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This is why people should stop recommending Arch. Fedora or Opensuse TW should be recommended instead for new people.
  • I would recommend they follow the full installation guide instead, which is probably one of the best pieces of technical documentation in existence at the moment. The amount of detail, context, and instruction provides both an invaluable learning experience and introduction to Linux.

    archinstall is not foolproof; that's why I wouldn't recommend it to an absolute beginner. IMHO, It's more valuable for people who are familiar with the process and want a shortcut.

    As great as archinstall is, it can't possibly account for every contingency. Troubleshooting a bootloader issue, for example, is easy if you've installed one before. If a noob managed to navigate the TUI (with all of the confusing questions and settings) and complete the installation only to have something go wrong there, they're off it, maybe for good.

  • Hawaii governor says Biden could decide within days whether to remain in the presidential race
  • The DNC nomination process is fairly democratic, but not entirely. Ultimately, the party delegates who are sent to the convention decide who the nominee is. By the time the convention happens this is usually a formality, but there have been open or brokered conventions before. You can look up and read very quickly how the process works, it's not that complicated.

    The reason people were mad about 2016 is that the DNC has rules that allow party leaders to put a thumb on the scale (sometimes a heavy thumb or multiple digits) if they don't approve of how things are going. This is why Bernie wasn't butthurt about losing whereas his following was; he knew the rules going into it, that not only would he have to overcome the superdelegates, but also anything else the party luminaries had in their back pocket along the way.

    All that being said, the delegates who go to the convention are determined by the state primaries and are all for Biden this election. This means that if Biden does drop out, they are likely going to tow whatever line the higher-ups in the party want, which will be Harris. In the unlikely event that they don't, there could be more of a contest, but they still have to reckon with the superdelegates.

  • Dell Boss N1 questions
  • Thanks for your time and consideration. I planned a few different builds with an N100, but everything priced out way more than I wanted to spend, even without drives. I saw this server for $80 on FB marketplace, and that was that.

    RAID1 is only for the Proxmox installation, them I will use ZFS for the block storage.

  • Dell Boss N1 questions
  • Thank you for your insights and suggestions. Very glad I didn't buy anything yet. There appear to be a number of PCIe options for using both SATA or NVMe, but I've decided to get a couple of smaller, cheap 2.5 SATA SSDs just for the OS.

    The plan is to just have Proxmox installed RAID1 on the two SSDs for redundancy, then the real data array is 4x12tb HGST in some ZFS configuration. Does this seem sane?

  • homelab krakenfury

    Dell Boss N1 questions

    I've recently picked up an Intel P4000 and I'm purchasing some parts to set it up. Since it's an older platform, I get that there are some limitations on what I can use, so I'm worried about buying things that aren't compatible.

    I'm interested in installing a Dell Boss N1 Monolithic to run Proxmox in RAID1, but have some concerns:

    • Will it even work with my system board? Maybe my search skills suck, but I can't glean from the Internet how tightly controlled Server hardware ecosystems are. Would my mb even recognize a component like this, or the drives installed on it?

    • What drives work with it? According to the user manual, there are only three supported drives, and they have to be 480gb or 960gb in size. Had anyone tested using different NVMe M.2 drives?

    Stay Mad, Tankies
  • Yay, Biden isn't at risk of losing your vote. Unfortunately, this isn't at all remarkable. He is, however, at risk of losing independents who are/were leaning towards him.

    This isn't a big deal in places like Indiana or Maryland, but it's a huge fucking deal in the handful of battleground states where the undecided voters will decide it for all of us.

    The Vote Blue No Matter Who strategy is literally the dumbest shit and a losing one. It only targets people who are considering a protest vote, and not people who are genuinely trying to figure out who to vote for. It assumes that everyone sees the situation as clearly as you do, and that the only thing preventing a victory is if enough people don't "fall in line".

    I will always maintain that blaming the electorate in an election for getting a bad result is like saying that the fans lost the ball game.

  • Hosting a public wishlist
  • What is more expensive for your organization: time or money? In general, your options that cost less take more time to setup, and vice versa.

    It seems like cheap is more important, so I would roughly do:

    • SSG like Hugo or MkDocs
    • store the content in S3
    • serve with a CDN like Fastly or CloudFront
    • authentication via VCL or a Lambda using OAuth
  • smoking
  • This is my story, too. I'll have a few if I go out to a bar, but I'm done doing that shit all the time; having to go outside when I'm home, in my car, sneaking out at family gatherings, etc.

    However, if I were to return to hanging out at bars a lot, I would absolutely become a full time smoker again.

  • In ruling color

    Breaking the law for real
  • I don't. I pass people on the right in some cases, if someone clearly doesn't understand the rules.

    But, I don't tailgate ever, and I give people a chance to get over before I do so. If you're doing that, I've got no problem with you.

  • Breaking the law for real
  • Look, I know the rules. People camping the passing lane piss me off, too, and I pass them when it is safe to do so.

    But aggressive tailgating and squeezing between lanes with very narrow margin is extremely entitled behavior and puts everyone nearby at risk.

    I don't get passed on the right, for the record.

  • Breaking the law for real
  • For passenger cars and trucks I'm passing, I wait until I see a headlight in my right side view mirror before lane change.

    For semis, I wait until I see both headlights in my rear view mirror.

  • Er(ule)nest

    StarTrekMemes: Meme-ory Alpha krakenfury

    Understand me


    Amon Düül

    Radical leftist commune


    Is it ok to create a personal community?

    It would be my own personal link aggregation space that's not just my profile. I am one of those neckbearded Reddit refugees who sometimes doesn't play well with others. Am I just being bitchy?

    6 Pagan Fires Burning: The New Wave of Dark Folk from the UK and Ireland

    Confronted by increasing social dislocation and an escalating cost-of-living crisis, these artists are turning to the arcane mysteries of yesteryear to alleviate modern malaise.

    Pagan Fires Burning: The New Wave of Dark Folk from the UK and Ireland

    Cool Bandcamp article about the weirdo folk scene happening in Ireland and the UK these days. I got turned on to stuff like The Incredible String Band, Third Ear Band, and Gryphon in my 20s, so this has been great to see. Odd that they didn't mention Broadside Hacks or Junior Brother, but it's still rad.



    New album from GODFLESH is fucking awesome!