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Just why
  • Gesundheit.

  • Just why
  • If you mirror it tho, it makes even less sense:

  • Just why

    Hint: read it from bottom to top, right to left, but still in the order 1-2-3


    It is supposed to say "we love burgers"


    Brain Overload

    In case the direct link doesn't work properly:

    Not my video, not my cat, but it fits ;)


    That oscillated quickly.

    In case the direct link doesn't work properly:


    Lofi Lamb: Beats to indoctrinate your followers to

    It's even made by the developers themselves. (Art by "Carles and Jan")


    Sun Guardian (by DemonML @ Deviantart)

    Original Source:

    Original Artist:


    "Risotto" (by ayyk92 @ Deviantart)

    Original source:

    Original Artist: ayyk9 @ deviantart

    PS: I still like BotW-Link's method better. It might be not as convenient als just finding cash and health in some guy's lawn, but it is a lot more immersive. =P


    "Mask Off" by AYYK92 @ Deviantart

    Original source:

    Original Artist: ayyk9 @ deviantart

    Seems like that disguise worked a little TOO well...

    Pokemon Wolf Link 🐺

    A mosquito coil holder inspired by Pokemon, made with a 3D pen by Sanago

    Not my channel, not my video or work - but I thought it was cool and wanted to share it here ;)


    Pants Inspector (SFW)

    In case the video doesn't load properly:

    EDIT: I guess everything with the word "pants" in it gets automatically flagged as NSFW by imgur ...? It's harmless, I promise.

    (Not my own video - I just found it on imgur and thought it would be nice to share it here)



    One of the first pictures I took when I started playing BotW in 2017 ... I still like it. The only edit I made was removing Wolf Link's giant health bar and Link's 3 hearts from the pic, but everything else is as it was in-game.

    Picture was taken on the northern peak of the Dueling Peaks. You don't need glitches to get a horse up there ;)


    I'm curious what this "wordplay" is in other languages...

    In English, Zelda actually said "...and then explore all other parts" and they misheard her, prompting them to run around in their knickers all day.

    In German, the dialogue is "Stärkt euren Körper und Geist und zieht wacker unbekleidet los" (Literal translation: "Fortify your body and soul and then go forth unclothed") when in reality she said "unbegleitet" ("without company"). The explanation in the German version: They were afraid of the nearby monsters, waiting for reinforcements instead of doing research. Zelda urged them to continue their work in the meantime instead of just sitting around, doing nothing. Basically "stop being such wimps and do your jobs", but a lot more politely.

    Since you kinda have to wedge a wordplay into that dialogue in every possible translation, I'm curious about how other localisations handled the quest.


    Tethered Bottle Caps

    Yes I am aware that they're somehow supposed to reduce plastic waste because the cap can't get lost ... unless you cut it off, of course.

    Yes I am also aware that there are people with disabilities (shaky hands, weak grip, etc.) who are thankful for these and actually like the design. Good for them, and I mean that in a non-sarcastic way.

    But personally, I hate these things with all the "first world problems" rage I can muster and go out of my way to rip / cut / twist them off on every single bottle I buy. I don't like having the bottle cap directly in my face while drinking, or slipping in the way of the flow whenever I just want to pour milk, and on more than one occasion, I've actually cut my finger OR lip on these little sh*ts (not the same type as in the picture, but baldy-made longer "bands" that leave little plastic spikes on the cap and/or band).

    No idea whether I should post this in the "unpopular opinion" section instead or if other people think the same, but to me, "mildly infuriating" describes them perfectly.


    Sound on! (but not too loud since it is a little NSFW-ish)

    In case the main link doesn't work:

    Seriously, that frog sounds almost as bad as the BotW Fountain Faeries.

    "Then and Now" TotK version
  • Maybe Hyrule is a Discworld-esque flat map that rotates every couple of years and they're now in the phase where the "map" is rotated by 180 degrees? =P

    ...joke aside, I've heard three theories about this that make a bit of sense:

    1. The first setup was an accident and it was actually meant to be like in TotK right from the start, so the devs merely corrected their mistake.

    2. The swap was done to make locations feel "off" and new, even the parts that weren't actually changed much (like for example the Sanidin Park Ruins).

    3. The swap was done to make the desert part easier, since now the Gerudo Highlands provide a lot of shade while the sun is north. It is already difficult enough to navigate in the Gibdo-infested sandstorm even if you're not currently boiling to death, so the devs granted players a bit of mercy here.

    None of these are in any way confirmed tho - they're just fan theories.

  • "Then and Now" TotK version
  • The original "project" in BotW took a while to accomplish, especially since I also wanted to find out what time of the day the pictures were taken (so the shadows would be identical), and I did it more or less blind so finding the right spot wasn't always easy either (I had the most trouble with the Eldin Canyon and Nameless Forest pictures). Took a good month of trial and error back then.

    Since the locations haven't changed between games, the "requirement" to get the weather AND time right no longer applies, and the fact that I know the BotW map by heart after playing basically nothing else for 6 years straight, the TotK version was a lot easier. Took me about a week, including the video version ;)

  • "Then and Now" TotK version

    Follow-up of a similar project I had done for BotW "back in the day" ;)

    What has changed in the locations from Zelda's pictures / the memory flashback scenes? I have 3 comparison pictures for each location, one from Zelda's time (the pictures on the Sheikah Slate), one from Link's time (gameplay in BotW) and one from the time of the Upheaval (TotK)

    For the BotW version, I was able to more or less recreate the pics in a recognizable manner including the right weather conditions and time of day/night so that the shadows align in the same way, but this was sadly no longer possible in TotK as the devs flipped the sun's path. In BotW, it goes East - North - West while in TotK it goes East - South - West instead.

    During any of the daytime pictures, the shadows will point in the opposite direction as in the original pictures. There is no longer an overlap where the shadows would be perfectly identical.


    (original compass credit: wikimedia commons, JamesLucas[^1] and edited by myself) [^1]:

    With that being said, some locations still haven't changed at all, especially the ones with pictures that were taken at night (so the shadows don't matter anway).

    For bigger pictures, open them in a new tab/window:


    1. Sacred Grounds / Lookout Landing


    ...this however is a location that has changed drastically. While in BotW, the only noticable changes were the broken pillars and the ominously gloomy castle in the background, the place is barely recognizable in TotK. If it hadn't been for the pillars and the Triforce emblem, there wouldn't have been similarities. The castle is hovering now, the forest is gone, buildings have appeared and even the name itself has changed, from "Sacred Grounds" to "Lookout Landing".


    2. Lake Kolomo


    The ruins of the garrison are identical in all pictures - noone tried to rebuild the garrison, but it didn't fall apart further either. If you know what kind of creature lurks there in TotK, you might know WHY they didn't send any builders there ... or maybe they did, and the builders just never returned.

    And yes, that is a Korok puzzle rock.


    3. Ancient Columns


    The differences are solely background items here. and the shadows of course, as mentioned in the intro text. Notable changes between Zelda's and Link's picture are the Sheikah Tower (not present in Zelda's time) and the fact that the shrine is now in standby mode instead of turned off (no glow VS orange glow).

    In TotK then, both of them are gone completely and so is Vah Medoh. The perpetual thunderstorm in Hebra will be there until you've cleared the Rito questline.

    Other than that, there are floating islands now, but you can say that about almost all pictures here anyway ;)


    4. Kara Kara Bazaar


    Basically no changes at all between Zelda's and Link's picture. In the Upheaval time tho, the water levels in the oasis are noticably lower than before and the barricades and structure atop the arrow shop stick out like a sore thumb. At least the water levels go back to normal after clearing the Gerudo questline, but the other changes are here to stay.

    And like the Lake Kolomo picture, the palm trees are also still completely identical. No offshoots grew, no old tree withered, nothing. From a meta perspective it makes sense to not change too much (the pictures have to be easily recognizable and TBH it is a lot of work to change plant growth instead of just copypasting the area) but from an in-game perspective it is just plain weird to see that these things haven't changed at all in a whole century.


    5. Eldin Canyon


    The murky thing down there is the Military Training Ground. In Zelda's time there seems to have been clear water (the sun reflects in it) while in Link's time it was already a muddy mess (no reflection) and in the Upheaval it got worse (now the Lost Woods are dark and murky too).

    I couldn't get the heigth right for this pic as it is very hard to build a sufficiently high tower of crates with Magnesis alone, and even harder to then actually climb it without it toppling over for the umpteenth time, but since TotK has Ultrahand, Hoverstones, Ascend and the ability to bring your own platforms to stand on via Autobuild (or just more Zonai devices), this problem was a lot easier to solve in the sequel.


    6. Irch Plain


    In-game, the picture and location are just called "Hyrule Field" despite not being in Central Hyrule and having an actual name on the in-game map. I am unsure whether this is an oversight or the devs might have wanted to not make the location too obvious by spoiling its name.

    Again, there is no plant growth, the tree and the bush are the same ... and the lack of little flowers in "my" pictures is due to the fact that I had to mow a part of the meadow because the camera angle is so low to the ground that you'd otherwise just see the grass and not much else, like you're lying face-down in a field.


    7. West Necluda


    This tree is just a bit west of the Deya Village ruins, atop the hill. And again, the tree didn't grow or wither at all within the last century. The bridge is also still in the same state of disrepair, but this time, there is an understandable in-game reason for it: during Link's time, there were barely any Hylians left save for a handful of villages, and repairing something as huge as this bridge requires a LOT of workers, tools and materials. Someone has to chisel big enough stones for the missing parts, transport them through a Guardian-infested Hyrule to the bridge, set them into the right place, all with the added logistics of feeding and housing the workers while they're in the area and having to build, operate and maintain a big enough crane ... not exactly a top priority when there are barely enough villagers to work the fields.

    In TotK the population might be bigger and with the availiable Zonai devices, moving huge stone slabs around wouldn't be that big of an issue, but now there is this three-headed jerk camping smack in the middle of the bridge, and noone wants to go chase it off when all they have is pitchforks and rusty halberds.

    I also took the liberty of taking a pic during good weather conditions ... in Zelda's picture it was raining, and I tried to recreate that weather effect in BotW, but you can barely see any details then, so whatever.


    8. Hyrule Castle


    Since the weird permanent malice effect from BotW is gone now, the area looks a little closer to Zelda's time, tho the castle walls are still broken as noone had rebuild anything here yet. And there are still monsters, malice/gloom particles floating around and debris scattered everywhere.

    Not much has changed about this place, apart from the fact that the entire castle is now floating, but you can't really make that out that from this picture alone.


    9. Spring of Power


    Basically no changes at all, at least regarding the landscape. The only differences are that, in Zelda's pic, nothing is glowing, while in Link's picture both the statue of the Goddess and the memory location spot are shining brightly, and in TotK the memory spot is gone but the statue is still enveloped in light.


    10. Sanidin Park Ruins


    Despite looking pretty clean and well-maintained, this area has been called "ruins" from the very beginning for whatever reason. The second picture has a noticably different camera angle because I simply wasn't able to reach the correct spot for the picture, as this would have required Link to float twenty feet up in the air six feet behind the parapet, and good luck trying to get there when all you have is Magnesis and a couple seconds of Stasis.

    In TotK, this was lo longer a problem thanks to the various new features offering more mobility, so the third pic has the "right" camera angle again. Apart from that, barely anything has changed here.


    11. Lanayru Road East Gate


    No visible changes between the first and second picture, but that's because I hadn't freed Naydra yet. Comlpeting that quest removes the huge cloud from the mountaintop permanently, which is likely the reason it is just gone in TotK as Naydra is "clean" right from the start then.

    There's also now a Skyview Tower up there that the player would otherwise not have been able to see properly, which is a tad inconvenient when those towers are the only things that can unlock the map.


    12. Nameless Forest


    It really doesn't have a name, whether on the picture itself (it's just called Central Hyrule) nor on the in-game map, which is a tad weird when you consider that this forest has the last and most important memory location in it. There are also a lot of noticably smaller, way less important places that do have names (like every single bridge even if it is just 5 feet long and smack in the middle of nowhere) and the forest isn't exactly small either.

    As for actual changes here .... none. None at all. Even the dang ferns are still in the same spots and each individual leaf is still in the exact same place as 100+ years prior. The only unique thing here is the glowing memory location spot, but that disappears from BotW once you interacted with it, and it isn't present in TotK in the first place.


    13. Ash Swamp


    The first isn't an actual picture but instead a painting hanging in Impa's abode in Kakariko. I guess she asked a painter (Pikango,maybe?) to create that picture way after Link was already put into the Shrine of Resurrection, but before he awoke - because the dead Guardians are already present and look like they have been sitting in that field for quite some time (overgrown with moss), but the Sheikah Tower isn't in the painting yet and that only appears once Link activated the "main tower" on the Great Plateau.

    It was rather hard to find the correct spot in TotK again, because all of the Guardians are gone and the background / other topography here looks incredibly generic and insignificant. Just another meadow with some broken pillars on it ... but to be fair, this place no longer holds any significance in TotK anyway, so there was probably no reason to make it stand out from the rest.


    If you have questions, requests, anything to point out / add or you spotted a mistake, please let me know ;) If you're interested in a video version with a little more backgound info, you can find it here.

  • Oh...yeah, that does look a lot closer to it. Thanks for pointing it out ^^ I'm going to edit the post.


    Just in case the direct link doesn't work properly:

    PS: The mushy thing they're standing on might be a cluster of Giant Salvinia, a floating water plant that can create extemely buoyant "islands" up to 60 cm thick.

    EDIT: More likely a floating mat (Thanks again!)


    Both BOTW cover art locations (by belenleoxses @ tumblr) Both BOTW cover art locations

    Today I tried to solve this doubt to a member of the BOTW subreddit, and since I don't know if someone has already done this or not, I wanted to share my assumptions after taking a look at the game…

    Both BOTW cover art locations


    1:1 copypaste in case you don't want to click on an offsite link:


    Both BOTW cover art locations

    > Today I tried to solve this doubt to a member of the BOTW subreddit, and since I don't know if someone has already done this or not, I wanted to share my assumptions after taking a look at the game's map!




    > I believe the location Link is at in this picture is the nothern mountain of the Dueling Peaks (CORRECTION: User ConfirmOriginOfFire on reddit checked and pointed out it's the southern one, not the nothern), since it's located in kind of a middle point between Death Mountain and Hyrule Castle, and you can see that small swamp between Bosh Kala shrine and Hila Rao shrine on the left, and the mountains surrounding Kakariko village on the right.


    > This is the view from the Nothern Mountain/Peak. As I said originally, it could also be a possible location for this cover, because all of the referential places appear on the frame, however all of them are much closer to Link than in the cover picture, and part of Kakariko Village's mountains are out of the frame due to that closeness, so even though it's similar, it's not exactly the same view as in the cover.


    > This is the view from the Southern Mountain/Peak. It fits much better than the Nothern Peak's view (Thanks reddit user ConfirmOriginOfFire for pointing it out!) since the distance between Link and the referential places is very similar to the cover's one, and even the edge where Link is standing looks the same as the one in the cover (Except for the grass on it), so Dueling Peaks' Southern Mountain is almost for sure the location featured in BOTW's EU cover.





    > In this picture I think Link is at Satori Mountain, because Hyrule Castle is almost aligned with Death Mountain, this last one being a little bit to the right, which means Link is at the Southwestern area of the map, and since the rainy area next to Hyrule Ridge and the Ridgeland tower are very close to him and to his left, the location of this cover is most certainly Satori Mountain.


    > This is the view from the top of Satori Mountain. Even though the rock where Link is standing on the cover is absent (As user ConfirmOriginOfFire pointed out in the comments), the view from Satori Mountain is the most similar to this cover art's since it has both Hyrule Castle and Death Mountain aligned (Although the bridge that appears on the cover is absent too (CORRECTION: The bridge is not absent, the one on the cover would be the stone bridge/passage right next to Mount Gustaf, it is just that in this screenshot it isn't aligned with Hyrule Castle and Death Mountain so it's not very visible. As reddit user Edgarska pointed out in the comments, the picture would be more accurate to the cover if it was taken from a lower, more nothern area of Satori Mountain, such as the apple orchard, instead of the top)) and the rainy area from Hyrule Ridge near Link and to his left, so Satori Mountain is almost for sure the location featured in BOTW's US/Japan cover, although the top of it isn't the most likely spot.


    > *This is the view from Satori Mountain's apple orchard. As reddit user Edgarska pointed out in the comments, this view fits much better for the cover than the one on the very top of the mountain, since Mount Gustaf's stone passage is also aligned with Hyrule Castle and Death Mountain, just like in the cover. The only cons for this location would be the absence of the rock where Link is standing (Which is also absent in the previous location) and the fact that Hyrule Ridge's rainy area stays a bit out of the frame because Link is on a lower point of the mountain now, but that's a matter of the game's vision width so it's not a big deal.

    So instead of the top of the mountain, we can conclude that Satori Mountain's apple orchard is almost for sure the location featured in BOTW's US/Japan cover.*


    > This is the view from what I call Satori Mountain's dueling peaks. While I was heading to the apple orchard from the top of the mountain I thought about taking a look to the view from that area where there's 2 little peaks next to each other (The left one having some rocks at the top), you can see the exact location on the minimap at the bottom-right of the screenshot, for reference, the pot icon would be the apple orchard. The view from this spot isn't exactly like the cover's because Mount Gustaf's stone passage isn't as well-aligned with Hyrule Castle and Death Mountain as it is from the apple orchard, but since it is actually similar, and it also had a nice rock for Link to stand on, I thought this would be an interesting location to point out!




    Disclaimer: I am not the author. The original source is linked at the top.

    Great Deku Tree 2-in-1 77092 | LEGO The Legend of Zelda
  • Aww there's even the tiny Deku Sprout in the OoT version ♥ And Deku Babas! I honestly missed those guys in BotW and TotK. They would have been a perfect addition to the Faron Woods.

    Fun Fact: Someone on tumblr translated the little sign and apparently it means "You have a talent that not everyone has"

  • Otters Chasing a Butterfly (eye bleach)

    Direct Link:


    Link VS Stalfos in the Shadow Temple

    Direct Link in case the other one doesn't work: (sound warning!)

    Orignal Creator of the animation:

    Music: "Take On Me" by a-ha


    TotK recipe list – All standard recipes and how to make them


    Original Creator:


    Floral Finisher/Monster/Demon Fang FAQ (PS2) by ranmafan

    Diret Link:

    author: ranmafan @ gamefaqs

    Neat Little Detail: The last 5 arrows in your quiver disappear one by one
  • Still doesn't work with the new url. That's how it was directly uploaded to Lemmy.World, but I guess I'd better link a different image hosting site in the future. But still thanks for the help ;)

  • Straight Line Challenge
  • That must have taken ages, wow ... I admire your dedication ♪

    I just went into this blind

    Those are the best challenges anyway. Half of the fun comes from encountering problems you didn't expect, and coming up with a solution to conquer them. Always feels a lot more rewarding than just following a script ;)

  • Straight Line Challenge
  • That's seriously impressive! Did you swim all the way through the ocean with a single stamina wheel? Oder did you ride a raft?

  • Full Circle (by Awkwardzombie)
  • Immediatly after the cutscene, you can still pick up the rock. If you revisit the location later, the circle will be completed and the rocks can no longer be picked up, but the Korok will be still present. I guess it's some sort of safety measure so the player can't just repeatedly solve the same puzzle.

  • Qasalan Expellibox workaround
  • Some people just don't trust programs that aren't made by well-known multimillion dollar companies. I haven't had any issues with the extension tho since downloading and installing it.

  • Do you participate in r/Counter on Reddit?
  • That's an interesting zero-effort way to farm clicks... I guess coming up with some actual clickbait to boost engagement was too much work?

  • YUCK!
  • Eat them dry while maintaining eye contact to assert dominance.

  • Introduction (art by Naomi Skye)
  • Shipping fictional characters in itself is completely fine with me. It can be nice to spin your own stories out of availiable canon material, and even nicer if future canon material also supports the ideas that have been spun, like in this case here. There is no harm in that. Fanfictions, artworks, tin foil hat theories, headcanon of any kind - 100% fine with me.

    However, I fully agree about "ship wars" not being worth it in any way. It takes zero effort and no energy whatsoever to just chill and let people enjoy stuff they like even if it's not your cup of tea, instead of going apesh*t aggressive when someone has a different view on things. Never understood the motivation behind this senseless hostility to make others miserable for no reason.

    For example, I personally like the idea that there is no romantic interest whatsoever between Zelda and Link, and that they're just very close friends that fully trust each other. The idea that those two have a crush on each other ... nope. Don't like it, won't incorporate the idea into my own headcanon, ever. But that does not mean that I have the desire and/or right to tell others that they are somehow "wrong" for shipping those two. I'm completely okay with others thinking differently about this topic - To each their own ;)

    That's how it always should be IMHO. Just respect and acknowledge that not everyone likes the same stuff and don't be a prick about it. (Which is the point that people engaging in "ship wars" grossly fail to understand for some reason)

  • "I sacrificed for less" (by limehazard @ newgrounds)
  • Sometimes followers will request that you revive another follower that has died, either by sacrifice or due to old age. And sometimes those quests glitch out, and a follower will request that you revive another follower that ...well .. hasn't died yet.

    The only way to clear those requests is to un-alive the requested follower, then re-alive them again. It is super awkward.

  • Old posts missing from community
  • It happens to the best, no worries ;) The good thing is, that it is an easy "fix" since you can just crosspost the older stuff to the new community and everything will end up in the same place.

  • Old posts missing from community
  • The posts in your own posting history are from and the community you linked is on which is a different instance.

  • Monster Hunter Stories - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch
  • Do they at least keep the monstie element / color change this time? TBH I was severely disappointed in MonHun Stories when I learned that they removed the only gameplay feature that kept gameplay interesting after the main story.

  • Do you have any fantasy worlds that you love so much that you want to move & live there forever?
  • Hyrule, preferably the version from Breath of the Wild. I mean, yes there is the whole Ganon thing and one shouldn't go too close to the castle, but the rest of the kingdom is pretty chill, and apparently you can make an easy living by just lazy foraging in the countryside, or by selling a handful of acorns and bugs at random stables, or by growing a grand total of eight pumpkins.

    I'll take a life as a homeless but well-fed drifter on horseback anytime over ... this. gestures vaguely at the current state of the world