’t something they expected.

    kinda disagree with where you take this line of thought - they've certainly been evil for decades, at least since the southern strategy - fosho - but the fascist shift is something they've been building for a decade+ since they realized demographics were not going to keep white people a numerical majority.

    So they began a long campaign of gerrymandering (too many examples to begin to describe), disenfranchisement (tens of thousands of black votes discarded in florida that would have elected Gore) and political horror (Willie Horton et al) - and now they're going to see it through with proj 2025.

    I think this has been a longterm goal of the right for decades as they see no solution to being a minority except for minority rule.

  • The conspirators who assassinated Abraham Lincoln being prepared for execution, Washington DC, USA, 1865
  • your right, but also, you're right.

    hear me out: napoleon couldn't help it. but he certainly didn't do it alone.

    the fucks waiting for him to escape, the fucks who furnished him with an army and weapons etc., - those are the fucks who should hang.

    enabling sedition should be right up there with sedition, especially when it's for personal profit.