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The left-wing French coalition hoping to introduce 90% tax on rich
  • Controlling Fossil Fuel prices can prevent other private entities from driving up inflation of commodities. It doesn't have to be permanent, you could effect a set goal for 6 years, evaluate the results every 6 weeks, and tweak the pricing to prevent inflation/deflation cycles.

    While you control the transport costs, you can now plan on how much energy it is consuming to do the logistics. Even setup renewables for the remote regions with medium to large capacity backups ( not just chemical batteries, but pumped storage and other practical solutions ).

    You could increase the buffer between different urban zones, commercial, industrial, heavy commercial, dense residential, suburbian.

    • Energy storage densities.
    • Vehicular traffic densities.
    • Public transport frequencies.
    • Private traffic exemption zones.
    • Cycling/Pedestrian infrastructure.
    • Rent-controlled segmentation.
    • Recreational facilities , maintenance and usage.

    All of these things can be measured, calculated, even funded by simply controlling the Fossil-fuel prices.

    Imagine 10 or 20 stadiums with Extra-Large battery backups, only on game-nights the full bank would see utilization, rest of the time, half or even quarter of the load can be saved up for fluctuations. In emergencies the stadium provides power, safety, shelter and communal support.

    So many things can be planned around transportation and logistics. Fossil-fuel literally drives a lot of the traffic. Measure, calculate and control that and you have a reliable method to make sensible common sense decisions. Transparent for all citizens to see the data and the correlation. Accountable for every cent.

  • 70%
  • Senate pissed away their majority and thought that people wouldnt notice the stone-walling and nuclear option and other bullshit shenanigans that MAJORITY elected officials were letting Republizards get away with. Liebermann and other DINOs were allowed to run free and destroy the MAJORITY vote.


    Biden was the Veep responsible to ensure that Senate and the House did their job.

    Geriatric Dog Pony Soldier Biden screwed around during the Obama Presidency and now doing worse.

    Biden could nominate Bernie, dude is older than any one else. AND STILL THE DEMS WILL WIN THIS 2024!


    I feel worse than just cursing at the 'Murican stupidity on display. Hate this crap. You cannot blame voters when your candidate is brain-dead. So get serious or get out.

    Drumpf is elected because of all the lies he tells and not because he is competent. He is the "Set everything on Fire and watch it all Burn down" candidate. IF YOU CANNOT BEAT THIS DUMB DEADBEAT YOU ARE NOT WORTH ANYTHING.

    During the Drumpf Rule, Republizards silently pass every rule-breaking garbage and rig every system beyond breaking-point and create an unfixable situation everywhere again.

    Dem Candidate has to :

    • Inspire voters

    • Unbreak all the broken systems since the time of Jimmy Carter.

    • Implement new systems that are robust and unbreakable.

    • Imprison every rule-breaking politician regardless of party or affiliation.

    • Simplify everything for anyone earning below 1 MILLION USD.

    • Tax 90% everything for anyone earning above 1 BILLION USD.

    You need a very brave candidate. Bernie will do it. Biden is a zombie without even the brainworm.

  • first things first
  • Tigers exist natively is so few places, the question itself makes little to no sense.

    Bengal Tiger == Marshland

    Siberian Tiger == Tundra

    Asian Tiger == Plateau/Deep Forest

    Indonesian/Sumatran Tiger == Coast?Islands?Dense Tropical Jungle?

  • Anon questions the magic box
  • No yah dummy. Put the Room in the middle of the Earth and PUMP all the outside heat into the planet core!

    BAM! Instant Arctic Weather in the middle of summer !

    And BAM! Reverse it for the winter!

    BAM! Mild Temps all Year round!

    You can thank me later EnvironMentaLists!

  • Anon questions the magic box
  • The early 1900s and late 1890s was where a lot of classical physics and newer quantum theory got their legs under them. After WW2 pretty much most of our current physics knowledge was theorized and it is only now in the last 50 years or so we got about proving a lot of those theories. I believe some of the things got disproven real hard but majority of the predictions and theoretical physics has been solidified. Quantum physics is waaaay waaaaay more complicated now in last 100 years than anything in the previous 500 or even 1000 years ago.

    So, if you learn Newtonian physics and classical physics theory, even if you know just the basic linear/non-linear graphs and area under graphs, you can pretty much "guestimate" all the concepts and work the equations. It uses Maths called "Numerical Analysis and Methods". A lot of physics uses Maths so Maths-knowledge is essential.

  • Will Linux’s New run0 Command Run sudo Out of Town?
  • Corpo sabotage of opensource. So many community projects are under the thumb of corpo insiders. It was a "cash-grab" a way to shoehorn and takeover an essential but mostly unchanged and stable Init system. And they shimmed that into everything they could ram it into with no options or alternatives.

  • Will Linux’s New run0 Command Run sudo Out of Town?
  • You are not wrong. IBM management paralleled in the same cash-grab and exit C-suite functions that has consumed Redhat. That is why the merger happened.

    Soon, Purple Hat should be charging for systemd and hopefully other corpos and organizations will move back to sanity.

  • Will Linux’s New run0 Command Run sudo Out of Town?
  • systemd nightmare needs to end. Too many broken garbage from malicious actors within the opensource community.

    Just as an experiment, get every distro to have at least 2 or 3 SysVInit / runit / rc.init alternatives, and you will see a MASS Migration back to SysVInit. Bash/shell script init functions were really dead simple and almost unbreakable/hackerproof.

    Systemd really needs to be thrown in the garbage dumps of history so we can finally have a UNIX-like boot back.

  • Nexus mods want feedback from Linux / Steam Deck users on their new cross-platform app
  • Dude. Lemmy is also another place where minorities don't respect or even acknowledge the majority preferences.

    I would rather let people be whoever they want to be in their own privacy and not try to rub it in everyones faces.

  • For India's garbage pickers, a miserable and dangerous job made worse by extreme heat
  • If everyone was being responsible, there would be a social net, a garbage sorter job, a garbage recycler employer, an ethical reasonable salary, and it would be a safe governed work environment, it would give dignity back to the downtrodden. People would reject corruption.

    Garbage dumps get set on fire, the fumes are toxic, medical waste gets thrown out and mixed in, people who are living on garbage dumps are in HELL. NO ONE SHOULD LIVE ON GARBAGE DUMPS!

    Set up NGOs and involve government orgs to regulate and oversee care and attention for these people.

    These things cannot happen in India because the indian population will not care. FUXK YOu GOT MINE is a typical indian mindset.

  • For India's garbage pickers, a miserable and dangerous job made worse by extreme heat
  • I live in India. I have 3 sorting bins. 1 composting organic waste bin, 1 non-recyclable plastics/glass bin, 1 recyclable plastics/metal/paper bin.

    I spent 3000 INR buying the composting organic bin ( to support the local business selling it and reusables about 1000 INR per year )

    I get back about 200 INR every 6months for going to local recyclers with roughly 2 to 5 kilos of metal + plastics.

    About 2 kilos of waste not-recycled every month total ( 2 people ) .


    Im sad my fellow humans do not understand what responsibility is like.

  • Oh Joe...
  • As an outsider, I havent ever seen 'Muricans give a flying-fuck about international repercussions from their actions foreign or domestic including their election/results.

    If DNC fail, RNC win. So for the next 50 years starting Dec2024 .... we are going to see an 'Murican Dictatorship in action. Hunger Games for all.

    Good Job Y'all won the Pulitzer Darwin Nobel and every award there ever was and ever will be ! @#$@#@##@$#@@#@****

  • Trump Boys Break Into CNN Office Attempting To Steal Debate Answers
  • Oh I don't know. Maybe the DNC can now be honest about choosing a popular candidate, and changing gears, and playing to win the election instead of whatever that was happening on stage during the debate.

    Drumpf can lie through his teeth and people will vote for him. At this point DNC doing even the most basic stuff. Cancel student debt. Not write-down tax savings, not low-interest maybe if you apply for these 50-form 100-hurdle govt-red-tape process. Cancel medical debt. Not ooooh we wont send you to jail if you dont pay for your medical bills garbage. Medicare-Medicaid for ALL NO EFFING EXCEPTIONS. Not all the BS of we made drug prices lower for some 10% or 5% of Medicare patients etc etc etc.

    The DNC don't have any solid wins to talk about. This is why they can't run adverts blasting the airwaves with their "Mission accomplished".

    There is always some fine-print and wriggle-out-of-this-room in anything that the Corporate Dems have engineered so far.

    Biden was a stopgap for the next candidate. Remember? He promised that he wouldnt seek a second term? Liar much ? Stuff like this drives people mad. And mad people like to vote for Drumpf. Mad people want to watch the world burn.

    So y'all need to get into the DNC, torch the entire structure, find someone like Drumpf but exactly opposite, the very Jesus of Democracy and Values. Put that person as the nominee , vote for Demo-Jesus until the DNC party and elite literally are crying rivers of blood.

    That is what the Republizards have done to the RNC. Every RNC elite and power-monger better kiss Drumpf or they will be shit-canned.

  • :: Spoiler discussion on DragonSteel Prime and also Way Of Kings Prime

    Has anyone read thoroughly DragonSteel and WayOfKings both as Prime-versions as well as the normal canonical versions?


    Spoiler WayOfKings Prime seems to be better than DragonSteel Prime.

    I found DragonSteel Prime kind of not a very good or even cohesive storyline compared to the WayOfKings Prime.

    WayOfKings-Prime reads almost like if someone tried to "Hollywood"-ify BrandoSando's WoK without really reading anything about Cosmere.

    But DragonSteel-Prime reads like some crazy drunk person tried to combine Pug/Magician and BelGarion/Belgariad(David Eddings ) and some more fantasy settings.

    I want more of these stories, the first drafts and the final editions ! It is very very fascinating how each story got revised, cut, re-written, re-arranged, etc.


    How to use Steamtricks or Winetricks

    Im on openSuse 15.4 and DX12 doesnt seem to have any workaround. How do I fix ? Can i install DX12 somehow ? Will Proton fix it with winetricks or steamtricks ?