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Mentally ill woman in her late 30s. Quit my jobs with DIDDs to go to work a retail job and go to school.

I'm here to help!


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That and eating it
  • I'd like to throw out there that (penis size notwithstanding at all) getting good with hands, mouth, and toys is way, way better than just owning and using a penis. You wanna be fantastic in bed? Max multiple skill trees, not just the one.

  • Poll shows 84% of PC users unwilling to pay extra for AI-enhanced hardware
  • I figure they're those "early adopters" who buy the New Thing! as soon as it comes out, whether they need it or not, whether it's garbage or not, because they want to be seen as on the cutting edge of technology.

  • The MAGA Plan to End Free Weather Reports | Project 2025 would all but dissolve the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
  • Hold on. Let me tell you. Sirens in Tennessee are the most bass ackward thing already.

    Instead of having a siren sound going off while there is danger in the area... the siren going off is just the NOAA voice reading the alert like you hear on the radio! Big ass "siren" goes, "The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for (list of counties). At 7:55PM, Central Daylight Time, a storm capable of producing a tornado was located-"

    After it reads off this useless info, what does it do? It shuts off. It stops making noise.

    How are you supposed to hear it over the rain and thunder? How are you supposed to know when the danger is passed?

    If it worked like it does in Oklahoma I would defend it but this is a travesty.