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Venting about shit. Angry about the willfully ignorant motherfuckers around me.
  • There’s nothing stopping you from going NC with extended - or even immediate - family, if they negatively impact your sanity to that degree. At the end of the day, you’re human, and so is everyone else. Live your life on your own terms.

  • As Trump unloads on Harris, even his supporters see her gaining ground
  • Trump this week agreed to debate Harris, and said he would be “willing to do more than one debate” against her. It’s a forum his supporters appeared eager for.

    Lmao I so deeply hope that he is dumb enough to debate her. She’s just gonna put her lawyer hat on and fucking SHRED him. I’m absolutely giddy with excitement.

  • Nearly 40K new voters registered in 48 hours after Biden’s exit
  • I was absolutely baffled at how many downvotes I got for saying I didn’t think Biden had his head in the game after he was like “I’ll do my best but if I lose oh well 🤷‍♂️”. Like… holy fuck. That was perhaps the most catastrophically tone-deaf thing I’ve ever heard an otherwise fairly skilled politician say - and I’ve heard a LOT of politicians say a LOT of stupid things.

  • Sundresses and rugged self-sufficiency: ‘tradwives’ tout a conservative American past ... that didn’t exist
  • I mean, is it my fault I was roughly 25 when the Great Recession happened? Because I’d peg that as when shit started getting really weird and bad all around. But I also agree that we took a much sharper downward turn in 2016.

    (I don’t mean to dismiss the deeply misguided military adventurism the US was engaged in during the naughties, but the question I’m answering here is “when, in your perception, did shit start to go real sideways in this country”?

  • In fiery speech to Congress, Netanyahu vows 'total victory' in Gaza and denounces U.S. protesters
  • Imma exercise my first amendment right:

    Fuck you, Bibi. You’re a fucking genocidal fascist. You are only making life harder for Jews all over the world (because lots of people don’t fully understand the difference between Israel and Jewish people), and most of those Jews are pretty fucking pissed at you as a result - not to mention, the vast majority of non-racist people. You’re going to be remembered for your crimes against humanity, and that’s it, you fucking sandwich-filling psycho.

  • Kamala Harris links Trump to Project 2025 in debut rally: ‘Can you believe they put that thing in writing?’
  • I definitely feel better having a presumptive nominee who actually seems to give a fuck about stopping the fascists instead of this idiocy:

    I'll feel as long as I gave it my all and I did the good as job as I know I can do, that's what this is about.

    Because holy fuck I was real fucking concerned he was going to sleepwalk us into a fascist government taking over after that shit.

  • Nancy Pelosi did what she’s always done
  • What about my comment leads you to believe I’m generally detached from political goings-on, or that I’m being anything but ruthlessly pragmatic in the context of what we need to do to defeat the fascists?

  • Time is a flat circle

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    > Ukrainian pilots in light aircraft shoot down Russian UAV > > cross-posted from [email protected]

    7 What Happened in Biden’s High-Stakes ABC Interview?

    The president looked and sounded better than he did in the debate, but repeatedly dismissed and denied widespread concerns about him and his campaign.

    What Happened in Biden’s High-Stakes ABC Interview?

    Personal commentary: reading the summary (I did not watch the interview live), I’m not really seeing anything that assuages my concerns about his mental acuity. More importantly, I’m not seeing anything that indicates he’s being anything even close to as pragmatic as Macron is being with the election they’re doing now in France, with regards to just trying to make sure the fascists do not fucking win. I must admit I’m feeling quite pessimistic about things.

    4 North Dakotans Approve Age Limit for Members of Congress

    A ballot measure left voters to decide whether 81 is too old for some political jobs. It was one state’s answer to an issue that has been a focus of national debate this election cycle.

    North Dakotans Approve Age Limit for Members of Congress

    Surprisingly based from ND, to be completely honest


    Garlic Noodles with Tiger Prawns from Thanh Long (Outer Sunset, San Francisco)

    Also available with a roasted crab, which is what they’re famous for, but this version is still delicious, because those noodles are straight crack




    Nuclear Ruleactor lab hit by gay furry hackers


    Senator Feinstein has passed away Senator Dianne Feinstein Dies at 90

    The California Democrat, the oldest member of the Senate, had been declining in health for months.

    Senator Dianne Feinstein Dies at 90

    Erdogan Says E.U. Must ‘Clear the Way’ for Turkey Before It Will Support Sweden’s NATO Bid