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Chronic pain mood
  • Twisted a vertebrae and broke a collarbone here.

    I get that cramping feeling you get in your neck when you run in crisp cold air and are filling your lungs completely and quickly because you are so out of breath but you are pushing yourself to just get up the hill and down the driveway so you can get home and slam the door behind you, lock the top dead bolt, lock the door knob, drag your prized armoire to block the door, it needs to be firm. Then take all your other furniture to baracade the back door, garage door, and the door to the garden. You desperately begin taking apart chairs and taking cubbards and doors off their hinges. You need any extra piece of wood to hammer into the wall to block the windows. You are panting and heaving, feeling nauseous from exhaustion, but you know stopping is not an option. You cannot slow down, you need to make the most of every second, he who hesitates is lost, but he who rests is dead. You keep thinking "10% faster, 10% faster, please God not like this, 10% faster". It's at that moment, when you feel that aching and pulling of your collarbone that you realize you were too late. The pit in your stomach filling like a water balloon, your throat tightening and eyes beginning to water. You were no longer keeping him out, you were now keeping him in. You knew he was faster, stronger, and more cleverer than you, but you had to at least try. Any glimpse of survival is extinguished, your fate was all but sealed long ago. It was always going to be this way, it was always going to be Shia LaBeouf.

    Also it feels like someone stabbed me in the back from time to time. Thank God for weed.

  • Assuming we don't have free will, why do we have the illusion that we do?
  • Okay, in other words we need to consider our assumptions and definitions of "Free will" and "Determinism" when answering this question?

    I really enjoyed this video on Compatibilism, and the view of Patricia Churchland (around 5:50) where she says we should reframe the question away from "what choices we have" to "how much control do we have".

  • 70%
  • Oh yeah, we really screwed up the season by not picking Mother Nature in round one of the draft.

    "Hi I'm Troy McClure, you may remember me from such films as 'Man vs. Wild; the Road to Victory"

  • Spirit Airlines just gave me the best flight experience of my life
  • I'm gonna be a good sport, this is my best friend and I wouldn't go to Vegas for anyone else, and fortunately not much is gonna happen the first night, but still this is a relief to spend one less day in Vegas.

  • Spirit Airlines just gave me the best flight experience of my life

    I was supposed to go to Vegas today for my friends bachelor party. I hate Vegas. It's going to be 90° AT NIGHT and hit 116°. I hate the smell of cigarettes. I hate the constant ringing of slot machines. I hate strip clubs. I hate the "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" because that is no basis for an ethos.

    Spirit cancelled my flight for no reason, rescheduled it for tomorrow, and gave me $24 in food vouchers. Fuck if I know why.

    Spirit Airlines: Task Failed Successfully

    UK's Starmer commits to increasing defence spending to 2.5% of GDP
  • I think this guy is a revisionist Tankie. Russia and China have a history of expansionism and conduct provocative military exercises near NATO and Southeast Asian country borders.

    Best to ignore them and they can sit in the mud of downvotes for others to read and realize they are full of beans.

  • 70%
  • Climate change has already created draughts and food shortages. It has already pushed animals into ecosystems where they don't belong leading to destruction of those ecosystems. Ocean acidification has been killing fish populations.

    These have created instability in countries across the world as people grapple with worsening conditions. This has lead to conflicts that have created massive amounts of refugees, which in turn has been creating populist and authoritarian attitudes in the west as we deal with refugees knocking on our door. This has created massive rifts in our societies and ultimately is the connecting factor for the issues we face.

    As my old history professor would say about global conflicts- it's the bottom of the 9th, the bases are loaded, and it's always mother nature up to bat.

  • 70%
  • Took us out of the Paris Climate agreement

    Opened up the national parks for drilling

    Removed protections for more than half of our wetlands

    Withdrew legal justification for factories to limit mercury emissions

    Removed carbon caps on power plants

    One hell of a symptom

  • As an outsider, please explain me how people like Biden and Trump are allowed to run for president of the most powerful nation in the world?
  • I think the reason we are seeing two candidates who are unpopular for reasons of mental fitness has to do with several forces at play, and it comes down to how power is gained and distributed in our system.

    First, I am defining power as the ability to make people do things they would not do on their own volition.

    In any system, the longer you stay there, the more opportunities there are to amass power. This power comes from connections you make. In my teenage years, I didn't have much power for many reasons, but one was that I didn't have powerful connections. All my friends were working retail or fast food or other summer jobs. With age, my connections are more powerful. My best friend works at Oracle and another at Microsoft. As a musician, I've been around the block a bit and now know folks who are producers and have some notariety. This is a big reason we are seeing more and more elderly folks in powerful positions. Not only do they have power, they have connections.

    The classic cases of corruption we see from the outside, are people returning favors when viewed from the inside. To them it's common decency. Imagine you were passionate about food and feeding people, and you started a restaurant or maybe a non-profit to feed the homeless. If someone you knew saw your work and believed in what you do, and they could give you a hefty low rate loan or been a donation, the decent thing to do would be to thank them, and if they asked for a favor down the line, you would feel terrible to not return the support they gave you when you were small and starting out.

    Throw that in with a first past the post voting system that allows power to consolidate around two parties, and you'll see the natural trend is for those with the most experience and connections to find their way to the top while closing more and more opportunities for younger folks to make their way in. The connections of the youth simply can't compete with the connections of the elderly.

    One part of your post that struck me was the "why do we allow". Personally my take is that we shouldn't make strict requirements of who someone is in order to run for office. There are other ways we can vet those unfit to serve. My concern with something like an iQ test or upper age limit is that we will be disenfranchising marginalized groups from taking power. I don't mean to go full slippery slope, but I do think this is a dangerous precedent to set. Should an elderly person be barred from running for president? Should someone who has a mental illness like depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, or schizophrenia be barred from holding office? If project 2025 takes place we may ask the question should trans or homosexual people be allowed to hold office? For the last one, the argument from conservatives would be that they are too "morally deficient" to hold office. Personally I find that repulsive.

    By limiting demographics of who can and cannot run for office, we would also allow the possiblity of a rogue president to disqualify opponents if they can manipulate a test required to be eligible to run for president.

    I think these are reasonable considerations when trying to answer your question. I hope this was helpful.

    If you'd like to learn more on power structures, CGP grey made a great video that is a great tl;Dr to my first year of my polisci undergrad.

  • AOC Backs Biden Amid Growing Calls for Him to Drop Out: ‘He Is in This Race and I Support Him’
  • First- I actually really like seeing AOC not being one of those "burn the house down" politicians as I knew her when she started. It seems like she's learned what it takes to get a large group of people to do one thing, and outrage politics does not do that. Frankly this is the restraint I would look for in a future presidential nominee.

    Second- at a base level I'm very for Biden stepping down and giving us the opportunity to escape this hellhole of an election cycle. John Stewart put it pretty well to the DNC- "Do you understand the opportunity you have here? Do you have any idea how thirsty Americans are for any hint of inspiration or leadership, and a release from this choice of a megalomaniac and a suffocating gerontocracy?"

    I always look for reasonable takes from opposing viewpoints, and I did find American Historian Allan Lichtman's argument for why Biden stepping down would not be the best idea. Here's the 6 minute video of his 13 keys to the Whitehouse which has predicted 9 of the past 10 elections.


    1. Party mandate: After the midterm elections, the incumbent party holds more seats in the U.S. House of Representatives than after the previous midterm elections.

    2. No primary contest: There is no serious contest for the incumbent party nomination.

    3. Incumbent seeking re-election: The incumbent party candidate is the sitting president.

    4. No third party: There is no significant third party or independent campaign.

    5. Strong short-term economy: The economy is not in recession during the election campaign.

    6. Strong long-term economy: Real per capita economic growth during the term equals or exceeds mean growth during the previous two terms.

    7. Major policy change: The incumbent administration affects major changes in national policy.

    8. No social unrest: There is no sustained social unrest during the term.

    9. No scandal: The incumbent administration is untainted by major scandal.

    10. No foreign/military failure: The incumbent administration suffers no major failure in foreign or military affairs.

    11. Major foreign/military success: The incumbent administration achieves a major success in foreign or military affairs.

    12. Charismatic incumbent: The incumbent party candidate is charismatic or a national hero.

    13. Uncharismatic challenger: The challenging party candidate is not charismatic or a national hero.

    If 5 or fewer of these statements are False, then it is predicted that the incumbent will win. His take is that replacing Biden will do nothing but make point 2 & 3 turn from True statements to False statements, and increase the chances of Trump winning.

    While crystal balls are everywhere and you could point to other political scientists who would say different, I was looking for a decent take on the counterpoint. I would also say that in political science, we like to have tools to help us make predictions so we can make actions. Just going on deep gut feeling won't cut it. Having a tool whose measurements don't always align with how you feel an outcome should be doesn't necessarily mean the tool is bad, it means it works independently from your biases. If you watch the video, I think he puts it well as the election is a thumbs up or thumbs down on the party more than it is the individual leader. It might be a helpful thought exercise to change the words "Trump" to "Republican" and "Biden" to "Democrat" when discussing the race as charisma and celebrity only goes so far in politics, but that's what we get caught up in the most.

  • What's your plan if Trump wins in November?
  • I think the reason I don't follow that idea is that it sounds so similar to Neville Chamberlain's "Peace for our Time". The slaughter would just be put on pause, but would last longer and become more dangerous in 2 years time.

    I see a difference between that and the handling of Gaza, which Trump would very much continue supporting Israel on. He wouldn't put American troops on the ground, but he's been saying his peace plan is for Israel to "get the job done". This is very much what we did in Afghanistan and Iraq, and we saw how that played out. I understand there is a belief that stopping support for Israel means the death of Israel, but with BB, he is only accelerating this by continued genocide of Palestinians.

    There are idealists (and I will fully admit some anti-semites) who would love to see the end of a Jewish state, and there are those who would look for a two state solution. Trump and BB have made it clear that they are not for a two state solution and are pushing for complete annihilation of the Palestinian people. Trump is not a peacemaker.

  • Biden blasts ‘elites’ urging him to exit race in surprise interview
  • I can't speak for Elizabeth, or for many other supporters, but I can tell you why I supported her and not Bernie.

    While I agree with so much of Bernies platform, I just wasn't convinced he was a pragmatic candidate. When asked how he would handle Mitch McConnell, his response was essentially "Our revolution will take care of that- voters will listen to my message and I won't have to deal with him". That wasn't really the question, and I just didn't see that as a good answer. It solidified my thoughts that he was an idealist who was pushing for great things and was very much needed, but when it came to the cold realities of getting things done, he wasn't someone who I thought could negotiate with republicans.

    I also was very wary of populists. Bernie was very much a left wing Trump only in that he built a very deep cult of personality. Everyone who I talked to, every poll I saw, every post I read cemented the idea that it was Bernie or bust. Especially now as I am terrified of a Civil War 2 breaking out, the stance of non-negotiation is not only ineffective, but dangerous.

    Idealists play a very important role in any movement. They create the energy needed to push things forward. However in the position of Commander in Chief, the virtue needed is restraint. I wanted to find a balance between progressive policy and pragmatic restraint, and so I saw Warren as the better of the two options. 4 years later I'm not as excited about her as I was then, and much of the details are fuzzy, but I know this is broadly what I thought.

    I know in this thread there will be a lot of mud slinging and calling those who disagree with Bernie of 2020 or their supporters as stupid and/or evil, but that stance is exactly what I saw as divisive and dangerous in a time we need to avoid division and violence. Not all of it was Bernie's fault, but I also know Idealists can push other idealists further to extremes. We are in a prisoners dilemma, where if we choose the path of getting everything, we will get nothing.

    Edit Just to clarify, most of my friends supported Bernie, and they are not stupid. There are a million reasons why he was the best candidate, and many times he worked with republicans. At the time, I saw Warren as more of a 70/30 progressive and Bernie more 80/20.

  • What's your plan if Trump wins in November?

    I'm feeling so uneasy with everything I've been seeing. I keep thinking about what we will be this time next year, and if shit hits the fan, what is your plan? I'm queer and was politically active in 2020, so I would potentially be considered a political enemy.

    The only blueprint I can think of is what you do in an active shooter situation; Flee, Hide, Fight.

    I know there's that romantic notion of "don't be a coward, get out and protest", but I remember the brutality of the 2020 protests firsthand, and even then I thought "thank god I'm going toe to toe with the CPD and not the CCP". Next time is going to be different. The president now has authority to send drone strikes. Protests and riots don't stand a chance agains missiles and live rounds.

    Flee- I have an Uncle in Montreal who my family could potentially use as a way to at least temporarily escape the chaos. The hope I'd have is that Canada and other countries would accept American refugees, however that's not a guarantee.

    Hide- If borders are closed, lay low and move away from major cities if possible. If civil war breaks out, try to get away from the violence even if you think your side will win. Todays losers may be tomorrows victors.

    Fight- If cellular data/ social media algorithms can keep track of you, and surveillance can make sure there's no movement, this would be the last resort of desperation. I guess if possible try to either find a group for safety in numbers, or conversely go guerrilla as groups of resistance would make easy targets.

    Sorry my mind is running and I'm getting scared.


    [OC] In the Morning

    I had a breakup so I wrote a sad song. It's a bit jazzy. I hope lyrics count as poetry.

    In the morning

    The one I wish I never knew

    In the morning

    The last one I'll wake with you


    When the words that come out

    Are whispers of a shout

    From a heart that pleads it not to be true


    In the morning

    The last morning I have you


    In the morning

    After confessions in the night

    In the morning

    I never held you so tight


    The dreams that we had

    That could never come to pass

    A bird who broke it's wings

    Before it hit the glass


    In the morning

    The last morning I had you




    I made sure to smell

    Your hair before farewell

    I don't know if you noticed

    I don't know if you could tell


    In the morning

    The last morning I had you


    I meant to make a video of how many attempts it would take for me to finish a V5 and I accidentally flashed it Accidentally flashed a V5

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like Meeplauncher2.

    Accidentally flashed a V5

    Do you all remember Barbara and her legendary rhubarb bar?

    For context:

    English Translation:

    Do you all remember Barbara

    And her legendary rhubarb bar?

    Yes, in Barbara's rhubarb bar

    The rhubarb was never scarce back then

    Because in Barbara's rhubarb bar, as you know

    There was a rhubarb cake that you don't easily forget

    It had been very popular for years among three barbarians

    Because barbarians know what rhubarb is

    Barbarians know what rhubarb is

    K-, k-, know what rhubarb is

    Th-, th-, then there was also the barbarian beard barber

    The barbarians were almost here every evening with him

    And always drank with him after work


    And since the beard barber was really here every evening

    Barbara needed an additional bartender for the rhubarb bar beer bar Soon

    So she doesn't work alone behind the bar

    And so the next day Bärbel suddenly stood behind the bar

    She was smart, charming, and very well-read

    It didn't take long for everyone in the rhubarb bar to be captivated

    As soon as they saw this beautiful being standing behind the bar

    The beard barber called out: Bärbel

    You are the woman for whom I would sell all my belongings

    I wish you were my rhubarb-barbara-bar- Barbarian-beard-barber-beer-bar-Bärbel

    The three barbarians were also heavily courting

    They would die for a smile from Bärbel

    But all their courting was ignored by Bärbel

    Because Bärbel was mainly interested in Barbara

    And there was clear sympathy on both sides

    Apparently, besides Bärbel, Barbara was also bi

    A rainbow appeared in the brightest colors When Barbara and Bärbel said 'I do'

    The party then took place in the rhubarb bar (Of course!)

    And was one of a kind

    The beard barber was there, the barbarians were there

    And of course, there was plenty of rhubarb cake

    The three barbarians served alongside

    A rhubarb-barbara-barbarian-barbecue

    And later for the dance, the not at all dull

    Baden-Baden rhubarb bar ballad bards played

    So they both said yes to each other

    Rhubarb-Barbara and her Bärbel - hooray!

    And soon Master Stork swiftly arrived

    And brought a child to the rhubarb bar

    Apart from Bärbel and Barbara

    Of course, the beard barber and the

    barbarians were there for the baby

    They were all like a huge family

    And they named the child Emily (Lovely!)

    Will it later take over the barbershop

    Or stand behind the bar at Barbara's?


    After all, it was the rhubarb-barbara-bar-barbarian-beard-barber-beer-bar-baby

    Cartography Anarchy meep_launcher

    Bit shite innit

    Cartography Anarchy meep_launcher

    denim intensifies


    Is there a point where therapy holds you back?

    I've been in therapy for 10 years, and with my current therapist for 4 of them. I love him and he's great, and don't get me wrong therapy is a life saver, but I recently hung out with a childhood friend and we talked about some deep things. My therapist is a pro and doesn't offer advice other than helping perspective shifts, but my friend made some observations and suggestions that hit home. He just straight up said "huh, it sounds like you should call your mom more" and "you know, I see what you do and I don't think the weed has been stopping your productivity, but if it's in the way of happiness you need to do what you need to do" (my big thing with weed was I would kick myself for not getting shit done while high).

    I realized I haven't really opened up much to friends and partners, primarily because I'd say "I'll just hold this for therapy". Way long ago I dated someone who was very "I'm not your therapist, please leave that for Tuesday", and I kinda kept that. It's easy for me to talk to someone who doesn't know anyone in my life and I trust will be neutral, but at the same time I have had trouble communicating with people in my outside life.

    I dunno, just was a thought.

    Cartography Anarchy meep_launcher

    aww beans

    cross-posted from:

    > The Eurobean Mind Cannot Comprehend

    Cartography Anarchy meep_launcher

    Holland bigger than Texas confirmed

    cross-posted from:

    > Holland has so much space

    Cartography Anarchy meep_launcher

    it takes 13 hours to travel from Texas to Texas

    cross-posted from:

    > The US has so much space


    How do you deal with the situation where you are invited to play a game, only to find it's wildly complex and takes 4 hours to finish, and you find yourself not wanting to play it within minute 5?

    This has happened to me a few times. One I remember was the game Alchemist, where I just sat there confused as hell for 4 and a half hours while three guys were all talking about strategies. Tonight it was Terraforming Mars, where I was told it would be a 3 hour game, but by hour 4 we were halfway done. This time I said "it's 11pm, I have work in the morning, this will be my last hand" and the host got very passive aggressive with me. I just don't know what to do in these situations.

    ^Also is there a word for this? My girlfriend said I was "held game hostage" but I don't see that used in my searches.^

    Update: I sent an apology for leaving early, and he wasn't too frustrated about it and understood my frustration which was nice. I told him I didn't think it was my cup of tea since it was so dense, but he kept trying to sell me on the game.

    I just gotta learn how to decline with this guy, he is a bit of a "won't take no for an answer" person, but I'm still learning to be firm with boundaries.

    I'm really a 45 minute or less person, and prefer games with like... 5 rules. I have communicated that before, but he really wants me to play the games he loves which I take as a compliment.

    He did have me playing Dominion for a while, and that was a time when I just would suck it up and play for his sake since he was going through a divorce. We literally had the parks and rec sketch where I said "I don't really like Dominion" and he said "what do you mean? You've played all the games!"

    He housed me when I was homeless, so it's hard for me to decline things with him since he showed me that huge kindness.