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Wood smells like we should be able to eat it, but we can't.
  • I'm asking because laws, especially about food, differ a lot from country to country. It's not a protected term in my country (NL), and I'm sure it isn't in most countries outside the anglosphere. Heck, sometimes the same foodstuff can be legally protected with completely different requirements, “pindakaas” (peanutbutter) is allowed to contain a boatload of palm fat but hardly any sugar in the Netherlands, it's the opposite in the US.

  • brewing tea with space vacuum?
  • Tea is never [..] prepared with boiling water

    I'm happy to see this, and want to add a few points of my own

    • Herbal infusions (ginger&lemon, rooibos, nettles, etc) are often better prepared at boiling temperature or even boiled for a while (esp. nettles!).
    • Tea is another type of plant, tea is often better prepared in hot but not boiling water
    • If you pour 100C water into a 20C mug, it's instantly 85-90C, which is perfect for most black teas and darker oolongs! Just pour the boiled water into a mug, then put the tea leaves in!
  • Why is my Twitter feed full of right-wing content when I don't consume political content?
  • It is, there are largely unmoderated spaces on Reddit and Mastodon (probably also on Lemmy), there are specifically extremist right wing spaces on Reddit, Lemmy and Mastodon as well. You don't have to see those, you chose wether you see those, that's the beauty of it! Twitter only has one largely unmoderated space and just shoves whatever that produces into your face.