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Endless torment
  • Nothing is as terrifying as SpaceEngine.

    Frankly. This… software rearranged my brain and changed me fundamentally.

    There are no words to describe being lost in the 10^27 of space. It’s just too much, you will go insane and if you survive you will lose the ability to talk with people, lose every single thing that you thought matters. You will be alone even in the busiest of places, some part of you forever stuck in the 10^27 of emptiness between Galaxy Groups.

    This isn’t a joke. Ignorance is bliss

  • Reddit seem to have switched to the newer, even shittier UI by default.
  • I hate how Reddit conditioned my brain to see score before the actual content and make up my mind about it before even reading it.

    I don’t say scores aren’t important to have some kind of loose groupthink quality control but it all has as many cons as it has pros and there isn’t really a perfect solution just least bad.

    Also it is the main thing making social media so addicting when you receive points and I want internet to serve me and not I serve the internet.

    If a phone/site/program makes everything possible to be as addictive then it actually makes you a slave to it imo instead of it being a useful tool enriching your experience and serving you to maybe get more useful information or show new ideas.

    That’s why these new designs get more pretty to look at but less useful because they are made to hijack your time from yourself for ad watching. So in a way ad based companies literally do everything to steal the most valuable resource from you - your time and by extension - your life.

  • If you break a Nazi's arm he has 50 percent less arms to do Nazi shit with.
  • Well usually laws say that the defense must be proportional to an attack. If someone threatens you with words you probably shouldn’t decapitate them.

    Keep your cool and provoke them and watch their suffering if that’s enjoyable for you. I know for me it is.

    Today some priest crossed himself when he saw me. It was fucking hilarious and honestly semi arousing. Like imagine an adult man being so fucked up, suddenly your problems seem small.

  • unsure why we are surprised lol
  • ml is okayish compared to hexbear lol

    I thought at first it was some fun leftist lgbt place but quickly I ran into violent bloodthirsty comments that made my skin crawl. there are also many of my lovely fellow transfems over there ugh. it is really sad when people are lost into the void of extremism. But I don’t really blame them however I grieve them.

  • idk why crypto is so hated

    It is annoying semi annoying maybe but like I use it to do black market things, anarchy stuff, getting medicine where gov provides shit. It is such a crutch

    But you dare to mention it on mainstream media and you will get lynched or banned for whatever reason nowadays.

    Kinda irks me because it helps with my disability so much to get stuff I need, medicine. I couldn't function without it

    Just ranting I guess, I do too much of rants admittedly

    Edit: So I see all the scams created bias about this tech which is unfortunate. But looking aside this tech is pretty rad though maybe too much resource intensive depending on implementation