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Home routing and encryption technologies are making lawful interception harder, Europol warns
  • Laws do not, did not ever, guarantee interception. It always allowed the police to try to intercept. The police hid bugs, tapped wires. Never in history the police said "for lawful interception to happen, all phones must come with preinstalled wiretap. The implication that "communications systems are too secure, there has to be a backdoor for lawful interception" is a fallacy.

  • I didn't get diagnosed until my late 20s....this is why.
  • I also dropped out of college twice. First physics then composition (music). I got diagnosed at 38, started medication and went back to composition. Will graduate at 41.

    Well, I got diagnosed with depression, started using wellbutrin, which turned out to help with ADHD. Later I was diagnosed with ADHD and currently hoping to switch medicine because I still have serious problems with deadlines. I do two weeks worth of work during the last 48 hours without any sleep. 🤦‍♂️

  • It's time to move to Linux - YouTube
  • That is why Microsoft spent a total of gazillion dollars to have its OS pre-installed on all PCs. We need more PCs with Linux pre-installed. This should be an antitrust issue but I am not knowledgeable enough to say how.