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Nintendo is releasing a new ‘2-way stand’ for Switch Joy-Cons | VGC
  • Knowing Nintendo, they would probably make the joycons cross compatible with the Switch 2, and that console will probably not have a way to charge the original joycons due to change in form factor or something. So a product like this might make perfect sense at this time.

  • Windows PCs crashing worldwide due to CrowdStrike issue
  • Crowdstrike has a lot of internal control of your machine in order to do things like hook into the processes you are running to observe any malicious activity. It makes sense that a bug could bring the whole system down.

  • Bernie Sanders unveils 32-hour workweek bill with no loss in pay for workers
  • For your line of work, maybe not. But who cares? They can hire more employees or pay them overtime.

    We aren't machines. What's the point of life if all we ever do is work? Are we working to live, or living to work? A 32 hour work week makes it a 4/3 day split instead of a 5/2 day split. Seems a lot more balanced if you ask me.

  • Me when my friends complain about Twitter/X being a cesspool
  • Or we can just enjoy mastodon and Lemmy for what it is worth. You don't want it to become mainstream, you just want things to be more federated in general.

    How did email and RSS (podcasts) become so derederated but nothing else?

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • They do, and judging by their environment, pretty wealthy as well. Plus a happy family. As opposed to being unhinged enough to give finger guns to a laptop or be bombarded with "tech stuff". Great ad for gnome :)

    (I'm just joking around. KDE is great too.)

  • Best Reconstruction for Daleks' Master Plan

    Before I invest hours into watching the Daleks' Master Plan, I was curious if anyone had any thoughts on what would be the better reconstruction to watch? The Loose Cannon one? Or the one made by Josh Snares which I believe can be found here:


    Pikmin is life!


    Scrolling with inertia

    Thank you for making a Lemmy app that has scrolling with inertia! (It keeps scrolling after I release my finger)

    That one thing has been bugging the hell out of me with jebora.