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Take action to stop chat control now!
  • Of course, the mad men won't leak those details until they're on their death bed and need to repent.

    Here of a slightly more refined take.

    Anti plastic straw campaign is an industry gambit to undermine environmentalist anti plastic movement. It create maximum public inconvenience and backlash against the environmentalist cause for a minimal loss of profits. This moves protects the rest of the industry by reducing support to the anti plastic caused through backlash and the feeling of accomplishment and sacrifice

    Chatgpt re interpretation

    This perspective suggests that the anti-plastic straw campaign is a strategic move by the plastic industry to protect itself. By targeting plastic straws, which are a minor part of plastic waste but widely used, the campaign creates significant public inconvenience. This inconvenience can lead to a backlash against the broader environmental movement. Consequently, people might feel that the inconvenience of giving up straws is enough of a sacrifice, reducing their motivation to support more substantial anti-plastic initiatives. Meanwhile, the plastic industry sustains minimal financial impact since straws represent a small fraction of their overall product lineup. This theory implies a sophisticated tactic to safeguard the industry's interests by diverting attention from more impactful areas of plastic production and consumption.

  • Take action to stop chat control now!
  • The real goal is to get the population to regret demanding things like gdpr.

    Similar to the plastic industry's covert legislative push to ban plastic straw.

    Irritate the public enough to stop them demanding more.

    In this case it's a double whammy of also getting our sweet private data for their AI models.

  • The planet’s vision is getting worse: 50% of the population will have myopia by 2050
  • People think blu-ish light is more blinding, it's just not. But it's different and getting blinded still sucks.

    As for lens prescription, that's because there's never been this many old people.

    Truck lights should be at the same height as other cars. It's unnecessary to have them up there, except for aesthetics.

  • Who needs Skynet
  • The problem is the concentration of power, Sam "regulate me daddy" Altman's plan is to get the government to create a web of regulation that makes it so only the big tech giants have access to the uncensored models.

  • How can I quickly "unclog" firefox when it runs out of memory (with 1000/2000 tabs)

    Hi, Once in a while I try to clean up my tabs. First thing I do is use "merge all windows" to put all tabs into one window.

    This often causes a memory clog and firefox get stuck in this state for 10-20 minutes

    I have recorded one such instance.

    I have tried using the "discard all tabs" addon, unfortunately, it is also getting frozen by the memory clog.

    Sometimes I will just reboot my PC as that is faster.

    Unfortunately, killing firefox this way, does not save the new tab order, so when I start firefox again, it will have 20+ windows open, which I again, merge all pages and then it clogs again !

    So far the only solution I have found is just wait the 20 minutes.

    Once the "memory clog" is passed, it runs just fine.

    I would like better control over tab discard. and maybe some way of limitting bloat. For instance, I would rather keep a lower number of undiscarded youtube that as they seem to be insanely bloated.

    In other cases, for most website I would like to never discard the contents.

    In my ideal world, I would like the tabs to get frozen and saved to disk permanently, rather than assuming discard tabs can be reloaded. As if the websites were going to exist forever and discarding a tab is like cleaning a cache.


    The steam store "all item" list clears itself when you scroll back up. How to prevent that ?

    It is extremely frustrating. I just wanted to evaluate the whole list one by one and not miss one.

    But no, it makes you click "more" every 10 items and then it wipes itself when you scroll back up.

    You win steam, I give up and won't buy anything, happy ?


    When I visit websites like netflix and discord, all my side monitors go extra glitched, I think it's an HDR thing. How can I stop that ?

    After some searching, it looks like I need to disable all hardware acceleration ? How can I disable only the minimum amount of stuff ?


    Are there addons to freeze javascript (toolbar button) and "discard tab to disk" (instead of plain discard)

    I don't like it when I go back to a tab and it reloads.

    For whatever reason, I want tabs to stop changing. I don't want the to reload from their javascript and I don't want the tab content to be deleted by the automatic discard (to save memory)

    If firefox decides to free memory, it should dump tab data and tab state to disk, not delete and reload from the website later.

    Sometimes the website won't exist later.

    Somewhat related but this one is hard : Some website dynamically delete content after you've scroll past it (firefox) this means even if you scroll to the "true" bottom, you can't ctrl+f search and you can't freeze the page and read it all at your leisure and preserve it for later.

    Currently my solution is to video screen capture the whole tab while scrolling slowly, this is quite a ridiculous step to take but apparently the only option to keep our data !?


    how do you search lemmy comments ?

    I just tried the search button, got no result. Turns out the search button only searches community names not comments or posts ?!?!??

    Youtube interdimensionalmeme

    Why does it take so many steps to tell Youtube "I've already watched this" ?

    I have soooo many videos that I've already watched.

    5 clicks in a context menu is wayyyyyy to much

    It should be one click.

    And "I've already watched this"

    Doesn't meant I don't want to see that youtuber any less of course.

    It's that specific video, because I'VE ALREADY WATCHED IT !


    Can I control my firefox browser externally (from CLI or make an app) ?

    I would like to be able to perform the following actions from outside the browser, for example from a script

    ''' Obtain a list of all tabs, and which URL is open Obtain a list of all firefox windows and which tab is in each and in what order Obtain a list of firefox running instances Actions on tabs Close a tab Open a new tab and enter URL move a tab in a window's tab order move a tab to another window mute/unmute a tab make a tab hidden or unhide pin/unpin a tab select/unselect a tab discard a tab reload a tab copy tab body or a specific xpath run a javascript cmdlet, (bookmarklet ? ) Run a function of a script in somethingmonkey bookmarks list all bookmarks folder and bookmarks move a bookmark to another folder delete a bookmark create a bookmark get/change position of a firefox window close a window/ open a new window list installed addons turn an addon on or off '''

    I would love to be able to write script, from outside firefox, and do these actions

    I have found about the remote debugger, but I can't figure out if it's only for debugging firefox on android via adb ? Or can I use that directly from a script ?

    devtools.debugger.remote-enabled -start-debugger-server ?

    Is any of this possible ?

    thanks !


    Is there an addon to move selected tabs to a bookmark folder

    And I really mean move, not copy.

    The difference between copy and move is that copy... copies, but move dies copy->verify->delete original, in a single operation of the user.

    Preferably, that is reliable. Meaning it checks the bookmarks have been successfully created before closing the related tab.

    Also it should be clear what bookmark folder it is going to put the tabs in.

    Because the current bookmark manager, it is easy to end up dumping all your tabs in the parent folder of tge destination you indented.

    Or end up creating an extra child folder inside your intended destination bookmark folder

    Would also be nice to have quality of life features, such as a default bookmark folder.

    The option to put the bookmarks in a folder named with today's date.

    Maybe an option to specify a default destination bookmarks folder on a per site domain basis


    are there dedicated thin client linux distro, I mean moonlight, SPICE, waypipe, vnc, rdp, remmina, X.

    Either pxe netboot or usb or installable. Immuttable or not. Ramfs. With a host selector or fully auto login ?

    Ultra light 16 to 128mb storage 64-128mb ram. Or "full sized"

    And lastly, something like that, but that would run on a proxmox host.


    Is it possible for an addon to tell if a tab was closed, or pulled out ? (github issue, feature request) Feature Request : Distinct behaviour between tab close and tab pullout · Issue #37 · jingyu9575/select-after-closing-current

    Hi, I like this addon for the functionality of pulling out a tab. Example of pulling out a tab explorer_y0Kw2ILFTt.mp4 As you can see in this example, I was able to pullout a random, not selected t...

    Feature Request : Distinct behaviour between tab close and tab pullout · Issue #37 · jingyu9575/select-after-closing-current

    The select-after-closing-current addon is a way to pullout a random tab out of a window, which will not change the tab that was visible in that window.

    However, what it does is any closed tab, it will select the previously seen tab no matter what.

    The reason for my question, I would like to know if it is possible for the add-on to have a different behaviour for closed tabs from pulled out tabs.

    I wish, when I close a tab, to always select the tab to the right. But when I pullout a tab, I wish to always see the tab that was visible before the pullout.


    I just spent my entire weekend doing my Sketchup 8 keybinds. I just had to share.

    And I'm curious if I could map my keys to make Freecad work this way. I don't know how many of the these tools don't exist in Freecad, but if I could one to one make a keybind that works for me, I might start using it instead of sketchup 8


    But mostly, this is the because general CAD community on lemmy and I wanted to share, ciao!


    Which addon, will open multiple tabs, from the multiple URLs in my clipboard ?

    There used to be an addon, "Open tabs from clipboard URLs" but I can't seem to find it anymore.

    The best I find now is, an addon that opens a box, then you paste your URLs in it, then you press a button.

    That's not what I want. I want a toolbar button, I press it, the tabs open.

    So that I can opens large blocks of URLs.

    Also, I would like another addon which opens large blocks of URLs but does not load them immediately.

    I have LoadOnSelect3 for this, but the problem with that one, is that it opens special moz:// pages until you load the tab. And that breaks searching and filtering tabs because the tab title and URL are not the real ones.


    Rate my rack !

    I'm going to make this rack out of wood and angle iron I'm not going to put this many angle iron as most of my servers are 3U

    Let me know if you spot something wrong


    The ability to re-bind any keyboard or mouse shortcuts is major accessibility issue that I think needs more attention Customizable hotkeys

    It would be great if there was a way to customize hotkeys. Here's how I see it:  * Have a about:hotkeys panel, with all actions listed, and already mapped shortcuts shown.  * Whether these should be modifiable or not is up to the dev community, ideally they'd be.  * When clicking on a hotkey field, ...

    Customizable hotkeys

    You should try Tab Manager Plus, it's the best Tab Manager IF you change the default settings ! (video demonstration)

    Tab Manager Plus Set to "Open in own tab by default" Set to "Dark mode" Set to "Vertical view" -- very important

    You can live search your tab titles to select them

    You can open all selected tabs in their own window

    You can close selected tabs

    You can "discard" tab contents (different from close, the tab is there but content is gone)

    You can highlight/select duplicate tabs

    You can hide not selected tabs

    You can pin selected tabs (unfortunately, they still only appear on the one window they are pinned to, they just get pinned to the left of the tab bar)

    You can drag and drop selected tabs to another window of your choice, both the representation of that window in the TMP tab, but also into the other firefox window itself. That means, drag and drop from here, is the same as pulling out a tab out of a normal firefox window !

    Cannot search text inside of tabs, especially not sleeping tabs

    Sometimes I press the TMP button and I just get a bluegreen screen, doesn't work until I close many windows and tabs

    I would prefer real dark mode with my preferred colours

    I would like to easily drop&close tabs into bookmark folders reliably !

    Reddit interdimensionalmeme

    When I realized, achtually, I don't really need other people

    However, I will keep you guys around, for now ...


    I tried to discuss the use of steam hardware security keys on google's top steam forum threads about the subject and all my posts were deleted and the threads closed. And I got a community warning


    Is there a way to automatically and inteligently manage session token cookies in firefox ?

    Hi, So, I wipe all cookies on every restart of firefox by default.

    However, there are a very very few cookies I would like to restore. And only to certain multi-account containers

    They are the session cookie to the few websites I login to. Because I'm annoyed to have to login again on every reboot.

    But I still want to wipe every other cookies they store.

    I tried to make a bookmarklet that can save the session cookie

    Example this

    javascript:(function() { function getCookie(name) { var value = "; " + document.cookie; var parts = value.split("; " + name + "="); if (parts.length == 2) return parts.pop().split(";").shift(); } var cookieValue = getCookie('session_id'); if (cookieValue) { var data = new Blob([session_id=${cookieValue}], {type: 'text/plain'}); var a = document.createElement('a'); = 'none'; document.body.appendChild(a); var url = window.URL.createObjectURL(data); a.href = url; = 'session_id.txt';; window.URL.revokeObjectURL(url); } else { alert('Cookie "session_id" does not exist.'); } })();

    Unfortunately, unlike regular cookies, this doesn't work and it returns the cookie doesn't exist.

    I would have made another bookmarklet which create a cookie from the file.

    What I really need is an addon that lets me specify which cookies to save and restory, in which multi-account container