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Twitch terminates all members of its Safety Advisory Council
  • if I know anything about advisory councils in tech it was pure optics and letting them all go will have absolutely zero impact on the normal flow of business beside the current bad press.

    I would love to know if they ever affected company policy even slightly.

  • What to do with a free Proliant DL380G7

    Fished this monster out of a dumpster a few years back at work and always knew I'd probably do something with it, heard they make great gaming PCs but it's so freaking loud I never even entertained that possibility.

    it has 16x2.5" sata hdd bays, still has the iLO details and serial number card which I hear is uncommon for 2nd hand servers, hardware raid card because of the extra 8 bays and external scsi card.

    my self hosting journy only started a few weeks back with a 2 bay synology nas and pi-hole (technically a few years with jellyfin on my main pc but you know ...) so simple suggestions, preferably 100% local because I'm behind a CGNAT without ipv6 and it looks like a lot of work to deal with.

    and if anyone knows what software is used on the SD slot and internal usb key, if anything, that would be great :) I'm assuming license keys for software or something equally unimportant because I've installed Proxmox to mess around with and it didn't need them.