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What are your favorite trade-specific or otherwise niche podcasts that are not necessarily intended for mass consumption?
  • The Mahabharata podcast, both the one by Lawrence Manzo and Aarti Dhand. I haven't checked in a long time, but Aarti's wasn't finished yet. Lawrence's is. Both are fantastic.

  • Chicken vs Egg
  • Yeah, but it's at least an interesting pointless unsolvable conundrum, whereas the other interpretations aren't even interesting. Lol.

  • playboi rule
  • Oh you're totally right. Dudes walking around with a hairless opossum tail and woman have to wrap that shit around their leg and sit on it all day long...

  • Anon wants to ride a zeppelin
  • What the frickity fuck?

  • playboi rule
  • If humans had tails would women get told they should wag their tails more?

  • Fictional alien time travellers can’t be black, insist morons
  • I've always been incredibly fascinated by the PIE>Hindu>Zoroastrian path and how that may have influenced early Judaism. The vast majority of religious people today practice a religion that is either directly or indirectly influenced by PIE mythos and culture, and that's just mind boggling!

  • Maybe those 20 seconds were because of the lack of getting raises?
  • It was that day that Miranda learned that her entire staff were not, as she had believed, individual team mates, but in fact the loch ness monster in disguise. It needs tree fiddy

  • Chicken vs Egg
  • I've always interpreted it as which came first, the chicken or the chicken egg?

    But I'd just like to point out not all religions have that view of creationism vs evolution, and even within Christianity it's really only your super conservative, and very loud, fundamentalists. Catholicism doesn't have an official stance on evolution, iirc, the Episcopal church in the USA is fully supportive of evolution, as are most mainline Christians. Not to detract from your point or anything, I just don't like seeing all religious people, or all Christians, lumped together with some of the worst examples of religiosity that the US has to offer.

  • Otto knows what's up, ACAB 🤣
  • Link to the artist? My googling is not working... :/

  • This rule is not for everyone
  • Found my new Grindr profile pic!

  • I was envious they got to work on a dude ranch!
  • Who's the kid in the very back? He looks creepily similar to my brother at around that age. Super curious to see if they look similar as adults!

  • iPad rule
  • Best fucking toy out there. Me and my friends used to throw pennies into the sand and bury them, and the kid on the machine would dig them up.

  • Bottoms up!
  • You shall never see the light of God. To the outer darkness you shall be banished for the wickedness thou hast wrought upon the earth. Get thee behind me, foul creature.

  • Growth as an end
  • I jumped in to define some terms it looked like there might be confusion on (though it looks like I might have been wrong?), I'm not here to defend any positions. Haha. I have my views, but I find very little benefit to arguing them online, especially when my views are already niche within leftist spaces.

    All that said, super psyched to read that correspondence!

  • Growth as an end
  • Jumping in to hopefully clarify something. The anarchist definition of the state is different than the Marxist definition of the state.

    The anarchist definition of socialism is also different than the Marxist definition of socialism. Generally speaking, to anarchists, socialism and communism are synonyms, and there really isn't the lower/higher phase distinction.

    State capitalism is a term used to describe the economic systems of places like the USSR. The state steps in and becomes the capitalist, in essence. The worker is in a similar position of not really owning the means of production, in the same way that the public doesn't really national parks in the US. In paper, in theory, and perhaps in spirit, the workers in a socialist state own the means of production, but in reality it is owned by the [the party/the state/an elite group of people]. There is still a similar incentive towards growth, there is still a group of people profiting off the backs of those who do the actual work of creating the items needed for survival, and there still a disconnected between those who do the labor of keeping all of us fed and clothed and the use of those things. Workers are not directly in control, and that's the problem, to the anarchist view.

    Effectively, the anarchist is view that we can and should move directly from our current system to a stateless (by the anarchist definition of the state), classless, moneyless system, without an intermediary state in between.

  • Are there any household gadgets you found unexpectedly useful after you'd gotten them?
  • I've been wanting to get one for forever, but was told you couldn't carbonate non water drinks, and to mix flavor into the carbonated water (which, to my thinking, would make it go flat...). In the drink mate, could I make Kool aid (with Splenda) and carbonate that? Cause if I can have fizzy cherry drink, I'll be a happy boy.

  • Vehicular Man's Laughter
  • To add on to the other explanations, and explain what, for some reason, no one seems willing to admit, torturing koroks is the number one game activity. The atrocities committed to these poor little golden-poop delivering seedlings is, frankly, appalling, and also great fun. YouTube korok torture for hours of mind-boggling horrors that really make you wonder if the human race is worth saving.

  • In your country, what "common" animals are tourists most excited to see?
  • That's clearly the abandoned love child of a fox and a wnba player.

  • In your country, what "common" animals are tourists most excited to see?
  • When we first moved to Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads, VA, my mom almost wrecked the car when she saw a group of black squirrels. We're not sure why it's so fun to see them, they're just squirrels that are black, but it's always a treat.

  • can't use eternity on new phone

    Hey, folks, I just got a new phone, and reinstalled Eternity on it. But no matter which account I try to log in with, I'm getting an error ("cannot fetch user info") when I try to log in.

    Any help is much appreciated. I'm not sure if eternity is on the play store, but I got it through f droid if that matters.

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