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Tesla Shareholders Approve Musk's $56 Billion Pay Package in Early Voting
  • It was 5 years ago. Other companies are catching up.

    One place they aren't catching up is non-SUV EVs. There are a few, but if you want an EV that isn't an SUV with over 250mi range, and cross Tesla off the list, your options become real thin.

  • The constant negativity is killing me
  • Almost all the discourse around episodes 7 and 8 when they were new was "Ray is a woke Mary Sue character", and later "Rose and Finn were just diversity inclusions". Complete with death threats sent to the actors.

    Rose and Finn's episode 8 scenes could have cut entirely and you'd immediately have a better movie. That wasn't because they were diversity inclusions, but because it was terrible writing.

  • Self-inflicted wound
  • Right:

    Nowhere is really safe from climate change, but if you look at those maps, the worst stuff misses the upper Midwest. Which isn't a real benefit either; it means taking on a lot of displaced climate refugees.

  • A Tax of 5% on The World’s Multi-Millionaires and Billionaires Could Raise $1.7 trillion, Enough to Lift 2 Billion People out of Poverty
  • One thing expiring for the middle class is the home office deduction. Up until Trump's 2018 tax changes, W-2 employees could take the deduction, but that changed to contractors only until 2025. Who would have thought that in between those two years, we'd have a pandemic that moved a lot of people into work from home? It's something that a lot of people got swiped away from them and they don't even know it.

  • What's the dumbest blockbuster movie you have seen that somehow received high praise?
  • It's definitely a movie cut from the same cloth as Catcher in the Rye. You love it as a teenager because you vibe with the main character. Then you grow up and see how self-polluting and obnoxious the character is.

    I did love the exchange between Mary McDonnell's character and the fundie lady. "Do you know who Graham Greene is?" "Please, I think we've all seen Bonaza". It has a layer of humor that couldn't have been intentional. The fundie lady is mixing up Graham Greene with Lorne Green, and Mary McDonnell would go on to play the political half of Lorne Green's character in the Battlestar Galactical reboot a few years later.

  • What's the dumbest blockbuster movie you have seen that somehow received high praise?
  • I thought the first one was at least fun, but had some obviously annoying parts that should have been cut from any sequel.

    Then the second one comes out, and the annoying parts of the first are the entire movie of the second.

  • Steve Bannon asks appeals court to keep him out of prison due to his importance in Trump’s campaign
  • The divide isn't between states, though. It's more rural vs urban, and that doesn't divide up well into individual countries. Illinois and New York, for example, will still be a core liberal city dominating their conservative rural areas. Likewise, Texas will still be a few core liberal cities dominated by conservative rural areas. There's not a good way to break any of those cases up.

  • Programming as a hobby means I can do whatever I want!
  • Don't just put "TODO". If they're in the final pull request, they need to mention a ticket that's intended to fix that TODO. If you/your team decides it's not important, then remove it and close out the ticket. Either way, you're required to do something with it.

  • Link broken in app

    Not 100% sure if this is a Summit issue or something in Lemmy more generally. Here's the post in question:

    The link to the blog works on my instance for the desktop. Several other users were reporting the link being broken, and it does break for me on Summit, as well.

    When I hit the link on Summit, the requests on the server are GET /api/v3/post?id=2024 and GET /api/v3/comment/list?max_depth=6&post_id=2024&sort=Top&type_=All. It looks like it parsed out the "2024" from the original link and tried to use that in a Lemmy API call.

    Lemmy Support frezik

    Post link sometimes goes to the wrong place

    Here's the post in question:

    Which linked to my blog here:

    On my instance (, this works fine. However, some other users were reporting a broken link, and I also see a broken link when using my mobile app (Summit). When it breaks, I see these calls in the server logs:

    • GET /api/v3/post?id=2024
    • GET /api/v3/comment/list?max_depth=6&post_id=2024&sort=Top&type_=All

    Which appear to be Lemmy API calls with some of the actual link data built in.