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RNC delegates are wearing ear bandages like Trump’s
  • Which is unfortunate I think. Any potential message that might resonate with trump supporters will be ignored because of that. If you make a TV show using explicit parallels like pizzagate, they can easily make that connection and ignore the overall message. It's just like pointing out their hypocrisy in real life. They may or may not still enjoy it, but the message is lost.

  • YSK there is a massive Google Doc of U.S. gynecologists that will tie your tubes without asking about your kids, marital status or age.
  • When I broached the subject with my doctor he asked how many kids I have. I said 0. He seemed to have more of a personal reaction as if a friend had said that and he started to push back ever so slightly saying something like "but kids are great". I just responded matter of factly that that shouldn't matter. He instantly snapped out of it and back to doctor mode, apologized, and set up the referral. I was snipped inside a month with not another whisper of hesitancy from anyone.

  • Secret Service ramped up security after receiving intel of Iranian plot to assassinate Trump; no known connection to shooting
  • I could easily keep my grouping within an inch or two at that distance shooting at a stationary target with no pressure about being shot myself at any given moment. When I've had deer in the scope at that range or a little further and the adrenaline starts pumping I need to pull back and catch my breath or I'll sweep the cross hairs over the entire body without being able to keep steady and settle. Aiming at a former pres knowing secret service could pop you in a second, that's a recipe for extreme nerves and adrenaline.

  • Trump Rally Gunman Was ‘Definitely Conservative,’ Classmate Recalls
  • Nothing that would line a suit and still have it look anything like a suit wouldn't protect against anything worth being protected against. A bulletproof vest isn't magic armor that makes you invulnerable. A shot from anything realistic would easily break multiple bones and cause internal damage. And that's with the bullet stopping at the vest.

  • Sure sovcit.
  • Thinking of that Key and Peele sketch. Someone describing the government with the tone of a libertarian.

    "So we have them vote to think they have power, steal their money and call it taxes, provide basic services and limited other functions. Then in 200-300 years, just walk away."

    "Motherfucker that's a government!"

  • Sovcit doesn't have a Bible so baby doesn't exist.
  • I don't think it's meant to "hide" it from the government. I think it's meant to avoid using official government documents. This stems from the belief that your birth certificate is the government opening a trust in your ALL CAPS name.

    I might be messing some of that up. I still haven't figured out what combination of alcohol, drugs, sleep deprivation, or whatever is optimal for trying to make sense of their shit. But I promise you I'm committed to figuring out the alcohol/drug portion at least.

  • Sovcit has a problem.
  • You might be familiar with their rants claiming to be an "American National". This is differentiated from a "citizen" mostly by birth location. So a citizen is someone born to a US citizen parent or born in a US state. A "national" would likely be born in a US territory like American Samoa and Swain Island.

    The below goes into further details.'s the difference between a,U.S. territories like American Samoa

    I'm pretty sure US Nationals can get passports, but a true National likely wouldn't be getting their info from a sovcit group.

  • Sovcit is trying to steal his car.
  • 15 USC 1692a (4):

    The term “creditor” means any person who offers or extends credit creating a debt or to whom a debt is owed, but such term does not include any person to the extent that he receives an assignment or transfer of a debt in default solely for the purpose of facilitating collection of such debt for another.

    Oh. Now I completely understand how all this works...

  • Are there games similar to Borderlands Science?

    I'm hoping to find a game similar to Borderlands Science. Preferably something that can be played on a phone. Top tier would be the ability to play offline (sometimes I don't have great cell service though I understand it would need to be connected to some degree).

    I can easily zone out on somewhat mindless games and play for hours if I have the free time or spare attention. Progress tends to be my limiting factor. If I've just put 10 hours into a game and the next time I pick it up is the exact same as the first it can feel like a waste. If instead, those mindless hours were going to a good cause that is progressing (even if I don't directly see that progress), it might make it easier. Plus it's going to a good cause.


    How does dog pee ownership work?

    The cliche understanding is that dogs mark their territory with pee. At times I've been on walks with family and friends with half a dozen dogs. There have been occasions where they form a line just to pee in the same spot.

    So how does the ownership work? Is it like a co-op? Last one to pee wins?


    Adderall side effects

    How bad are everyone else's side effects? I currently take a 30mgXR in the morning and 10mgIR part way through the day. I can get some facial tics and other OCD like symptoms. They aren't bad enough to lower my dose or make other changes at this point. Just wondering what others are experiencing and if anyone has any tips or tricks to dealing with stuff like that.


    Dumb question

    My understanding is a lot of "greens" eventually become "brown". Green leaves when they dry up would switch to a "brown". Same with dead grass.

    With that in mind I tried a very lazy process of only adding greens for a continual process. My first addition to my pile this year was grass clippings. They still haven't really broke down.

    Is my approach fundamentally flawed? Or is there something I'm missing to improve the process?