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Harris Urged to Take 'Clear Stance' Against Weapons Sales for Israel.
  • i truly think the twitter "left" thinks the US should stop supplying weapons towards genocide.

  • you can set your watch to it
  • Posts or comments? Ive generally seen more relief over joe dropping out than kamala hate...

  • you can set your watch to it
  • I finally saw one. In hexbear. So take that as you will.

  • you can set your watch to it
  • Where? Its been hours yet ive failed to see ANY post bad mouthing kamala

  • [Mega thread] - Biden ends bid for presidency
  • Most of the biden haters i know on the left are upset about his support for israel. Harris has been much more critical of the genocide. We'll just have to see.

    I didnt want to vote for biden, but was still going to vote blue no matter who. Im glad i dont have to vote for genocide anymore.

  • [Mega thread] - Biden ends bid for presidency
  • I dont think we should run a woman because everyone else is sexist. /S

  • What are the rules?
  • Yes, this is a concern i have as well. I have not discussed new names or pronouns with them yet because they havent shared any of that with me yet, and i dont want to rush them.

    I have tried to keep my reaction to supportive but also not act like anything has changed.

    I am currently using gender neutral pronouns in this post because it already feels wrong to misgender them even if they are still "girlmoding" (am i using that right?)

    They are coming for a visit soon, and i plan to discuss how they wish to be referred and if there are other differences in how they wish to be treated by me at that time. Until then i dont plan to make many changes in my behavior. In a 1 on 1 conversations the only pronoun is "you" so it probably wont matter yet.

  • What are the rules?
  • My first thought was "damn i probably have a lot more learning to do" and this is probably the most trans-friendly community im involved in.

    I have trans people in my life, but it seemed more respectful to not out my kid to anyone who knows them before they are comfortable coming out themselves.

    Yes, perhaps a screenshot was unnecessary, but i wasnt sure if there was some nuance i was missing that yall might have a better eye for.

    I understand and appreciate your perspective, however i doubt i would have received such good information had i not posted here. Case in point: a therapist for trans kids recommended a book for me. That is not the type of person i currently have in my life.

    I was concerned if i simply googled all this i might get low quality information since its such a controversial topic and many on the right may have poisoned some of the discourse.

    I will likely remove this post once i stop getting replies based on your notes.

  • What are the rules?
  • Same. Im very happy i had a community like this to turn to that i kinda trust.

  • What are the rules?
  • Thank you. Hadnt thought of that since lemmy has kindof a small userbase. But i updated it

  • Trump lied and Biden got tongue tied at the first debate. So why is the world only focusing on one?
  • 100%. People want to act like it was a "bad debate performance" but it was absolutely eye opening to the american people. Its not about who won or lost a debate.

  • P8P / Tmo - really tired of full bars but no service
  • 4G


    The screenshot cut off my top bar, but i have almost no "bars" on 5g almost ever. And very unreliable connection

  • P8P / Tmo - really tired of full bars but no service
  • Honestly, i turned off 5g and have been very happy with the results

  • 100+ Linux Things you Need to Know
  • Good looking out. I edited the link.

  • 100+ Linux Things you Need to Know

    Funny and informative



    A real headache to argue over
  • If anything, i think a giant human would impy evolution. People don't grt that big anymore, so like they evolved to a smaller size

  • What do you use to light your bowl?
  • For the bong i have a butane zippo. I really only use the hemp string with my electric arc lighter (cant light candles or bowls with it easily).

    We've mostly transitioned to wax/extracts tho.

  • ICQ messenger shuts down after almost 28 years
  • Damn i still say that like that sometimes, and i totally forgot where it came from

  • Help with VIA macros?

    I just got a cidooo v21 numpad, and was very excited to use macros for OBS.

    I have been using alt-z for tap-to-talk in obs, and i set up layer 3 to be obs macros. I want "enter" to be tap to talk ie alt-z. When i press the enter key and keep it held, it only registers as a short tap. I even made sure the macro is set for keydown on both keys.

    Whats the simplest way to have the macro report as held for the duration of me holding the enter key?

    Edit: potential alternate solution: whats the best way to have different macros for the press and release of the enter key? That way i could simply unmute on press and mute on release


    Tunnelling a port from a separate computer

    I have a client with locally hosted security cameras. There is a DVR box that has a port open and a 3rd party app you can view the cameras from. Traditionally we have been forwarding the port to the WAN via the router there. Its a restaraunt btw.

    When the ISP upgrades the router every few years there's a huge headache trying to get the ports back open and bridging the modem and router blah blah blah. Not only this, even though they are supposed to have a static wan ip, it does change from time to time.

    What i would like to do is plug in a raspberry pi on the network and forward the DVR's ports somewhere accessable.

    Im thinking of something along the lines of wireguard, but just for a single ip/port that i can tunnel over ngrok. Seems doable but i'm having trouble finding the proper terms to google. Port forwarding generally brings up router config, and tunnelling seems to expect you to be on the device who's ports you wish to access.

    Any advice?


    Beth Gibbons - Sand River

    Beth Gibbons has announced a new solo record, so I gave this album a listen




    I got covid :(




    wireguard on freebsd

    I am trying to setup a wireguard server on freebsd using this guide. the only thing i've done different is make the AllowedIPs

    I seem to have messed something up because when I have wireguard running, i cannot ping or curl anything from the server. It doesn't take down the machine though, I am still able to ssh into the server.

    I still have yet to get the client to actually connect, but i assume this networking issue is a potential cause. googling doesn't seem to help me find anyone with my same issue.

    my wg0.conf is as follows

    >[Interface] >Address = # address the server will bind to

    >ListenPort = 51820 # listener port

    >PrivateKey = [redacted] > >[Peer] #phone

    >AllowedIPs =

    >PreSharedKey = [redacted]

    >PublicKey = [redacted]


    crashing on local links?

    This happening to yall too? /c/[email protected]