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The Hidden Potential of Cycling in the Suburbs
  • I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Used to live in a very urban place where biking/walking was always super convenient, and now I've moved out to the suburbs. Walking the dog or recreationally is good because there are lots of like paths around, but all my destinations are too far to conveniently walk. Most are like 5-6 minutes by bike though, when they would be the same travel time by car, or longer cause on a bike I can cut through some pathways. Seems wild to me that I'm one of very few people using these paths as actual transportation instead of just recreationally. One downside for my biking around the suburbs, is that all the destinations are only set up for car access. For example to get to my grocery store that backs onto the residential area, I still have to go out on the main road and access that way like all the cars. Would be so nice if these plaza type destinations had a pathway connection to the residential area so I could skip this one unpleasant part of my ride.

  • Was your starting word "the word" yet?
  • Wordle 843 1/6


    I got it with my usual start SNAIL. It a was a glorious day. I don't even play it every day so it was pretty likely that I would just miss it anyway I'm very happy I happened to do it on the day it was my starting word.

  • femcel rule
  • You couldn't just look at the picture to see who to give credit to? @lanaflowerz is written right there in the bottom right and they have an account on Instagram at least

  • Year round donut getter and commuter

    Trusty Rusty Norco

    How do you deal with road rage?
  • If they end up doing anything actually illegal or malicious (like honking as they pass to intimidate you, blowing through a stop sign or red light, passing too close) , I'll report them to the police. Not sure if it does anything or not, but I'd like to hope if the same person gets reported multiple times the police will have a chat with them.