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FIA asked to grant early F1 debut for Antonelli before 18th birthday
  • TIL. How did that end up? I suppose it doesn’t really matter. He got his shot and he couldn’t perform at the level required. Shrug

  • FIA asked to grant early F1 debut for Antonelli before 18th birthday
  • Well Sargeant, it was cool to see an American for a bit. Good luck in whatever comes next, mate.

    Getting canned after your home race (speculation) would feel like shit.

  • Ferrari livery for the Miami GP
  • Hahaha; I dunno what I expected but this sure as shit isn’t it. Woo… thanks for the morning laugh.

  • Introducing TypeSpec: A New Language for API-Centric Development
  • As an FYI to myself: the leaps have not been made.

    I would love to have TypeSpec enable support for examples, callbacks, and links. If it added those three, it’d be a total game changer (for me).

    My position is one of always design an API first (produce the OpenAPI document of what you want to build) and get buy off from your customers/stakeholders. Then when we start coding, we know exactly what well the end result should be.

    Even better would have the ability to do request/response validation via a OpenAPI spec in .NET. Still holding out on that pipe dream (I know it’s available via other languages).

  • Roku OS home screen is getting video ads for the first time
  • Can you block these by adding Pi-Hole? I’m so tired of enshittification.

  • Introducing TypeSpec: A New Language for API-Centric Development
  • Feels weird to introduce something that’s been around for a while. I’ve been using typespec for about a year. Works well but it needs to make some leaps to match with the OpenAPI spec.

    Perhaps I should see if those have been made…

  • Sexsomnia: An embarrassing sleep disorder no one wants to talk about
  • If my spouse were to ask for me to do that, that would be an actual discussion in which I would seriously consider it. My partner has not asked me for such a request so I don’t consider it.

  • Sexsomnia: An embarrassing sleep disorder no one wants to talk about
  • This was never something that came up as a child and I didn’t share a room in my teenage years.

  • Sexsomnia: An embarrassing sleep disorder no one wants to talk about
  • Well, shit. I have this. It actually sucks.

    From just this year, I can recall:

    • My spouse smacking my arm when I was furiously masturbating right next to her. I woke up with my erection in my hand. I asked her if she recalled it in the morning but she didn’t even remember smacking my arm.
    • My spouse informing me on two mornings last month about attempting to initiate during the night.

    I can’t sleep next to anyone who doesn’t know about the condition and consents to the possibility of having to wake me to stop it. It caused friction in my early marriage (no other serious gfs) but once my spouse helped me realize what I was doing did i understand this occurred.

  • It's movie night. You don't know who's coming but you have to pick a movie everyone vibes with. What do you choose?
  • If kids are around, probably Howl’s Moving Castle or another Studio Ghibli movie.

    If I am gearing for adults, a comedy like Chef where the premise is lighthearted but not a total snooze fest.

  • 2024 Chinese Grand Prix - [PRACTICE 1] discussion thread
  • What was the deal with the grass catching fire? Did that get figured out?

  • TFW PBS NewsHour is dunking on your campaign to your face
  • The photo has two individuals in it. The interviewer is on the left, Amna Nawaz, and RFK Jr is responding to a question by asking one of his own, “does everyone in your family agree with you?” Amna’s response is to reply that, “I think that they’d vote for me if I ran for president.”

    RFK Jr family has come out against his presidential campaign. I believe they have aligned with the Biden campaign.

    The burn here implies that: if you can’t even get your own family votes, how can you expect to get American voters?

    Edit: clarification of people

  • I'm Heading to Phoenix Can Anyone Recommend Anything Cool To Check Out While I'm There?
  • Well, shit. Here you go. When I lived in Phoenix, I came up with this list of activities to do with a friend when they would visit.

    • Mexican food (it’s everywhere and it’s better than where you live unless that’s LA or Mexico)
    • South Mountain is fun to drive and see at night
    • Zoo is a good one especially when the heat isn’t bad
    • Renaissance Festival is going on but it’s a drive out there
    • Spring Training is likely going on
    • Ostrich Festival is sometime in March (Chandler)
    • Soleri Bridge
    • Hole in the Rock
    • Love sculpture 
    • Goldfield ghost town
    • Wildlife World Zoo
    • Tovrea Castle tour
    • Bed of Nails (AZ Science Center)
    • Rosson House
    • Biltmore (hotel)
    • Japanese Friendship Garden
    • Four Peaks Brewery
    • Durant’s 
    • Carolinas
    • Schnepf Farms (May)
    • Cerreta Candy Co
    • Compass Arizona Grill (restaurant, get a window table 30 min before sunset)

    Some of these are specific to the part of town I was in. Hopefully this helps give a couple ideas.

  • NSFW
    What does the perfect intimate night to yourself look like?
  • Okay but what was the new toy? My friend wants to know. My friend is my prostate.

    To answer: find a great porn, play with a few toys, possibly edge for a while until an explosive orgasm.

  • 2024 FORMULA 1 ARAMCO PRE-SEASON TESTING [DAY 1] discussion thread
  • I misunderstood your question and I did not understand the testing format, mate. Sorry about that. Check this out:

  • 2024 FORMULA 1 ARAMCO PRE-SEASON TESTING [DAY 1] discussion thread
  • Woo! Season is getting close. Looking forward to seeing these new cars on track.

  • NSFW
    The San Diego Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Ah yes. I remember these places. 0/5 stars. Had to pay way too much money to visit a shiny white room.

  • Really not enjoying the recent update
  • Have to agree that this update has felt pretty jarring when I’ve been used to how the app has been working. It felt like Apollo before but now it feels like Apollo’s little annoying shitty brother. I remain hopeful that the changes will be sorted out but we will see.

    Edit: spelling error

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was way better than it had any right to be.
  • My favorite of the year so far. My nostalgia was off the charts and I loved every second of it.

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