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Biden calls for justice after footage released of police killing Black woman
  • The status quo's second best friend is directing our efforts towards strategies that don't work.

    I think we should vote only for candidates who oppose FPTP. If you don't think that's likely to work, then you're a defeatist!

  • Republican calls for ‘civil war’ if Trump loses
  • If we have another civil war, we can learn from our biggest mistake too.

    Finish Reconstruction.

    We can accept their secession, conquer them, and then keep them as territories. During that time, we can enact policy that helps all Americans. Restore fairness standards in news reporting, wipe out the KKK, pass a voter's bill of rights, tax churches equally, replace FPTP with IRV, and abolish the electoral college.

    If we don't address the brainwashing, it'll happen a third time too. They can have a little bit of authoritarianism if they want it so much.

  • Somehow USB disks are still the easiest and most reliable way
  • I still do that all the time. I work with a bunch of different computers and it's easier than sending a file or writing the info down.

    I get that there's device to device file transfers, but it's slower, and other employees would undoubtedly fill my phone with garbage screenshots, if not virus furry porn.

  • Make it stop.
  • That's true. I only do this when they somehow make it harder than it needs to be - cash is a great fallback for unusual situations. It also prevents middlemen from stealing my tip to the server only.