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Square Dancing, Henry Ford, and Jazz.
  • Holy shit.

    To understand how square dancing became a state-mandated means of celebrating Americana, it’s necessary to go back to Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Vehicles. Ford hated jazz; he hated the Charleston. He also really hated Jewish people, and believed that Jewish people invented jazz as part of a nefarious plot to corrupt the masses and take over the world—a theory that might come as a surprise to the black people who actually did invent it.

    More quotes in the article:

    More detail, references, and discussion here:

  • guide rule
  • Well, there are men's ballet leggings and whatever folks wear to your local renaissance festival, but I see your point. Neither really has the fit or look of women's athletic gear or cozy/comfy stuff.

  • guide rule
  • Recently, I learned that a (female) friend of mine has what can only be described as a body hair fetish. As in, "you're not hairy enough for my taste," level of fetish. You might be surprised.

  • Elon Musk calls for “criminal prosecution” of X ad boycott perpetrators
  • It’s not like I’ve got a horse in this race.

    Same, except there's that whole "forward the cost to the consumer" thing that business tends to do. Especially when such rules apply to everyone, so there's no competitive disadvantage in doing so.

  • The problem with standups
  • Independent Contributor shows up, chainsaws through the tree, then hucks the easily lifted parts onto the shoulder. Then offers some kurt but important advice:

    "Like this next time."

    Sometimes, it takes an expert to train people in the moment.

  • German Navy to replace aging 8-inch floppy drives with an emulated solution for its anti-submarine frigates
  • I feel like zip disks would have been a worse investment, so maybe they dodged a bullet here. Those drives were not built to last, and there might actually be more 8" media around than zipdisks these days. IMO, this article would have cropped up a long time ago were that the case.

  • This should just be put on signs around town!
  • There's a guy on youtube (The Thought Emporium) that did something similar so he could defeat lactose intolerance, however temporarily. For a while, until his gut shed its lining, he could synthesize lactase again. So doing the same with cellulase isn't that far fetched. What I would really be worried about is the prodigious amount of gas you would generate, as our guts aren't really mechanically built for that degree of rear-gut fermentation. I think you'd have to start with an elimination diet of some kind (keto?) and work forward to small amounts of vegetation to test what your body can handle. It's all doable, but risky.

  • Housing Crisis
  • useless houses in the bumfuck nowhere

    I would like to contribute that this covers all of suburbia, from a logistical standpoint. None of that is walking distance to, well, anything. So our homeless person trying to get on their feet will also need a car and insurance, or a whole heap of bus passes (assuming the bus even goes there).

  • Can't see why not sovcit.
  • I don't know why, but this one really makes it clear to me. There are people out there with such a tenuous grasp on how things work, that they'll seek out magic ("legal") spells to make their problems go away.

  • InsanePeopleFacebook dejected_warp_core

    I just learned that the Time Cube is no more.

    Some of you may remember this absolute diamond of insanity that was the "4-Day Time Cube." This was the go-to example of the internet as a universal amplifier for communication - for both the sane and insane alilke. It was there from nearly the start of the world-wide web, back in the 1990's. Alas, it ceased to be some time ago, but it still lives on in our hearts.

    For the uninitiated: welcome. Read and join the rest of us that are "educated stupid."

    Amateur documentary: