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Experienced electrical/engineer workers, what kind of jobs would be good for my skill set and experience? Advice on not getting screwed while getting back into a technical career?
  • Have you looked into becoming an Instrument Technician? It's halfway between electrician and engineer. You can start with a contractor and if you're any good at all a manufacturing company will "poach" you from the contractor. If you're good at that, it's a straight shot to Maintenance Planner, then Maintenance Manager. I'd expect that trajectory to take several years, but you're pretty quickly out of the bull work and your tool bag will be much lighter.

  • me💻irl
  • Full arr stack makes life much easier. Only time I got that look was when it pulls a .rar that didn't automatically extract. Wrote a script that transmission runs on completion and they extract when finished now.

  • [Discussion] What is your price range when you get a new phone?
  • Verizon and Google keep doing these wild trade in deals. They keep giving me $600+ to trade in last year's Pixel with 3 year "financing". So $22/mo and I always have the current Pixel. I know they're screwing me, but I can't figure out how 🤷🏻

  • EAP670 Firmware 1.0.14- bug fixed for me! Download for EAP670 | TP-Link

    TP Link - Download Center Detail

    Download for  EAP670 | TP-Link

    From the release notes- Fixed the bug that that multicast acceleration caused VLAN data forwarding errors.

    I was having problems with Google home starting a multicast flood. Opened a ticket with TPLink, and 3 weeks later it's fixed!

    I could power down the GH with the offending IP address and the flood would continue. Unplugging the EAP wouldn't always fix it either. I did some wiresharking and sent them diags, and they recreated the bug and squashed it!


    travel routers

    So I've seen the TP-Link and GL.inet travel routers, and it looks like some of the GLs are/were built to run wrt firmwares. Stock TP firmwares have been pretty full features in my experience. I really want USB-C power. The GL wireguard support looks useful too, but it looks like their newer stuff is proprietary? Another want, not need, is 5 GHz band.

    Does anyone have a favorite model or another board that can be flashed?


    Hass templating compound logical operators

    I'm working in the template editor, and if I use the 'and' operator, an entity disappears. I finally found/guessed a working combination but I can't find any examples to see the right combo of operators and parenthesis. HA tells you to look at jinja docs, jinja literally says "There is not an awful lot to talk about here"

    any template guru out there know the secret sauce?


    Caddy subdomain reverse proxy performance

    I'd asked about using a VPS to get better routing to my homelab in this post:

    I've narrowed down my problem- if i use a subdomain in my caddyfile, performance is 1/3 or worse compared to just the root. {reverse_proxy}

    will saturate my gigabit lan connection at 980ish. On a 5gUW connection i get my advertised 50 mbit or more {reverse_proxy}

    I get 220-250 megabits on my internal lan. The same 5gUW connection will only get 7 or 8 mbit.

    It's strange to me that everything seems to work just fine, but it's just slow. Anyone got any ideas?


    improving homelab upload performance- VPS proxy?

    I've got 1000/50 service from a mid-size ISP. It's pretty consistent- any time I run a speed test from home, it will hit those numbers. I have an opnsense plugin checking twice a day.

    Performance from my self-hosted services to the internet, however, is very inconsistent. Sometimes I get the full 50, sometimes it will only hit 5 Mbit/s.

    Is it possible a VPS proxy could provide less congested routes? Is there a better way to troubleshoot the bottleneck? When i notice a slowdown, usually watching a clip on frigate, I'll use a public speedtest to check my field connection. If it's over 50 down, I'll check librespeed on my server. If frigate or plex is fast, librespeed will be too. If I've noticed a problem, librespeed has always agreed.

    My host machine is a 5700g w/ 64 gigs of ram, X520 nic to an S33 modem, so I don't think it's a hardware bottleneck.