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Az újraszámlálás utolsó napja után is 200 szavazat körül lehet Karácsony előnye
  • Ezen a ponton amúgy meg csak legyen egy újraválasztás. Hát ha már most vagy 1000 szavazat kiderült, hogy rossz helyre lett számolva, közben meg valamelyik 100 szavazattal fog nyerni, egy "egyszer lecsekkolt eredménnyel" akkor most miért tekintsem ezt validnak? Akkor számoljanak csak addig, amíg ki nem jön kétszer ugyan az az eredmény.

  • I don't have a problem.
  • To anyone who needs this in the future, a lot of scanners need some extra firmware files (found on their backend's subpage, accessible from here) and those can be added to your nix configuration in a way some good people discovered here. Knowing all this would have saved me around 3 hours yesterday, so you're welcome.

  • Please Help Reverse This
  • I mean, it's not nice to joke with eugenics but I think it was no more than that and besides the movie explicitly mentions that research of important topics halted in favour of projects with a more promising outpay and that education became worse and worse by the year, which are both very real threats.

  • An Important Distinction [Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal]
  • I would say patriotism is when you love the ideas a nation is built on and stands for, while nationalism is when you love the people and history of a nation.

    As a european it's very hard to love the former, since we've been here for more than a thousand years meaning whatever ideas our forefathers might have had in mind are rightfully gone now. However over this time we developed our own culture and became a nation of people which we can love instead.

    Nationalism doesn't have to be toxic as it's often depicted, if someone belives their nation is "better" that's called chauvinism. Nationalism is just when you feel your nation is special for you at least and that makes you want to better it.

  • USA presidential candidates
  • I'm from Europe (Hungary) and I watched the first 20 minutes of the debate (with the intent of finishing the whole thing in one go) before turning it off while basically being on the brink of crying. The US presidents basically have as much say in my life as my own government (if not more) and even though I can't vote for them, if I had to I'd be lost. Because it's not that one is old and the other is crazy it's a freaking Venn diagram of crazy RFK jr., demented Biden and then of course crazy and demented Trump. Seeing the debate and how these people basically can't put two sentences after each other without breaking up is terrifying. And one of them will be voted into the most important office on the planet.

    I mean it's shit over here. We can choose between a guy who already stole half of our country, someone whose messy divorce somehow made him the most important member of the opposition and this other guy who stole the other half of the country before the current dude did. (And that's just the tip of the iceberg). But maaan are we a lot better off than the world's greatest country where two unsupervised parties get to point at the people you can vote into this ridiculously powerful position. And then they pick these guys.

    We're all going to die and I can't even vote for whoever gets us killed, which is ultimately for the better. This way I can die with a clear conscience.

  • Wait what
  • I don't see how someone couldn't make you forget something and then remind you at the time they deem is right. I mean the point of this image is the mystery and I think that would be myterious enough.

  • Any predictions for the september basho?

    I personally like to wait a few days before I start guessing potential winners, but just so this post has something to say, at the very least I think

    • Kirishima will remain as Ozeki, seeing his win yesterday, and maybe even be a runner-up.
    • Takakeisho will probably have a hard time this tournament, as his performance seemed to lack his usual energy, probably because he didn't have as much time to practice in the last few months, because of his injuries.
    • Hoshoryu will have 10 or more wins.
    • Asanoyama will probably be a runner-up and be promoted either to Komosubi, or striaght to Sekiwake if more than two of those drop out, or he wins.
    • Mitakeumi will be kachi-koshi, there is no way he can't be when he is already this low in rankings.

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