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What do you folks do for IRL privacy in terms of CCTV, facial recognition, etc?
  • Not a whole lot, honestly. Wear a mask and sunglasses sometimes.

    If you were determined/sensitive you could attach IR lights/battery to a hat that will blow out the image on a CCTV camera without drawing too much attention from those around you.

    Gait detection is also a thing that hiding your face won't stop. You'd have to just constantly put a rock in different places in your shoes or break a leg LOL

    They also make devices that will blow out microphones in close proximity.

  • Forgot to pay my domain for a year and now I have to spend £2200 ($3000) if I want to get it back
  • They don't really care. They're fishing for "whales". Those who forgot to renew their domain or something but desperately need it back. Businesses, likely.

  • New Release Audacity 3.6
  • Honestly there's no reason to use Audacity anymore when this exists. We can argue all the livelong day about licenses and telemetry and "should we allow this" but there's really no need when there's a community-run alternative that lacks the motivation to implement such functions.

  • Greedy Publishers Have Won And Normalized Paying To Play Early
  • Believe it or not, other people's decisions affect you (and us). Same reason why micro transactions have been embraced by pretty much the entire industry at this point, despite me never ever buying a single one, and many games that could have been awesome have been completely ruined.

  • Why does Odysee have 836 advertising partners?
  • PeerTube seems really empty

    PeerTube is not great but it's not empty either. You just have to find an instance that federates with lots of other instances. Due to file size and bandwidth required, this is one thing that most people self-host, so it's very fragmented.

    I created my own and just set it to auto-follow other instances.

  • Cant post when VPN is on.
  • Well that's super annoying and explains a lot.

  • Thailand is set to roll out a controversial $13.8 billion handout plan in digital money to citizens
  • If you refuse to explain yourself then I cannot answer your question. Have a nice day.

  • Proton Pass: Login items now have a dedicated email AND username field
  • Most password managers don't have aliases. So if anything, that would be the custom field.

  • Proton Pass: Login items now have a dedicated email AND username field
  • I maintain this should have been an incredibly obvious day one feature but I appreciate it nonetheless. Problem is I have to now go back and change all 300 logins to reflect this change because I was forced to save them incorrectly.

  • Elon Musk says SpaceX HQ officially moving to Texas, blames new CA trans student privacy law
  • Sounds like a super long way of describing a "distraction".

  • Thailand is set to roll out a controversial $13.8 billion handout plan in digital money to citizens
  • Yes, it may not be incorrect but if we know that phrasing is going to lead to many people being dismissive of others getting help why are you so insistent on it?

    Because being dishonest is going to make people far more dismissive.

  • Thailand is set to roll out a controversial $13.8 billion handout plan in digital money to citizens
  • If the job isn't contributing anything then it's not a job because no one is going to pay you to do it LOL

  • Thailand is set to roll out a controversial $13.8 billion handout plan in digital money to citizens
  • Merely existing is not earning compensation. Not everyone contributes anything to society and some certainly take more than they give.

    You can make an argument that they deserve it or that it's a benefit to society, but then you have to acknowledge that it is in fact a handout and just be okay with that.

  • GPU "processing" with Kdenlive on Bazzite with 4700u GPU?

    Trying to cover all my bases on the headline LOL.

    I confirmed LACT was installed, though I don't think that has anything to do with it.

    Installed movit via RPM-OStree.

    GPU processing is still grayed out. Currently waiting for a 20 minute video to process on CPU only and says it will take 3 hours :(


    Immich x FUTO Q&A

    Short version of this interview is that nothing is changing, other than they're going to be asking a flat fee "$5-20" for the app, rather than relying on donations. All donation platforms have been closed. However, if you choose not to, as Louis says "that's between you and your God".

    Project will remain AGPL and thus can be forked at any time. FUTO maintains the trademark of Immich name and logos.


    Sony is gaslighting you. This is why they want you to connect PSN:

    > we collect the information that you provide by entering it into certain Service features. For example, when you want to post in a forum, you provide us the content for the post (which could contain PI which we collect and then display for you on the forum). Likewise, when you use other features such as voice or text messaging, blogs, surveys, user-generated content, activity streams, or social media, we may first collect the information you enter into the feature.

    > We may also automatically or passively collect information about your use of our Services, see the sub-sections below for a list of categories by sources of such information.

    > Each time you use a PlayStation console or a PlayStation app on a PlayStation console or other devices (such as a mobile phone or PC), we may automatically collect information about your use of that device and app. If you sign into an Account, we may combine it with other information we have for that Account.

    > The information that we collect from devices may include: Device identifiers such as your PlayStation console ID, mobile device IDs, cookie IDs, or serial numbers, Network identifiers such as your IP address and MAC address

    > We may receive information, including the following, from third party sources and combine it with information we already directly collect from you. We will handle the information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

    > Game, social media, or other information, from those third parties or services you link your Account with

    >Marketing and Advertising: We may target and personalize our marketing communications, purchase recommendations and advertisements that we display on our and third-party websites and services based on the information we have collected about you.

    The list just goes on here, but to boil it down: Sony wants dat sweet sweet data.


    What VPN are you using?

    I use Proton. But I continue to run into more and more websites and services that detect my VPN and refuse my connection, or just run literally 40 captchas in a row until I just give up.

    I use Proton because it has a "suite" of products under a single subscription, but that benefit is losing it's allure as some of their products are pretty shitty from a user experience perspective, their customer support is atrocious, and they don't seem to pay any attention to what their users actually want.

    Does anyone track known VPN servers? Is there a specific provider that causes less problems? Does anyone test different VPNs for detection?

    Thinking about cancelling my subscription and moving to Mullvad.


    MKBHD gave a glimpse of the Steam Deck controls for Disney robots in his latest video

    Original video:


    Pixel 9/9 Pro/XL leaked

    > Pixel 9: with a 6.03-inch screen and a double rear camera. This is the heir to Pixel 8.

    > Pixel 9 Pro: with a 6.1-inch screen and a triple rear camera. This is a new model.

    > Pixel 9 Pro XL: with a 6.7-inch screen and a triple rear camera. This is the heir to the Pixel 8 Pro.

    If we get Pixel desktop I will def have to be upgrading to 9 Pro come Black Friday...


    Thoughts on these SATA/M.2-->SATA/2.5" adapters?

    Trying to squeeze some more storage in my MiniPC. I have questions about these. These use hardward RAID with selectable modes (Individual/JBOD/RAID1/RAID2).

    1. If I use RAID 1 and one of the drives fails, will I know?

    2. If a drive fails, and a slap in a new one, will it internally begin repairing RAID 1 again?

    3. Can I use these as "individual" or JBOD and have 2 separate drives through the same connector, and use something like TrueNAS to software-RAID them?


    Never occurred to me to use it this way until my brother came to visit.

    Playing Helldivers 2. My brother on the desktop on the living room TV. Me on the SteamDeck on the couch next to him. Playing co-op together.


    N100 Mini PC w/ 3xNVMe?

    Not sure why this doesn't exist. I don't need 12TB of storage. When I had a Google account I never even crossed 15GB. 1TB should be plenty for myself and my family. I want to use NVMe since it is quieter and smaller. 2230 drives would be ideal. But I want 1 boot drive and 2 x storage drives in RAID. I guess I could potentially just have 2xNVMe and have the boot partition in RAID also? Bonus points if I can use it as a wireless router also.


    Is it possible to create an OS that simply automatically runs .exe files through WINE/Proton/Bottles?

    I really enjoy Linux but I find myself having to keep Windows partitions around for software that specifically requires Windows.

    Proton makes everything easier by automatically running game files through a translation layer, and it "just works" quite well most of the time.

    Also VanillaOS can apparently auto-spin a container when you try to open a .deb or AUR package (this is my rudimentary understanding).

    Setting up WINE/Bottles, etc. is above my pay grade.

    Is it not possible to create an OS that just does the same thing as Steam but for the entire OS?


    Adding instances to your services?

    Hi friends, I managed to get a few services running (Mobilizon, Mastodon, PeerTube etc.), and I'm just now realizing that by default none of these federated networks are subscribed to anything?

    I'm going to be the only one using these services so I don't care about moderation or defederation. Is there no "subscribe all" button?

    And if not, are there comprehensive lists somewhere I can download and import?

    Thanks in advance.


    A Linux user lives here


    Help with NGINX? so close...

    Hi friends. I'm new to the whole homeserver. I managed to make a ton of progress very quickly using CasaOS but I've been hung up on this for a couple of days now.

    I have Jellyfin set up and working properly, locally. I configured Namecheap to forward requests from [subdomain] to [WAN]. I have my router set up to port forward requests from [WAN] 80 and 443 to NGINX on [LAN] port 81. I created a proxy host in NGINX to forward requests from [subdomain] to [LAN Server] on [LAN] port 8097 (Jellyfin container).

    Problem is when I type in [subdomain] into the browser, it takes me to the NGINX login page instead of the Jellyfin it's not forwarding the request? Not really sure what I'm doing wrong here. Any help is appreciated.

    Potential issue I see is that Jellyfin by default fires up on port 8097 but in the settings defaults HTTP to 8096 and...I'm not really sure why. Going to 8096 returns a "site can't be reached" error.


    How to prevent link hijacking on sites like Facebook, Reddit and Twitter?

    Lately I've noticed some mainstream sites injection tracking links into literally every link on their site.

    When I hover over it, it shows the correct link at the bottom of my browser, but if I click it or copy it, it takes me to a hijacked tracker link.

    Then I can't even get the original link without having my activity tracked.

    How do I get the original link that appears at the bottom of my browser?


    anyone willing to walk a noob through getting some services running?

    I've tried to figure some of this stuff out but I really don't know what I'm doing. Most documentation is written with a vocabulary I don't understand. Tutorials assume a high-level understanding of coding, software, CLI and a bunch of other stuff.

    So far I've got an old gaming PC with a R7 2700x + 2060 Super and I think maybe it's overkill. I've got TrueNAS running on it but that's about as far as I got...

    Thinking maybe we can have an open Jitsi meeting and just anyone who needs help can get it (myself included 🙂)?

    Would anyone be interested in something like that?


    E: some people have imagined up some things that I said so let me be clear about what I did not say:

    At no time did I insist, beg, or demand that anyone help me.

    I did NOT ask anyone to help with a specific issue, nor should I be required to.

    I asked if anyone would be willing to help myself and possibly others to get some services running, and I asked to do it in a videoconference setting where we can have a discussion and where you can see what I'm doing as I'm doing it, out of respect for both of our time.

    If you are not interested, you do not need to come in here and announce it, and you sure as shit do not need to speak for anyone else on whether they will want to. Just keep scrolling.

    E2: special thanks to those who actually reached out and offered to help!


    why cant Steam Deck detect display resolution?

    Every PC I've ever used automatically detects and adjusts resolution to the display you connect to it. Even Nintendo Switch will detect when it's docked and automatically adjust the display resolution. But on Steam Deck you literally have to adjust the display resolution for every game, every time you switch displays.

    Since getting the SD I have shoved my PC into another room to displace the heat (until I get a mini-split) and I just stream from it to the Deck, whether docked at my desk or on the couch or on the big screen. But this really complicates that process unnecessarily.

    This has also not been fixed in Nobara or Chimera.

    What's the limitation there?