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Discussion: Do you donate financially to any OSS projects?
  • Rarely, but I've contributed to a couple that I use.

    Also, just a note that writing big reports is a valid contribution! It can really help both the regular maintainers finding and fixing bugs, but also gives new devs more potential work to pick up for first contributions.

  • GNOME Foundation Announces Transition of Executive Director | Holly Million stepping down after 10 months

    GNOME announced an interim director of Richard Littauer, who joined last week.

    Holly's resignation appears to be personal, as she intends to pursue a PhD in Psychology.

    Multi-part "sample" mkvs refusing to import into plex
  • Yeah I didn't realise they were rar formats from how they show up on disk - Usually people so it fucks up typical file name conventions.

    I'll keep that in mind too, thanks! Not using qbitmanage yet though I'll have to look into that 👀

  • America's Choice
  • It's even worse, though. They've all seen the emperor without his clothes - barely able to form a coherent sentence whilst his aides scramble to keep him from mentally deteriorating into a coma before November. Yet I'm watching liberals convince themselves that his PR-controlled twitter is somehow evidence that the president is not only lucid but competent.

  • Multi-part "sample" mkvs refusing to import into plex

    Normally my *arr -> Plex setup is quite painless, but lately I've had a bunch of imports failing which appear to be multi-part files with a .MKV file in a "sample" subdirectory.

    Does anyone know if I can sort it so these files import properly? Or how to filter them before downloading? I'd rather a fix if possible because certain torrents don't have many options.

    America's Choice
  • I love morons on this app implying this Biden tweet very obviously written by one of his staff is somehow representative of his superior mental state.

    At least Trump is honest enough to be senile in the open, but you all run circles around trying to convince yourselves that Biden isn't 3ft in the grave. Own it, admit you supported a sundowning genocide supporter

  • America's Choice
  • Can't believe people were seriously claiming this app was controlled by tankies a few weeks ago because a genocidal sundowning pensioner has suddenly got this ENTIRE platform clamouring to defend him because they can't bring themselves to realise how badly they fucked up by ever allowing the petulant child-sniffing freak to ever run in the first place.

    This man is all yours. He enabled a genocide and oversaw the largest attack on your civil rights in a generation without anything but a few tweets, but you'll all cream over a very obviously PR-written tweet versus a man who runs circles around him only because he also hasn't succumbed to his own mental degradation yet.

  • Announcing the Ladybird Browser Initiative
  • It would be nice if people read the post and the project before randomly making assumptions such as implying the project started from scratch yesterday or its run by some amateurs, this is a 4 year old project! It's founded by a former KHTML/Webkit developer for Apple!

  • Announcing the Ladybird Browser Initiative
  • Sure, but an individual website may use only a few of those standards. Ladybird devs will pick a website they like to use - Reddit, Twitter, Twinings tea, etc. and improve adherence to X or Y standards to make that one website look better. In turn, thousands of websites suddenly work perfectly, and many others work better than before.

    Ladybird is largely conformant to the majority of HTML standards now. It's about the edge cases (and where standards aren't followed by websites) and performance. This isn't a new project.

  • Announcing the Ladybird Browser Initiative
  • Ladybird was born from SerenityOS, which is a hobbyist unix-like (or POSIX compliant?) OS that simply aimed to do things "from the ground up". It just happened that they needed to make a browser, and the response was to make one from scratch.

    From there it seemed to have brought a lot of attention organically to the point where it can stand on its own, but originally it was never intended to be a "third browser engine" from its inception.

  • Is there a way to keep Linux responsive when at ~100% CPU usage?
  • TLDR you might be interested in the rust-based scheduler one of the Canonical Devs released as a PoC. Seemed to be designed similar to your needs of keeping the system (particularly games) responsive even whilst running heavy tasks like kernel compilations. You can swap out schedulers at run time on Linux iirc?

  • MacBook Air owner?
  • I've seen some impressive traction on newer videos putting Linux on (intel) Apple devices for example. Purely anecdotal but regularly hitting 100k+ views on Linux videos is something that I've only seen in the last year or so and moreso on videos documenting "hardware restoration".

  • Barf.
  • salt, pepper, mixed herb, smoked paprika, soy sauce all over a few ripped pieces of extra firm. Fry off in oil until edges are caramelised and golden. brilliant for grilled sandwiches or even on its own imo

  • Hardware accelerated transcode - What is actually supported on Linux?

    Sure, I could just google this, and I have! However, the results are a bit confusing:

    Plex Documentation

    "Only Intel and Nvidia" Sure, cool.

    Literally every other forum discussing this stuff

    "Oh yeah I used my [Not Intel or Nvidia chip] and it worked out of the box"

    So which is it? Because I'm really not interested on supporting Intel, but if getting HW Transcoding Plex requires them then I'll have to consider migrating to Jellyfin.


    TIL about the utility "Smokeless_UMAF" That lets you access advanced BIOS options on AMD-based systems. GitHub - DavidS95/Smokeless_UMAF

    Contribute to DavidS95/Smokeless_UMAF development by creating an account on GitHub.

    GitHub - DavidS95/Smokeless_UMAF

    What is it?

    You can use Smokeless_UMAF to configure almost all options on AMD systems including UMA Buffer size (For systems like the steamdeck and laptops), RAM overclocking, CPU power states and voltage settings, and much more, even if your system's BIOS doesn't expose the option for you.

    Tutorial for increasing your UMA buffer on an AMD Phoenix Laptop

    Boot into a FAT32 drive with the downloaded Zip extracted to the root, and then use the "Device Manager" section to locate the UMA buffer size.

    The location within the utility is at

    Device Manager > AMD CBS > NBIO Common Options.

    Once set, back out and apply the changes, rebooting your system. You can then confirm that the option has been applied by checking your system monitor of choice (Windows > Task Manager, Linux > Whatever) and checking to see if your available RAM has decreased (indicating greater allocation of memory to the iGPU).

    This may not remain applied through BIOS updates, and may cause hardware damage if misconfigured, and may result in an unbootable system if misused or by chance. You may need to reset your BIOS if that's the case, if possible by your system manufacturer.


    Baking 2D nav regions - Can I use a Polygon2D as the source?

    Child Polygon2Ds of a nav mesh by default act as obstacles, so the nav mesh avoids them. However, I just want to use the Polygon2D as the source for the nav region and remain its own node so I can do stuff like, modulate it when the player hovers over it with their cursor.


    Thousands of tents set up in central Gaza as Israel prepares to enter Rafah Thousands of tents set up in central Gaza as Israel prepares to enter Rafah

    Israel purchased 40,000 tents in early April, allegedly in preparation to evacuate civilians from Rafah ahead of a widely feared ground assault

    Thousands of tents set up in central Gaza as Israel prepares to enter Rafah

    So Israel has built a camp.. to concentrate.. Gazan civilians. Is there a name for such an unprecedented facility?



    A bit late with these, we made em a couple days after St. David's day


    Is 6.0.1 available on KDE Neon yet?

    I haven't seen the update come through to my system but since I have a more-than-slightly-borked grub setup, I have a feeling it could be to do with that.

    As a side note RE: above -- Are people running a kernel newer than 6.5.0-18-generic ?


    Yuzu & Citra devs fold to Nintendo's demands | Pay $2.3million to settle, take down github, domains, patreon, discord, with immediate effect. Yuzu is dead

    Yuzu - the popular Nintendo Switch Emulator (and recently Citra - a 3ds emulator developed by the same team as Yuzu) is dead. Nintendo has settled with Yuzu ...

    Yuzu is dead

    A sad day for emulation and open source advocates, and a reminder that Nintendo can and will destroy you if they see fit.

    Hopefully their works will live in the saved repos just as ReVanced was able to live on after YouTube shut the original project down.


    removed my mint partition from my kde-neon system and now grub won't boot :-{

    The title explains it well. But I installed Mint on a 2nd partition, then deleted it since I no longer used it, and now Grub dumps me to the command line on boot :/

    How do I recover?

    EDIT: gonna give up. Fuck grub lmao EDIT2: Just reinstalled mint and used the grub it gives to fix everything lmfao


    [Neon] [Wayland] Getting memory corruption artifacts when running a fullscreen app at a high/native resolution

    I have a Lenovo 14aPH8 (Ideapad 5 gen 8?) which has a high DPI Screen with an AMD 7840HS (780m iGPU).

    It's giving a bunch of memory corruption when on youtube in fullscreen, or before I reduce the resolution of a fullscreen application (Assetto Corsa Competizione is the only I've tried so far) from the native resolution to 1080p.

    I previously RMA'd the Laptop due to similar artifacts on Pop!OS, and they confirmed the entire motherboard was replaced. However, the artifacts didn't go away so I tried KDE Neon which thankfully didn't have the same issues, until I tried gaming and youtube.On X11, the issues are gone, but as a fan of fractional scaling and touchscreen gestures I'm still using Wayland.

    While this could be a hardware issue (I can't confirm as the laptop is so new not many people have it, let alone on linux) I'm sure this is software related because it only happens on X11, and I've also seem similar reports by nVidia users on Wayland.

    Anyone able to signpost me if this isn't something KDE devs can investigate? I know a lot of them are active within the Wayland space so I thought asking here would be a good idea :)


    EDIT: Looks like there's some upstream bug in the DRM with variable refresh rates and/or adaptive sync. Disabling it in KDE's settings seems to sort the problem in Youtube/games. Can't say the same for anyone else tho


    Getting graphics artifacting on my 7840HS laptop, even after a motherboard replacement. Is it a driver thing?

    I've installed Pop!OS after getting my Lenovo Ideapad Pro 5 back from the warranty repair. Supposedly they changed the motherboard (which I don't doubt, it was waiting a week for new parts apparently), but even after that I'm still getting graphical errors and bugs when moving between desktops and other window animations. I know X11 can be a bit buggy at best, so it could just be that on top of the newer SoC.


    White Chocolate and raspberry couli cheezecake

    coconut-based cream cheese and single soya cream with dairy-free white chocolate. :)


    Wayland heading for default as Mint devs add to Cinnamon 6 • The Register Wayland heading for default as Mint devs add to Cinnamon 6

    Plus Linux Mint 22 to be based on Ubuntu 'Noble Numbat'

    Wayland heading for default as Mint devs add to Cinnamon 6

    TLDR: XFCE and Cinnamon devs are begging beginning to work on Wayland support.

    mechanicalkeyboards merthyr1831

    [Rant] What happened to the UK ISO layout on dedicated keyboards?

    Bit of a rant, but what happened for UK sellers to stop providing support for UK-ISO layouts? At best, you get a bastardised version of the UK layout wherein the usual US layout is preserved (' and " sharing a key, 3 and #, 2 and @) and then the a £ symbol being slapped onto the 3 key to share with #, which is just plain fiddly to use.

    Sure, I could just replace the keycaps in question, but keycap sellers are just as bad. At best, I've found someone willing to print on UK layout legends onto keys that have already been printed in another (usually US) layout. That, or I get custom caps printed in mismatched colours, profiles, etc. to the ones I already have, which is just as annoying at best, or impossible at worst.

    It's a first world problem, sure, but the UK ISO layout seems to be utterly dominant in the laptop space that it frustrates me that keyboards aren't shown the same kind of basic attention. I don't even care about the damn £! I just want my other keys to not be hidden behind weird key combos!!