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Steam Is Run By Fewer Than 80 Staff, Lawsuit Docs Reveal
  • I don't know where this contractor bullshit is coming from; if anything that should be aimed at Microsoft.

    TBF, Valve does hire contractors to help work on Proton and Steam OS. I have no idea what the terms and compensation are, I'm just pointing out that they do hire contractors

  • TBF, not that different than when they got planes from Poland early on


    NAS + Jellyfin + Sunshine/Moonlight?

    I'm looking into building my first NAS/Jellyfin server, and one thing I keep wondering about is whether I should try and make it work as a Sunshine server to stream games to my TV via Moonlight.

    On my current desktop, I mainly do this for emulated games or former console exclusives. That being said, I'd rather not use my desktop as a server, hence wanting to cram it into a NAS/Jellyfin server. Is this a good idea? Or should I drop it and keep the media server separate?


    Can we donate to the server yet?

    Per the title, I remember TheDude mentioning that he will set up a way to donate money to help cover server expenses months back. I haven't seen a link yet and wondering if that's been done


    Yuzu doesn't recognize my controller on startup and forgets my mappings whenever I open the controls configuration.

    As the title says, Yuzu is being a hassle. I'm having to reconfigure my controller every single session, which is extremely annoying when I'm streaming it through Moonlight/Sunshine and have to either walk all the way across the house to fix it or use the controller to emulate a mouse.

    Also, Yuzu is "saving" my configurations, but only in name. Every time I open it up in the configuration menu, all my button remappings (ex: flipping face buttons) are reset to default.

    Is there anyone willing and able to help with this?